Sceptile revealed for Pokkén Tournament

Sceptile has officially been revealed as a combatant in Pokkén Tournament! The title is slated to hit the Wii U in Spring 2016 worldwide and features arcade-style fighting action.

I was personally hoping for Chesnaught, but I can’t be too disappointed about a Grass-type being added! What do you think??

<3 PJ

      1. Enough with the speed, every fighting game has to include a small handful of heavyweights to physically brawn the competition

          1. When it folds up its body and extends its wings, it looks like a jet plane. It flies at sonic speed.
            It flies at speeds equal to a jet fighter plane. It never allows its prey to escape.
            Its body is covered in fine scales that reduce drag, enabling it to fly at high speeds.
            It is said that when one runs at high speed, its wings create blades of wind that can fell nearby trees.
            Garchomp The Mach Pokemon


            noun ˈmäk
            Definition of MACH
            : a usually high speed expressed by a Mach number

            Still think Garchomp is slow?

          2. I never said it was slow. it’s base speed is 95, which makes it faster than a lot of things, but still far behind weavile, greninja (let’s be honest; he’s going to be in the game), sceptile, gengar, mewtwo, and mega evolved lucario, blaziken, and Charizard. Not to mention it’s speed drops when it mega evolves. Also, in game descriptions don’t really mean anything in terms of the game. They’re always full of shit.

            Either way though, I’d still like to see Garchomp and maybe some heavy hitters like Torterra, Aggron, rhyperior, tangrowth, venusaur, blastoise, donphan (his spinning would be cool), kingler, magnezone, etc.

          3. Base 102 also the Speed Drop was a god damn mistake
            i mean why bother giving it Special Attack oh i’m running Mud Shot or Earth Power when the thing has a flipping base 170 Attack
            They give pretty much every other Mega Speed boost yet this one gets the raw deal

          4. You do realsie that the Pokedex entries vary in game and also are not apart of the anime so they shouldn’t be included for non main story games.

            Please stop being ridiculous. You knew what ultron was saying but tried to look smart posting that.

            Typical embarrassing behaviour.

          5. You do realise I’ve been here WAY before you. Noones harassing you, please stop being a dope. Grow up.

  1. It’s nice to see Sceptile get some limelight. He looks incredible. I really hope the roster for this game is at least as large as Smashes..there are 720 (*cough* 721… *cough*) so if there only end up being a few it just won’t feel right.

  2. Oh man……..I was considering maining as Weavile, but THIS just changed all of that. Sceptile is my main man now and forever lol

  3. Chesnaught would’ve been more exciting. I’m at about 25% interested in the next Pokemon game now. Hype is slowly trickling out of me.

    1. I just can’t wait for CoroCoro. I think we’re going to be surprised by what they show. It probably won’t be new games, but I expect it will add another piece to that puzzle.

        1. It’s not big enough news. Sceptile is average, by definition. It’s 5’7″. Also, CoroCoro doesn’t cover Pokken.

        2. It better not be Sceptile. Ain’t no way “big pokemon news” is Sceptile being confirmed. Plus has corocoro even discussed pokenn before? No way (I swear to god if it is).

  4. damn it son ! gamefrak,you get a right pokemon to be included,sceptile will be awesome on this game.i think the reason why it isn’t chesnaught because they don’t want to add pokemon with same gameplay with existing character. chestnaught will be basically a grass-type version of blaziken.

    1. You do realize Chesnaught is a slow, bulky defensive pokemon right? Blaziken and Sceptile are both frail speedy strong sweepers. Same with Greninja. And Infernape.

      1. i think you mistaken my “gameplay” word as “original pokemon game gameplay”. what i mean is the gameplay inside an arcade fighting game where pikachu can pull things he can’t do in original pokemon game (like beating fast sweeper like blaziken).i like the includement of sceptile because i imagine a fast,grass-type,leaf-blade master lizard will have really sick gameplay in arcade game. chestnaught probably will have quite same gameplay like machamp.

  5. Eh, I suppose I’m pretty happy. I will absolutely lose my mind if Electivire makes it in, though.

  6. Im very happy about this one since i love sceptile this will definitely be my main! He looks really cool in the game and i like all his attacks! Cant wait to try him out

  7. Hopefully they will add Scyther or Scizor but if they add a Bug – type, it will most likely be Heracross..which is also fine by me!

  8. Also they stole my Simisage idea involving swinging and hanging from a vine…
    He should’ve gotten this

  9. Legends are allowed in VGC 2016!
    This should be interesting
    You guys wanted change and here it is

  10. It looks a bit meh to me honestly. I’m glad sceptile is in, but its design is rather slim. Sceptile is fast but it still has weight to its body. This is a little too slim in the design.

    Oh well its better than no sceptile 🙂

    1. Hmmm it is interesting, but i’m not so sure they would give us an announcement in only 5 minutes. I feel like that would b a little rushed. I’m just not sure we’ll get an announcement this year at all. I guess we’ll just have to c lol

      1. Well, I’m thinking some kind of trailer and the end saying “Stay tuned in 2016!” 5 minutes is plenty of time for that.

        1. that actually makes a lot of sense…
          I really hope they give a little montage of future episodes including the unavoidable previous traveling companion arc aka Iris they could easily include Drasna into that

        2. Actually that makes a lot of sense. I guess that also means that the “big news” from CoroCoro isn’t gonna b anything, which i’m not surprised about and really didn’t c from the beginning. It also means we continue waiting lol

  11. Doesn’t COROCORO come out tomorrow, or today, in Japan? I’m not saying it’s Sceptile, but don’t be disappointed if it is. Anything can happen.

      1. I’m not rushing. I just saw a snippet of a site speculating the leak date. I could care less. I have more important things to focus on.

      1. Same. They could be preparing to officially reveal Volcanion too. The biggest news we got this year was Zygarde’s forms. It could also be a big announcement to tease a big announcement.

        1. I don’t expect a total KO
          Rhyperior’s Solid Rock and their non-STAB would just barely leave him alive to retaliate with Earthquake

  12. I need to change my avatar but I’m not here enough for it to matter so I’m not going to worry about it.

  13. I’m glad sceptile’s in, but it looks like he’ll play similar to blaziken.
    We need more variety.
    Pokemon like Hawlucha,Tyranitar,Magmortar,Cobalion would make very interesting additions

        1. I can see Golem having a very defensive forward playstyle
          not only having solid bulk absorbing the brunt of most attack, his access to quick evasion thanks to his rotund body with the use of Rollout and Steamroller

  14. Anyone see the Pokemon Picross password reveal dates? The one for Zygarde 10% is in a few days and the one for Complete Forme is in next month’s CoroCoro. We could be seeing an announcement as soon as this month!

  15. *corocoro leaks* *no big news*
    *annoucement for big news next month*
    *the annoucement comes*
    *no big news*
    How long will we fall to this cycle..

  16. “The official website for the production company behind the movies, Toho, has put up some temporary information about the upcoming movie. This movie is currently listed under the title of Pokémon the movie XY & Z 2016 and now has a confirmed date of July 16th 2016 with Atsuhiro Tomioka back as the writer. Based on last year’s temporary title, we’ll likely get the full title within the next couple of months. There’s still no further information on the movie but we’ll post as soon as some comes”

    1. There’s still a chance that this is being revealed independently of CoroCoro. It is, after all, the 12th of December in Japan, and the magazine doesn’t launch until the 15th. I’m hoping that this is just a coincidence, as December has always been the month that this has happened.

      1. I’m not so sure a temporary title for the movie that’s so generic would b considered “big news” in anyone’s eyes. Not saying it would a games announcement, but if they were going to do an announcement of the movie title it prolly wouldn’t b as generic as Pokemon the movie XY&Z. It would have to hint at something like the other temporary titles did in order to “big news” to me lol

        1. The last movie was called “Pokemon the Movie XY 2” until it was renamed for Hoopa. It’s not big news at all, because it’s the same method they used in the past. If this is all we’re getting, then we will have to rethink all of our future expectations from CoroCoro.

          1. Yeah lol Definitely makes u wonder what they have in mind hahaha Guess we’ll just have to wait an c lol

        1. Nah, no chance unfortunately. I’ve already seen like 3-4 pages on Twitter, it’s all been Volcanion haha.

          1. This is so weird! So it’s in the movie (definitely the last one for this generation). If it’s only XY and ORAS, I think that this disconfirms a new Gen 6 game entirely.

          2. I’ve been reading a lot of speculation that it’s possible that this next coming game will be like G-S 2.0. In other words, because we still have a lot of plot-holes in Kalos, and because there are so little Pokemon in Kalos, the next generation will be like “Johto” a brand new region and the plot holes of Kalos will be filled in post-game, or Kalos could possibly be a story extension (a longer “Delta Episode”)

          3. That sounds extremely fitting, considering the situation we’ve now been presented with. I simply can’t imagine that GF would wait until 2017 to release a new mainline game. Perhaps they delayed it into 2016 so they could figure out how to throw Pokemon GO into the mix.

          4. Ya know, had it not been for the game creators including these “hidden Pokemon” (Diancie, Hoopa, Volcanion, AZ Floette) into the game code so early, I mean seriously, we found out about this information when I was in HIGH SCHOOL (second year college student now), we’d have a lot of fun talking about this information. But it seems like the developers don’t really care if this information is leaked hella early, as they’re still going to follow their timeline. They had a plan to keep us interested in Pokemon during this main-series game drought by dropping “new Pokemon” but that went out the window a few months after XY dropped. Curse you social media age. This is definitely planned, the next game will be big.

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