Starter Showdown 2015: Generation Three

Generation Two Results

Once again, our readers and fans have voted and their favourite starter Pokémon from the Johto region has been chosen. Your top-voted Generation Two starter is Cyndaquil! As with Generation One, the Fire-type starter takes the lead, will the trend continue?


This time around there were the usual number of three Pokémon to vote for, but interestingly Cyndaquil took a larger lead than expected and eventually received a whopping 47% of the total votes received.


Generation Three Voting

Next up for voting is Generation Three. Possibly the favourite Generation for a large majority of our readers, but also the home region for the setting of the two latest main line Pokémon games: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Not that they need any introduction, but the voting choices this time around are: Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip? Get voting!

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Voting periods

Generation One: 29th November – 3rd December
Generation Two: 3rd December – 7th December
Generation Three: 8th December – 12th December
Generation Four: 13th December – 18th December
Generation Five:  19th December – 23rd December
Generation Six: 24th December – 28th December

Final round: 28th December – 31st December

Results: New Years’ Day, 2016