Starter Showdown 2015: Generation Two

Generation One Results

The polls are closed and the results are in. The community has voted for their favourite Generation One Starter Pokémon and it is…



Charmander took a swift lead from the off-set and its favouritism was almost certainly down to it evolving into Charizard. Charmander is the first starter Pokémon to be entered into the final round, with another just around the corner! Below is a chart with the results of the Generation vote.


Generation Two Voting

What comes after One? Two, of course! This time round it’s the turn of the three Generation Two starters: Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile. Generation Two is where a lot of trainers started their Pokémon journeys and holds a special place in many hearts. On to the voting! Click here to vote in the Twitter poll.


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Voting periods

Generation One: 29th November – 3rd December
Generation Two: 3rd December – 7th December
Generation Three: 8th December – 12th December
Generation Four: 13th December – 18th December
Generation Five:  19th December – 23rd December
Generation Six: 24th December – 28th December

Final round: 28th December – 31st December

Results: New Years’ Day, 2016