Starter Showdown 2015: Generation Two

Generation One Results

The polls are closed and the results are in. The community has voted for their favourite Generation One Starter Pokémon and it is…



Charmander took a swift lead from the off-set and its favouritism was almost certainly down to it evolving into Charizard. Charmander is the first starter Pokémon to be entered into the final round, with another just around the corner! Below is a chart with the results of the Generation vote.


Generation Two Voting

What comes after One? Two, of course! This time round it’s the turn of the three Generation Two starters: Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile. Generation Two is where a lot of trainers started their Pokémon journeys and holds a special place in many hearts. On to the voting! Click here to vote in the Twitter poll.


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Voting periods

Generation One: 29th November – 3rd December
Generation Two: 3rd December – 7th December
Generation Three: 8th December – 12th December
Generation Four: 13th December – 18th December
Generation Five:  19th December – 23rd December
Generation Six: 24th December – 28th December

Final round: 28th December – 31st December

Results: New Years’ Day, 2016

  1. While I’m a little on fence about who I like the most from gen 1 this is a no brainer. Cyndaquil is clearly the best! Totodile comes at a close second for me, but I’m not that huge a fan of Croconaw and Feraligatr. They’re not bad I just like them less than the Cyndaquil line lol

  2. Hmmmm it’s really hard to pick
    I mean i have a natural attraction attraction to fire *slurping* but then again i do enjoy raw beastial savagery that Feraligatr radiates
    tough call….

  3. Eventually all starters are getting the mega treatment what do you guys think Mega Johto will look and be like
    Meganium: I feel that it’ll grow much much bigger with a longer saurian neck and the flowers around its neck will bloom much bigger and flowerier and that’ll pretty much be it, i really don’t expect any type additions (not a fairy) but unfortunately i foresee massive bulk almost equal to Mega Venusaur as for a ability tough call either Solar Power, Aroma Veil or Wonder Skin might do it
    Typhlosion: arguably a very anticipated Mega, Meaner, scarier with a blazing attitude with many fiery ports on its body, now as for typing i really don’t think Ground or Rock will help it at all despite being called the Volcano Pokemon so might as well keep it pure fire, slap on a decent amount of speed and sp atk and maybe give it Adaptability or maybe even speed boost or solar power
    Feraligatr: first off i just want to say i really don’t want another Water type or reptilian Mega to be either Dark or Dragon it’s getting quite old also just slapping on Strong Jaws or Tough Claws its just too repetitive. but like always bigger, rougher body, it’s armbands grow into sharp scales and it’s signature maw will gain larger teeth that stick out like tusks or sabers also it’s crest on its head will look more impressive but streamlined, as for the statistics i see a sensible boost to pretty much all areas with a loss of speed, as for a ability i feel it could either keep sheer force because obviously its not changing its attacks DDance Aqua Jet/Waterfall

    1. I think buffing up Grassy Terrain a little and then giving Meganium an ability that activates it on switch-in would be a nice idea. Potentially giving it a Fairy secondary typing as well.

      Typhlosion just needs to be fast and have really good special attack, with decent attack. The ability honestly doesn’t matter too much for that, but maybe Flareilate (name easily changed) could work?

      Feraligatr to me just should be Strong Jaw, its basically the only thing that fits it that well. Typing-wise staying the same or going Water/Steel might be good though.

      1. Alright but why give Typhlosion a Incinerate when it has very little Special Normal moves?
        Also i specifically said not Fairy Type Meganium since it has literally no connection to the type whatsoever
        And why steel? it can’t learn a single Steel type move natrually only relying on the equally horrible Metal Claw and Iron Tail

  4. I still don’t understand why people like Charizard so freakin much. It’s not that great looking.

    1. it’s just so impossibly popular that nothing and i mean nothing will ever surmount it

    2. To b honest I’m getting a little tired of Charizard….the only reason I voted for Charmander is bc I really like Charmeleon. To me Charmeleon is way cooler than Charizard lol

    3. I love Charizard because it has sentimental value to me, it being my first fully evolved Pokemon ever. But in my opinion, it’s the best looking of the Kanto starter evolutions, too.

    4. For me, it was my first ever pokemon, my first level 100, and the best member of my team. He was my friend when nobody in school was

  5. It was a tough call between Cyndaquil and Chikorita for me. Watching the anime made me adore the Chikorita line, so it kinda displaced Cyndaquil in my heart. So that’s what I went for! I’m gonna lose the vote though 😛

  6. Definitely Totodile. Chikorita is cute but it sucks (I HATE mono grass types) and I personally find Cyndaquil to be unappealing. Overall, Johto starters are very mediocre compared to later gens. Not the worst though (Kalos & Unova)

    Also, is it just me or do the polls on this site never seem to load/work? I click vote and it won’t show me the results

  7. Ahhhh Poor Pika, well for me he will always be #1

    This one for me is the easiest one. Totodile for sure, Feraligatr is just such a beast.

    #2 Chikorita simply because Meganium is a Dragon Slayer. Haha

    #3 Cynda not that I don’t love it. But its just my least favourite in this case.

    Next set is one that I don’t care about as I’m not a fan of Gen 3 starters that much. But I’ll give mudkip the nod.

    Gen 4 personally is always tough for me because I never can decide which I love more. They were all amazing.

    1. Gen 4 is also the hardest for me because I love them all and used them all, but I would have to go Chimchar, though its close.

  8. Does anybody want to start a pokemon radio show? Just a few hours a day, have cool conversations, streams, bring on vgc people, smogon people, youtubers, info and strategies, all that fun stuff..I feel like it would do great online.

    1. i’ve always wanted to be a online pokemon commentator
      It be a online rant and i’d call my self “Raging Rhyperior”

      1. You’re welcome to join the show 🙂 if you didn’t want to be a main host you could be a regular guest 🙂

      1. Starting off as a podcast, yeah. Eventually get a deal with a Big radio station and get a worldwide show 😉

    2. I’m planning on getting a recording microphone for Christmas, so that sounds really fun. I’d love to make this happen!

  9. Man of course charizard won, we better not let fire types win every week, I am sure they’ll stop winning either at sinnoh or unova. That being said my vote goes to cyndaquil. Cyndaquil is so cute and typhlosion is so tough and is somewhat strong in battle too! None of these starters are super amazing to me they are all just meh. Totodiles looks is strong, and chicorita chikorita is unbearably cute. But cyndaquil is both cute and tough!
    My bigger question is will grass types ever win??

      1. To be honest I doubt it. I think Unova has a chance with snivy/Serperior (though I’ll be voting Oshawott) though apart from that generation, I don’t even see where else grass would win.

    1. Well, I can name 2 gens where Fire types won’t win. Hahaha as much as I love Delphox, Greninja is a thing so

  10. Who wants to have a little fun with these polls. Would you all be interested in putting your guesses down for the winer of each Generation? No prizes given of course, just a little fun.

    I can get up a form to submit them if you like?

    1. Squirtle
      NONE, ok, first I just want to say that I absolutely love Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie. BUT here is my problem;
      Quilladin, a bit of a downgrade fron Chespin but it still looks cool. Braixen, no, I was so pissed when I saw it because I wanted for once a fire starter that was quadruped and we don’t need to talk about the ear fur, also it looks kinda slutty imo. But I really liked Frogadier so I still had hope.
      I am soory if anyone gets offended by this but I just need to say this, all the final evolutions of the gen 6 starters look like sh*t. Chestnaught looks so unproportional and his colour scheme is bland and he doen’t look anything like it’s pre-evolutions. Delphox has sush a small hesd compared to its body, it too has a blad colour scheme and that fur dress and ear fur, just no. Then finally we have Greninja, the thing looks like it’s made of freaking paper (Chestnaught kinda do too) and that tounge scarf, the biggest NO of the century!

      I was so dissapointed with them because Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie looked so awesome and they had so much potential. I really thought that they were going to be my favourite starters of all time but that didn’t happen. When I’m choosing my pokémon I mainly go after aesthetics so thats why I wasn’t happy with them.

      Sorry I just needed to get it off my chest. They haven’t grow on me one bit since release and I am really looking forward to see what their megas looks like, they are in desperate need of a makeover.

    2. Charmander
      Cyndaquil(gonna be close with totodile i think)
      Snivy(although I hate it, could be oshawott)

  11. I’m surprised that Charmender won.

    I think Cyndaquil is my favourite from 2nd generation. It’s cool and well-designed. Chikorita reminds me cow boobs and nipple necks, I don’t know. Totodile is like a mascot of some brand.

  12. Charmander squad won! 😉 Totodile all the way. He’s my favorite starter from this Generation, Feraligatr is just a badass!

  13. personally, I prefer the cyndaquil. Typhlosion is my favorite pokemon. Besides chespin. I freaking love chespin

    1. Yeah Chespin was the first Grass type i picked for a Main game
      but i wouldn’t blame me Delphox makes me want to barf and greninja basically gets the world on a silver platter

  14. Charizard is actually my least favorite pokemon. Should have been venusaur who won. I DON’T EVEN LIKE VENUSAUR

  15. All this starter talk makes me want to work on my own starters.
    Sproot: a small light green elephant calf with leaf ears
    Cuburn: a Liger cub with standard flamming tail and fiery muzzle fur
    Dottle: bipedal dolphin with a pearl in the forehead

    1. Uhh, if I remember correctly, those weren’t YOUR starters, they were designed for the PJN game that was never finished

      1. I’ll have you know I’m the one who made Sproot and it won the vote
        the rest were also my intellectual property

      2. WORKING TITLE: Pokemon: Jade Jungle-> Suggested by TheNintendoChip

        RELEASE: 2015-2016

        Demo: Maybe around July or August 2014


        Grass: (Designed by EarthenWarrior)

  16. Damon Baker from Nintendo has just stated that there will be major news on Monday. Based on the CoroCoro big reveal, it might be a new Pokemon Game. The timing just seems right; how the announcements could be super close. Now, I’m not going to get my hopes up completely; it could be some new gameplay of Zelda Wii U or the Smash Ballet. Yet, I recommend that everyone marks the calendars for Monday, whatever the surprise maybe!

    1. I’d b willing to bet it’ll b something disappointing compared to what everybody actually wants whether it b related to Pokemon or not lol. Every time something seems “right” it ends up being something that nobody expected and potentially didn’t want. I doubt it has anything to do with smash as there’s gonna b an announcement later this month about the game anyway so it wouldn’t make any sense to not wait for that date. I suppose it could b something Pokemon related, but I’ll hold my hopes back until we see for sure what it is.

    2. And it’s December 7. ORAS was revealed on May 7, and XY was revealed on January 8 (close enough). I think this is it, boys!

    3. Smash Ballot and a new Pokémon for Pokkén. I’m sure of it. Maybe a tease for a new pokemon game

    4. Honestly it’s probably just going to be the announcement of a new eShop title or when America is getting My Nintendo.

    Arguably the better design the last one I tried too hard on the ears that it was overdone to a folly
    Sproot: the Cheerful Pkm
    “This social Pokemon often toots its trunk playfully when meeting someone, it gathers sunlight with its ears to stay active”

        1. Except me and 2 others from this site made an entire Pokedex… Lol please don’t embarrass yourself further.

    1. Awww i think its pretty adorable and we dont have many elephant designs so i would greatly enjoy a plant elephant design! And i like the dex entry very specific! Keep drawing because other people like me can’t draw!

      1. Maybe i’ll finally finish drawing Cuburn and Dottle
        but Cuburn is in for some major tweaking
        I’m not too crazy about the Name and evolution path
        soon to be
        Sproot – Eleplant – Ginormount
        Cuburn – Heatah – Apolleo
        Dottle – Inteliphin – Percephin

  18. What if they tease a new Pokémon game by putting a brand new Pokémon in Pokkén?

    And then Pokkén becomes the main series game we get every year from this point on.

    1. That would be neat. Yet, I doubt it. They have put new Pokemon in games and movies before. So, I guess it’s a possibility. (I don’t think Pokken will ever become a main series game. It’s more of a spin-off that would just get sequels.)

    1. Mega Torterra just looks like it got covered in moss…that’s literally it

      Mega Infernape isn’t bad, although it looks like a cross between Samurott and emboar

      Mega Empoleon..ehhhh. Don’t think I like it. The artwork is great for these, I just don’t like the designs they came up with.

  19. Have there been any new people around since the update? I haven’t seen anyone new, but if you are, I’d like to offer you my (probably late) welcome!

  20. Let’s hope that the stars align and we finally get a mainline Pokemon game announced tomorrow. Anything’s possible in this post-Cloud era.

  21. “Last week it was announced that a new character and set of support Pokémon are to be revealed on Thursday. Today, an image has started going round which show Pokénchi presenter Shoko Nakagawa playing the game but on the back there is a sign which showcases Sceptile as a playable character as well as Electrode and Farfetch’d as support Pokémon. This is currently unconfirmed but we’ll provide details on who is revealed soon, hopefully by Thursday, so keep checking back.”
    Ayyyyy is sceptile finally in a fighting game??

          1. Conkeldor or maybe somebody from the chansey line. Have happiny be one of the bulkier fighters haha

          2. Conkeldurr is too expected and i’d sooner boycott this thing if they let anything from the Chansey line be a fighter

  22. Maybe the surprise GameFreak has in store for us is that there will never be another main-series Pokemon game. We end in Hoenn, the best region. 10/10 GG

    1. Everyone in the world will immediately die of a disease; it’s called PIV (Pikachu Immunodeficiency Virus), this disease was kept at bay by Pokemon players and the cuteness of Pikachu. Once GameFreak stops making main series games, it would rampage the streets. People would become desperate for new Pokemon games and soon after, crying to death! It’s a horrible site. There has been plenty of victims this 2015 (200,000 victims reported), since there has been no news of a mainstream game recently.

  23. Had to postpone Gen III start date and have altered dates accordingly. Sorry for the delay! 🙁

    Results and Gen III now start tomorrow!

  24. I’m actually really alright with Sceptile being added to the roster of Pokken. Hopefully the controls for it r good bc I could c myself maining Sceptile

  25. Let’s face it, the next “pokemon announcement” will fall into one of three categories:
    1) Announcing or detailing one of the multiple stupid spinoff games that either:
    —a) no one cares about
    —b) people tide themselves over with until we get a main game
    2) Reveal Volcanion and a movie (how riveting!…NOT)
    3) Be completely random and out of the blue (could be in conjunction with 1 or 2)

    1. That’s one of the things I hate about data dump hackers. Volcanion would have been awesome, if people didn’t ruin it.

      1. I know, and it really adding nothing to have known about it for so long yet not being able to actually have it…If Hoopa had actually been a surprise, maybe this year wouldn’t have felt as much of disappointment for pokemon fans.

      2. If Gamefreak really wanted to keep Volcanion a surprise they should’ve just added volcanion later as free DLC

  26. Do you guys think they’ll announce Z in January 8? XY was announced 3 years ago on the same date through a Pokemon Direct

    1. At this point that’s the earliest point in time I could c it happening. It would b neat to have a Pokemon Direct happen for it like there was one in 2013 for XY. I wonder when was that direct first announced to happen?

  27. Am I seriously the only one excited for Minecraft Wii U?
    I love how they port Minecraft to other consoles and love seeing how they change some things up.
    Plus this is a huge collaboration between Nintendo and Microsoft!!

    1. Wow, you like Minecraft?
      What a fucking nerd.
      (I used to play Minecraft a lot a few years ago, I had my own town on a popular server)

    2. It would’ve been exciting, if it came out for it a long time ago OR was also announced for the N3DS. I’m shocked it wasn’t.

  28. It seems like Sceptile will be in Pokken Tournment after all. This image was on serebii. He’s going to be my main in the Wii U version!

    1. I really don’t like this, we need some non-starters in this biz
      it really should’ve been Simisage
      And we really need some heavyweights
      Hariyama, Golem, Rhyperior, Snorlax, Pangoro, Golurk,

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