Just one day after Chandelure’s announcement, we now know that Pokken Tournament will be released on March 18th, 2016 in the United States and Europe! Remember that all retail copies will come with a Shadow Mewtwo card that can be used, so pick yours up ASAP!

Following the news from last night, three modes were announced for Pokken Tournament. The first, Standard Single Battle, has three different difficulty levels. Next, the Local Battle is where one player will play on the gamepad and another on a standard controller. Finally, there will be an Online Mode with Friendly Matches and Ranked Matches. Friendly Matches can be played with your friends or those you have your Battle Code–this is not specified for Ranked. Most of the game will run at 60fps, with the exception of the Local Battle.


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I've been a fan of Pokemon for a little bit over 8 years. My very first Pokemon game was Pokemon Sapphire, which I recieved as a gift alongside a Gameboy Advance. To this day, I still continue loving Pokemon with the same passion and intensity as before. My two favorite Pokemon are Dedenne and Milotic, and my favorite type is the Fairy-type.