Sun & Moon Speculation Part VII: Rockruff Can… TALK?!

As mentioned in Part V of this speculation series, July’s CoroCoro made it clear that the starter Pokémon and Rockruff have a secret to discover in the upcoming games. Some have speculated that Rockruff holds the key to a potential “Synchro Evolution,” while others have gone as far as believing it will be the fourth starter for the first time since Generation 1. Discussion has sparked on many gaming forums that Rockruff’s secret may be that it can TALK to Pokémon and HUMANS.

In this month’s CoroCoro reveal, various blurbs with Rockruff by their side were scattered around the photos of Bewear and Mimikyu. Next to Bewear, the following section was translated:

“Woof! (It apparently has the nickname of Fighting King of the Forest. This guy seems strong…!!)”

And by the photos of Mimikyu, the following quote was found:

“Woof! (Argh! What looks like Pikachu’s eyes and mouth are actually drawn on, apparently.)”

While it may be a stretch since these speech bubbles were found in CoroCoro’s magazine, could it be possible that Rockruff can communicate with the player character in S/M? Since it it depicted as sharing its opinions on the new Pokémon in CoroCoro, perhaps it can do the same during normal gameplay. It would certainly take bonding with Pokémon to the next level. Others have speculated that the new Rotom Dex will have something to do with the communication between people and Pokémon. Rockruff is the Professor’s assistant Pokémon after all, so he could be the one to describe its capabilities as the game progresses.

CoroCoro also mentioned that the three starters have a secret, so where could it play into Rockruff’s? Perhaps Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio also have the possibility of communicating with the trainer, or maybe their secret is in reference to the rumored “Synchro” mechanic. These possibilities are also covered in Part V of our speculation series.

In a 2013 interview with Junichi Masuda, one thing he wanted to put into Pokémon X and Y was a machine to translate Pokémon cries. He stated,

“One thing I wanted to put in that didn’t quite make it was a translating machine for Pokémon cries, to find out what they’re saying. So you have this machine, and when a Pokémon cries out something, text would appear telling you exactly what that Pokémon is saying.”

Could the blurbs in CoroCoro mean that Rockruff is one of the Pokémon that can utilize this new “system” to communicate with trainers? The Rotom Dex is the perfect tool for making such a concept come to life, yet there is no concrete evidence that it will serve such purpose. Looking back, there was an NPC in Ruby and Sapphire that stated,
“We’re developing a device for talking with Pokémon, but we haven’t had much success…” Maybe it’s finally time for that concept to come to fruition!


It is a stretch to be looking into a primarily children’s magazine and exploring the potential for a brand new feature, but it certainly wouldn’t disappoint! Let us know in the comment section how you would like Rockruff’s secret to play out in Sun and Moon! I haven’t posted on the site in a while, but that will surely change as more information comes to light. Stay tuned for another instalment in the Speculation series!

  1. Talking with your pokemon would be really cool 😀 as long as they vary what they can say and they’re not repeating the same things or are annoying like Navi…

  2. I still think triple typing could be cool but a talking dog would be cool!

  3. Off topic but I dreamt that a new trailer was released revealing 2 new Pokemon. One kinda looked like a yellow Vulpix and the other one kinda looked like Stunky.
    So there’s that I guess

  4. No no no no no no arceus no! Talking Pokemon should not happen in the games. Rotom was stretching it for me but if this is true, I won’t be happy with it.

  5. I would rather a pokemon translating machine over talking Rockruffs. I feel like if it can talk, in the anime they’re gonna give it a new jersey mob accent “Sorry, boss” “You’re gonna be sleeping with the Carvahna”

        1. Nahhhhh I’d have a Sandshrew as a lap cat
          And two burly Rhydon or Golurk stand guard my office (wearing those Homburg hats)

          1. I will admit Honchkrow is a very powerful looker but this is Earthen we’re talking about

          2. That’s why I have Seismitoad
            His Water Absorb has saved my butt so many times, also he’s so thick he can tank special attacks for days

          3. I grew up with toads like this one walking freely around my garden. I can’t use frog pokemon unless they are very cute *runs away*

          4. I mean, there’s politoad but I’ve never used it. I’d rather have a strong snake pokemon to eat all of the frogs 🙂

          5. I was obsessed with the poison tree frog as a kid. I would love a poison grass or poison water tree frog.

          6. That’s the perfect example of my Seismitoad
            He’s thick, grungy, and you could wail on him with a 2×4 for an hour and he would just snicker
            But this makes him the perfect special wall, Max sp def and sporting an assault vest

          7. I’d probably have a whole torture room filled with water, mud and half a dozen Stunfisks
            The moment the mook touches a Stunfisk the whole floor is electrified

  6. I for one think a translator would be less gimmicky then run of the mill talking Pokemon and none of that telepathy garbage

    Which brings me to an extreme thought provoking idea
    How do you think your Pokemon would say about you

    1. Me, I think most of my Pokemon would share some of my most dominant traits, such as a extreme thirst for battling. (Except maybe Seismitoad he’s very….thick and unresponsive half the time)
      But I feel some Pokemon personalities stereotype a bit, like a Nidoking or Garchomp having a naturally aggressive demeanor
      And I feel Genderless Pokemon don’t emote too much

  7. I agree with the person who said that it’d be better if there was a machine instead or talking rockruffs. Random thing I found funny: I’m learning Italian so I’ve been watching videos by this Italian youtuber called Pokemon Millennium and in one of them he was talking about how major Pokemon websites were talking about fake leaks. He mentioned that PJ had covered the leaks but then said “but they cover everything anyway” x). I actually love that we talk about everything here though, so no shade!

    1. The reason I love Pokejungle more than Serebii or some other Pokémon site is because of the rumors. I first joined because the rumors helped fill the time between official releases, and it was fun to see which ideas were well-received and which were hated among the community. Not to mention the (mostly) positive vibe this community gives off as opposed to others.

      1. Exactly haha. I actually never go on Serebii, Pokebeach, etc. Here’s way better because of what you said. If PJ only posted about the latest episodes and the tcg I’d probably not be into pokemon that much anymore. I just told you guys what I heard because I was not expecting him to talk about PJ haha I think I’ve been here since before the release of BW and not going anywhere!

        1. I check Serebii because I think he does better with providing cumulative information (like events I would’ve missed otherwise), but like I said, Serebii just lacks the community.

      2. I originally joined because the leaks were often covered here and is the comment system was easy to use. Other than that though I feel like we have a nicer community than other websites.

  8. While we’re talking about Pokejungle in general here’s a question for you guys: How did you find this place?

    I heard about it from a member of a smaller Pokemon website that’s no longer around, so I’m glad I made the move. 😉

    1. I don’t remember anymore, it was a loooong time ago, but probably by googling “pokemon news”

    2. I said it below but I found it when looking for leaks to fill the time, around March or so before XY. I lurked for around a month before I went around as a guest for another month or so before joining.

      1. I’ve been around since the leaks before BW. I was always using the chat and the forums, but I like this system much more now.

    3. Same as Ithsme but for Black and White news and I lurked for like 4 months before actually commenting, then I couldnt stop sharing my opinions and now Im a blabbermouth on the discord chat .-.

      1. This my first Speculation time yet I’ve looked at this site since X&Y more info then chat yet made my account this March.

    4. Oh god who knows……10 years is too long to remember something like that hahaha All I know is the site has grown to become something spectacular and is definitely different from the old days lol

  9. So I’m trying to perfect my new Water/Steel Blue Crab Rustacean and Krutankerous
    A super aggressive crab with a near indestructible spiny metal carapace that discourages predators allowing it to be as violent as it wants, a colony of these things could pick a wailord clean in a week

    1. That’s graphic, but I like the idea of another crab, and with genius names from the master himself (please come to discord chat ;_;)

  10. The worst time for a Crit to work on my cotton guarded Slurpuff, I could’ve won but luck was against me (like always

  11. Ugh, guys we can’t let Flannery win…people are voting with lust and it’s wrong. #Wallace2016

      1. I like them, but they’re too far behind at this point! Wallace is only 3 votes back

          1. I just think overall he’s the strongest character of the hoenn gym leaders since you see him elsewhere in the games outside the gym. He’s not a huge challenge though

    1. I didn’t choose her for that I like her strategy that can beat my Water types even

      1. Ehh some aren’t the best yet the starters aren’t the worst the ones that evolve from other Pokemon aren’t very good though

    1. These have been around since before BW. Whoever made this video clearly just found the Deviantart page and took them all hahahaha

      1. I think that the Platypus should be a Pokemon I mean come on the perfect Water Pokemon PLATYPUS lives in Water, cute so they can make it cuter, interesting animal to build off!! It’s the perfect animal for a Pokemon!

  12. I first opened the article thinking, a talking rockruff sounds like a really bad idea, but when I got firth into the article, I realized the rotomdex is perfect for that. It’s a rotom, so it’ll understand pokemon speech, but it can talk to us, so why not just translate?

  13. Seriously does anyone want any Sap Sipper Miltank I have like 5-6 left
    All impish with 4-5 ivs in a Heal Ball
    Extremely rare, spent literally 3 days hunting them down you’ll never find any legit ones on GTS, not available in friend safaris

          1. No no your getting the fat cow, it just means checking Friend Safaris for duds

    1. I’ll take one but I won’t be home for about an hour. I have a few flawless IV Scizor you can have for one of them

  14. I do not want this. I’d be fine if Ash gets one in the anime that can talk, but talking Pokemon should not make it to the games.

    1. I agree. Even having Rotom talk was a stretch to me, but please arceus don’t let Pokemon talk.

      1. There should be an event “Team Rocket’s Meowth” where it would have a different cry, “Meowth! That’s right”

    2. Its not the Pokemon itself that does the talking, its the device, that translates the Pokemon’s cries so you can understand them. 🙂 And I think that would be an awesome Idea, whether it was in the anime, OR in the video games. 🙂

  15. I’m pretty sure that Corocoro is just using Rockruff as a “mascot”, so to speak, to give Corocoro’s opinions on the new Pokemon, so if some form of translating machine was implemented, I doubt it would be exclusive to the starters and Rockruff or their secret.

  16. Also I just had a massive thought
    Is Pokebank getting beefed up for Sun and Moon?

    I mean all us hyper breeders accumulate large amounts of Pokemon and I’m around my 69th box full of stuff, and Sun and moon is letting us bring stuff from RBY so add that, Pokemon from XY, ORAS and now RBY and soon SM so that means a lot of Pokemon

    And I really don’t feel like mass box arrangements in my lesser games like Y and AS. And releasing is only for the non bred

    1. Ian wtf do you mean you cant use discord on mobile?? There’s an app. Also you can use discord on your browser if you dont wanna download it

      1. The browser doesn’t work mobile, and I can’t download on my iPad anymore
        My laptop died and my phone’s on its way

          1. Nah, will you please just let people try help you for once? Like, we actually WANT you on Discord. Turn off your ego and let us try get you there.

          2. Then no longer shall you be seen complaining that Chatango is no more. Let us know if you need help when you CAN download it. We’re waiting for you.

          3. I hate parties, and i just keep telling you my apple account is screwy ever since my Dad got his credit card hacked

          4. Because I have extremely bad luck with extra email, the stupid yahoo account never remembers or accepts the password no matter how many times I fucking reset it, I have insanely bad luck with technology

          5. Luck doesn’t exist. Plus Yahoo is awful, so don’t use it. Did you at least see if you can disable to option to require password for FREE download from the App Store?

          6. Oh it so freaking does,
            Then how come everything around me constantly results in utter horribleness

          7. Ian pls. Technology hates me too. But only when it actually matters, like with academic stuff – programming, formatting reports, not with shitty-ass games

          8. Because you seem to be permanently on your man period. You also completely ignored the important part of my response.

          9. I honestly don’t care, I can’t get discord and that’s that

            And I basically am, my life sucks big time and nobody ever cuts me any slack at the slightest

          10. NOOOOOO this cant be the end :'(
            We’ve had so many good runs together
            What about all the cartoons and the Yooka Laylee

          11. Keep your panties on, I meant chat or discord
            I would never leave the jungle (I’d probably go insane without it)

    2. I sure hope we get more boxes. And a way to search using multiple criteria. As it is you can only narrow it down with one quality at a time.

      1. I’m probably going to ditch as much as I can in Y and AS later today, take all the good stuff and terminate the garbage

        That will be a loooooong day

    3. I also wonder if Pokebank will be a way for people to transfer pokemon from GO to sun and moon. I mean, Pokemon and Niantic both said eventually we’ll be able to transfer our Pokemon from mobile device to sun and moon…

  17. I think I’m going to name my player Lunick after Lunick and Solana from the Ranger series. I’ve already used 2 variations of both my first and middle names in the past three generations, as well as Dawn and Red, and I want something new to match the moon theme this time around.

  18. This idea sounds amazing <3 I would finally get to talk to Espeons eeepppp
    ….and also other Pokemon.
    Of course, it could just be limited to the starters and Rockruff, but Masuda's quote seems to imply all Pokemon, so at least one day I will talk to Espeons <3

      1. I have played it :3 Haven’t completed it since I got stuck and bored and I like Pokemon more, but I’ve played it.
        Still doesn’t mean that I don’t want to talk to Pokemon though. :3 I like talking to animals so talking to Pokemon is pretty nice <3

  19. There is a wild Nidoking that I can’t get cause I can’t leave my house without internet!!!!!!

        1. I don’t know about them, but in my case I have an iPod, meaning no data plan. I can play Go only if I’m within range of a wifi source.

    1. The same thing happened to me with a Snorlax. Also, I was at the Aquarium yesterday and there was a Dratini that my brother caught, but I didn’t because I had to go get tickets…..

    1. Don’t they kind of do anyway since they say they’re names? Not to mention Meowth is living proof they are capable of speech.

      1. Well both of those cases are pure anime canon. The Pokemon(except pikachu) all make animal noises in the games :/

  20. Yea. This article is Farfetch’d more than anything. If Rockruff is already “woofing”, how could it talk? The Rotom Dex might be able to communicate with Pokemon. That’s an actual probability. Also, I’m sure their special move is their special ability at this point.

  21. Mixed reactions as anticipated, but thank you all for reading and considering my ideas. I’ll be working on some more speculative articles soon, so any ideas would be appreciated! 🙂

    1. It was a very detailed and well written read. I may not like the idea, but I applaud this article.

  22. So Nick inadvertently gave me an idea
    What if we took a break from super villains invoking legendary powers for new world order and what if our new Vilianous team was a super organized crime syndicate and not just a coverup
    Like a extremely powerful mob boss who’s stealing and selling Pokemon and organized hits on major areas, yes I can see how people would just dub them team rocket 2 but I want to see something other then some group of jerks doing the same song and dance

    1. Ive wanted this for the longest time
      Im sick of evil organizations trying to use legends to achieve their perfect irrational goal. Its just that, irrational. How does a 10 year old catch a legend youve been trying to use for ages when you have a mob of people that can catch it. So lame. I just want actual criminal like this

  23. So this was pretty fun. I found my shiny regirock. But it either had really low Sp. Def or a critical because I OHKO’d it with a move that usually just brings it down to red.


    1. That really sucks, especially when SRs are a pain in the butt
      Hopefully your reclaim will come sooner 🙂
      (As I SR for shiny Torchic that hates me and won’t appear)

    2. Usually I just go for paralysis and have my brother/a friend give me capture powers so I can get it at full health and not have to worry.

    3. That blows! Train a level 100 false swiper. Gallade would be good and you can teach it swords dance too.

        1. Also an option (I use a Shiftry myself) but Gallade can mega evolve to give that extra boost

      1. I have a Sceptile on my team with false swipe but figured it would just waste time when my Ampharos’s signal beam usually brings them right down to red

        1. Idk. All of these are pure bred with all flawless IVs. Trust me I sat there and used Thief on hundreds on magnemites in the Virbank area getting metal coats to evolve them

          1. It can tingle all it wants 😉 Idk how to hack and they all came from Platinum. The Bank wouldn’t have let me bring them through if they weren’t legit 😛

          2. I have two tradees that need to evolve and your the closet carbon based life form in ear shot

          3. It’s very lackluster in PVE really only takedown and sand tomb for any attacks and super slow

            You’ll need to power level it just to let it not die from slowness

          4. Meh maybe not then. I just need to use the Hippopotas, diglett and Diggersby lines and I will have used all ground type Pokemon in my playthroughs

      1. This is isn’t irrelevant. We are talking about pokemon talking, so I was wondering about animals talking as well.

    1. I welcome you, I now how a whopping 13 perfectly competitive to finish breeding and level up then I think I’m going to give X a very deserved break
      Maybe start Dream Team or Dark Moon

  24. So I kinda wanted to get a little summery
    Specifically what do you use for specific tasks like sweet scenting, grinding low levels, ev training, ability scouting, item theft the works

    1. Vileplume sweet scent
      Machamp training hordes and Pokerus spreader (Sharing Needles joke)
      Gourgeist frisking items and thief
      Sigh….Gardevoir Trace
      Gliscor False Swipe
      Talonflame Egg nanny

      1. Illumise is my Sweet Scent user in OR and Vespiquen in X
        Scizor is my False Swiper
        Magmortar is my egg warmer
        Usually rotate a few Pokemon with surf or bulldoze to horse train

    2. Other than Accelgor for chain fishing, I just use whatever I have available that can get the job done.

    3. Well there’s a party I currently carry around with me at all time that only slightly changes but they all serve different purposes.
      -Volcarona: My main and also egg warmer if need be
      -Bibarel: HM Slave w/ Waterfall, Cut, Rock Smash, Dive
      -Milotic: Surf
      -Lvl 100 Zigzagoon: Pickup
      -Shiftry: False Swiper
      -Magnezone: Thunderwaver

      I’m aware I could condense a few of these roles, but I like them all and they’re all level 100 (except Bidoof) so that’s why they serve the task of my choosing

  25. Hola people !! I’m Paulsey and as you might have guessed , I’m new here ! I started playing pokemon at the age of 8 and my first game was pokemon emerald . I’ve also been kinda stalking y’all for about 2 years and let me be honest , this is the only comment section on the internet that i read, every.single.other.comment section is just filled with hate and irony , spammers and idiots ! also started playing pokemon go about a week ago and am level 15 (TEAM INSTINCT FTW !) stopped playing pokemon AS after about 4 month from release , i also really enjoyed pokemon super mystery dungeon and am soooooo looking forward to playing pokemon moon ! I really enjoy the speculation period here and absolutely love reading all about your doubts and hopes , and your marvellous/disastrous ideas ! Im Lebanese and i speak 3 languages fluently and 1 barely i also enjoy playing splatoon and pokemon competitively and if anyone wants to play against me please let me know ! also add me on wii u my NNID is Megapokepaul , for those of you also on Nintendolife , this name can seem familiar .So yeah thats about it hope i didn’t bore you to death ! 😉

    1. Welcome I’m on instinct too! What’s your favorite Sun & Moon Pokemon mine is Popplio!

          1. También esta comunidad es mucho menos estirado que otras comunidades de pokemon, como Serebiiforums y Bulbagarden.

  26. So I’ve noticed that I get better results wonder trading on X then on OR. It could be just Terrible luck on OR but does anyone else have this problem?

  27. ohh , what was your rarest CATCH in pokemon Go ? Mine was a Victreebel that spawned by luck in front of my house !

    1. Rhydon in my city centre. At the time it was my highest CP as 672. Now it’s overshadowed by a bunch of 700+

    2. I got a 270 CP Magmar on a Whale watch at the beach! And a few Bulbasaur and Squirtle here and there!

        1. My biggest want is Porygon but I know that probably won’t happen but I believe it for you too catch!

        1. It just appared randomly, I wasn’t searching for it at all xD
          Oh and it was over 1000 CP when I found it

          1. Somehow people find all these good ones I have to travel to find anything I haven’t caught yet.

          2. Same for me, though. THis wasn’t in walking distance.
            I have to go out too to find other mons

      1. Florida is a gold mine for water types tho. I caught 3 wild tentacruel all at 700 cp or higher.

        1. Can confirm. I just went on vacation there an now my strongest Pokemon are water types.

          1. Lol, I have so many. Starmie, Gyarados (it took me a week to get him), Slowbro, Vaporeon, Tentacruel, a TON of Golducks, also a bunch of Dragonairs, and Wartortle currently..

    3. Last night I finally got to level 10 and caught my first Charmander outside of my house! I guess that’s my best successful rare catch.

  28. Well I dug into my untouched Y and AS and opened out all 23 extra boxes and released every dud I had and as soon as I finish off to the whole Mileage points thing and buy 192k worth of Rare Candies for my soon to be Hyper Training Ditto

  29. I imagine it integrated with Pokemon Amie, so you’ll be able to talk with the Pokemon, in a similar way we did back in HeartGold and SoulSilver… but this time with translated cries <3

          1. Tis rough… I imagine the way you train is very similar to how Paul from the anime trained his Pokemon hahaha

          2. You kidding me, I’d probably train wrecked entire forests and rock quarries having my team turn trees to tooth picks and boulders to pebbles

            My ultimate training idea is to find a mountain and have them carve out a tunnel until they reached the other side, but don’t get me wrong I care deeply about my team and wouldn’t work them to death
            (Except that one time I made Excadrill and Rhyperior fight until they ran out of PP and fought until struggle caused them to collapse)

          1. Rhyperior is thick, headstrong, has a temper, and is eager to show its power

  30. So does anyone understand the whole global link Mileage club, because as of right now I have a grand total of 191,871 points, and like 9k up in the bank un transferred
    If I send that into X, Game Sync and send the rest to Global Link and buy almost over 999 Rare Candies for a Ditto

    1. You should just spend all the miles that are on the global link since it will be gone soon. (Miles that are still in the games will stay, though.)

      I’d leave the bank credits untouched for now and redeem that for BP in Sun and Moon instead.

        1. I personally would just take the chance that the bank credits will carry over. 🙂

          And I wouldn’t spend the miles on rare candy and just use the restaurant or Secret Bases to power level. I would spend it on PP Up or Ability Capsules.

          1. Hmmmm I guess so….. Just so much to accommodate for
            But honestly I could buy like 35 Ability Capsule….wait can items be put in bank

            Ughhhh so much to figure out, I want to be 100% prepared for Sun and Moon but I don’t want to lose out on all my years of dedicated saving

          2. Nah we never could put items in the bank. Also, since Game Freak never let items migrate from gen 5 to 6, I doubt they will let them transfer from 6 to 7… unless trading between gens is confirmed. (Though most likely it will be bank only.)

          3. Alright I’ll spend the cash on Rare Candies, PP Up and Heart Scales
            Honestly Ability Capsule never were a go to item for me

            Honestly my only goal is just finding my next Ditto for Hyper Training that way everything new will be clean

          4. Good luck!

            Though, I would just catch that Ditto from Gen 7. I bet there will be a new “Pentagon” style marker.

  31. Sun and Moon look like amazing games so far, and I have a slightly cynical question. 🙁 😀 What could Gamefreak put into these games that would ruin it for you? Kind of a reverse wishlist, if you will.

    1. Never been a person that focuses on the negatives, and even if I could think of something that would turn me off, I end up either ignoring the negative or ending up tolerating or even liking it.
      I dunno, I’m just weird. Sorry if I couldn’t answer your question xD

      1. Haha yeah I get that. I was trying to come up with a question to keep the discussion going since I love our discussions in this jungle, and I thought this would be a way to change it up. Honestly, for me rn, the only thing that can ruin a game is bad Pokemon designs and that’s never happened (although gen 5 is hit or miss) and gen 7 is knocking out of the water with their designs. XD

        1. Yeah, I get that, no worries xD I’ll just try to contribute to the discussion in some way :3
          And yeah, that could be something that would ruin it, but I always thing something to commend about a design, either by the origins and what they were trying to go for. Although I haven’t used that often with the gen 7 mons, since most of them are pretty well-designed imo

      2. Everything is bad and we know it, never be afraid to point out what makes your stomach churn with salt coated razorblades and let loose your temper
        That’s my take on most thing

        1. Like I said above, nothing really does that for long, since I see the positives in anything.
          Like, I used to not like the concept of Megas and the Fairy-type, but after X and Y, I grew to tolerate, even love them.
          X and Y has flaws, but I still love them as games, despite the problems people bring up.
          I do have a temper tho, but it only comes up concerning certain people and how they act and stuff. Or when I get annoyed with certain things, like crowds of people.

          1. Used to be negative, but I realized it wasn’t good for my personal mental health so I’ve learned to not think that way.
            I still have aspects of it, but it’s mostly taken care of 🙂

          2. Well not to brag my mental state is one gigantic roller coaster of nightmares

          3. I don’t know what to say to that, considering you’d probably brush off anything I do say to help counteract that 🙂

          4. I just want everyone to fear my fury, but the moment I try it fails horribly

          5. Ehhh I don’t think anything you could do could make me fear you, but that’s just me :3

          6. What about slitting an Espeons neck and drinking the fluids then spraying it all back in your face

          7. That’ll just disgust me more than make me fear you.
            Unless you turned into one of my darkest fears

          8. Dunno what that is, but I’m not going to willingly tell the Internet what my darkest fears are xD

    2. Something that would ruin the games for me? Uh I don’t usually get hung up on things I don’t like in Pokemon games and such things wouldn’t ruin the game for me. I think the only thing that would ruin the game for me would be something horribly offensive(racist, sexist, or homophobic) which is something I don’t think Gamefreak would do.

    3. These wouldn’t ruin the games for me, but I wouldn’t like them to be in the games.

      – Pokemon talking
      – Making the game too easy (I don’t know if this really counts though)
      – Multiple bland friendly rivals (aka XY)
      – Unpolished new mechanics
      – Glitches (though I really don’t see this happening)

      1. Well Hau is a bland friendly rival so far. At least he’s only 1, and Lillie seems to be out there with her own agendas.

        1. Im probably against the majority but i like Hau. He’s silly and seems funny and just happy go lucky. He is honestly like me if i was a character. And i think thats pretty cool, i just hope he is decent in battles too.

          1. I’m not sure what the majority thinks, but I like Hau too, just not as a “Pokemon Rival”, but as an XY-style buddy. Shauna but with more focus. <3

          1. As far as he’s been revealed, I still think he’s bland if he’s judged as a “Pokemon Rival”.

            He’s awesome if he’s Shauna 2.0, though, and the rival either doesn’t exist, is Lillie, or is someone else altogether.

    4. Making Popplio a fucking Fairy, I’m just so sick of them and the one time I like a Water Starter it has the potential to be ruined by being a Fairy

          1. Oh I forget it’s even ground I dislike Wormadam cause it is too hard to find Steel type cloak unless in Gym!

          2. You always talk about ferocity as a plus for any Pokemon, feraligatr seems right up your alley.

    5. Two things. An extremely easy game (like gen 6 games), and a broken system with this “new mechanic” that we are hinted at a lot.

        1. I don’t use legendaries and tried turning off exp share but still an easy task. However, I don’t think you should go out of your way to make the game even slightly more difficult. It should be as challenging as past generations (1-5)

          1. Ah, yeah I can understand I wanna make use of everything the game has but still feel challenged. Not Dark Souls of course, but still pretty challenging.

            They better have Gen 5’s challenge mode only we don’t need to beat the game first.

      1. Ughhhh I hate goodie goodie rivals
        Who votes that a Rival with my personality would make a way better rival

          1. But be warned I may try to shank or just plain out assault you with a tree branch

        1. It would be interesting for sure 😛
          I’d probably pity that rival though, like I do with Gary.

          1. But then again I had my own rival in High School
            This asshole named Jordan, picked on me, ever since he learnt the word pester he used it as a way to bug me, FROM FREAKING 7th TO 12th
            Ergo this guy would use Dark Types, Grass and Poison

            I hope this guy is dead

          2. I’ve had headaches for literally over a decade
            That could make anyone bitter

          1. I mean, when did Barry dislike you? xD Not saying it’s a possibility, but I never saw that in Barry.
            What you described sounds like Hugh to me. (and it’s why I love Hugh) He means well, but he uses your friendship as a means to an end, but realizes what he’s done throughout his journey and fixes it.

          2. No worries, I was just honestly confused. I mean, anythings a possibility.
            But I agree with you. I definitely want something in the middle, like Hugh. I’d think it would please most people that way.

          3. Definitely 🙂 even with the Quilfish hair xD, I’m still a sucker for his eyes, as I feel it definitely suits him 🙂

          1. Cheren needed more personal change, I’d feel. (at least in BW, B2W2 had the invisible change before the game started)
            I like Hugh better out of the Unova rival boys xD

          2. Well at least BW1 Cheren was a jerkish competitive guy I can relate to. Blue/Gary would also have worked but he didn’t have as much development as Cheren did.

            Hugh was crazy though. Cheren and Gary just edge him out slightly so I’d put him at third after the ORAS rival (who wasn’t jerkish, but the fight under the cycling road was memorably hard when I was a kid).

        2. Sorry but I prefer the nice rivals, who are your friends. I despise assholes to the max (Though I have learned to tolerate a select few.). Gary/Blue drove me nuts with how rude he was. 😛 If it were me on the actual journey I personally would want my friends as my rivals, because they would be more likely, and willing to come to your aid if you needed it. Instead of ignoring you, or making you feel like a total waste of space, or make you feel stupid. 🙁 No sir That kind of rival is just junk. 😛 If you like it fine but I like the new rival system. Yeah sure if you have a group like in X and Y, fine make one an asshole, but if there is only one rival, don’t make em an asshole, they don’t necessarily have to be your friend, but don’t make them a hate-able piece of shit that you wish you could kill. (like in Gen 2. OMG I hated him with a passion. >:( )

          1. I kinda like Cheren, at least he still feels like a buddy even though he’s consumed with “WHY CAN’T I WIN!!!”

            And we’re probably in the minority but I did like the X/Y friends, but I don’t call them “rivals”, though. The actual rival, Serena/Calem, was just a bad Cheren.

            Haha Silver. That guy.

            Gary had a memorable catch phrase at least.

        1. I’m pretty sure Silver and the anime’s Paul were hated because they were just that and mostly only that.

          Blue (and not necessarily the anime Gary) at least felt like he learned something at the end after he received an earful from his grandfather.

          1. Anime’s Paul was Hated because he was just that? You clearly haven’t watched DP anime then. Paul is the best rival in all of Pokemon.

        2. Yes.

          Blue was terrible. No characters growth at all.

          Hugh was awesome. Because he wasn’t always an asshole, but still felt like a rival.

          Silver was great too.

          Cheren was average.

          The rest suck.

    6. No post-game, brain dead easy like X/Y, Rovals that are constantly saying “You’re so sugoi Caleb-chan!~”, basically everything X/Y did wrong.

      1. I fear that x and y being aimed towards children (and thus the lack of difficulty, etc) is a sign of the future of Pokemon. I’m scared.

          1. Yea same
            I just feel like if sm is easy too then i given up hope for anymore challenges in pokemon game unless make one for myself

        1. It’s also meant for lapsed Pokemon fans. The amount of Gen 1 fan-service means something you know. Plus, on Reddit, these adults ask a lot of simple questions like how the type chart is too confused and etc and etc.

          If GameFreak only appealed to us, what will happen when we are gone? With no other audiences to appeal to.

    7. Easy game
      Battle tower rererereremake
      No post game
      No place to train higher level pokemon
      Empty characters
      80 or below new pokemon

  32. Do you know what pisses me off, the one time you have the un-killable Set-up that bum blasted everything and they turn tail and run before I could get a freaking 6-0 sweep

    1. I couldn’t watch it. I know what it’s about though, I figured it out by the name. I’ll watch it tomorrow morning

  33. Lol , so apparently, parents are naming their newborn(s) after pokemon ! Names like onyx , roselia , eevee and stari have had a huuuge bump in popularity thanks to the actual pokemon Go craze \(^o^)/

        1. I guess Onyx is fine it was probably used as a name before. (I know a local politician named that.) But Eevee? Nope. Nope. Nope.

          1. Eevee I’m fine with. It’s basically Eve. But then I’d rather name my child Eve and use Eevee as a nickname.

          2. That’s my grandmother’s name so it’s not that weird. At least where I’m from it’s not.

        1. Some of those names were already actual names before, but the surge in the use of things like Roselia and Ivy, I suppose are indicative of the trend. Shay is a bit of stretch, though.

          I’d hate to be named Muk. 😀

          Nidorino/a is actually a pretty awesome name.

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