Climbing Mt. Fuji in the Pursuit of Pokémon

IMG_3319When my sisters informed me that they planned to climb Mt. Fuji when they visited in July, I wasn’t thrilled. Many say that climbing to the summit of Fuji is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and that’s exactly why I wasn’t psyched for the adventure. Two years ago I had already gone with one of my sisters and, although beautiful, the climb wasn’t an endurance test I wanted to take again. They were adamant that they’d go with or without me, so I had to do the brotherly thing and tag along to make sure everything went smoothly.

My attitude about the trip changed dramatically when Pokémon GO was released in Japan just two days ahead of our planned climb. I wanted to see for myself what sort of Pokémon may be hiding at the icy summit of the tallest mountain in the country. The alluring Jynx? The elegant Dewgong? Or possibly even the Legendary Articuno? There are plenty of apps which claim to tell you where Pokémon are located around the world, but scrolling around a map just doesn’t beat taking on an adventure yourself.

The day of the trip we grabbed our bags (well stocked with warm clothes, water, food and other survival goods) and headed out. After 2 hours of riding trains and an hour bus trip we arrived at the 5th station of the Subashiri trail at 7PM. In order to see the sunrise from the top of Mt. Fuji we planned a night trip, but we didn’t anticipate just how fast night was going to fall. A heavy fog had set in that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a horror movie and as we got further into the forest it became pitch black. Even with our headlamps on visibility wasn’t more than four feet and the lack of other people combined with the utter stillness of nature made it an unnerving start. Although my youngest sister on the trip was terrified a wild boar or bear would come barreling out of the woods at any moment, we managed to calm her enough to keep moving and get far enough along to leave the foliage behind.

fuji-climbOnce the three of us began to climb Fuji’s rocky slope our energy depleted quickly. Although I had remembered the mountain being a fairly uneventful hike up, our lack of sleep the night before and long transportation time to trail began to take their toll. The routes are fairly well worn and not particularly dangerous to ascend, but it is quite taxing to step up rock after rock. It’s almost like a never-ending staircase with some short plateaus to catch your breath.

Now I was the one egging on my sisters to finish the climb: I was close to seeing for myself the wild Pokémon inhabiting the top and I didn’t want to stop now. After a few long breaks we made it far enough to merge with another trail and suddenly it wasn’t a lonely climb anymore. More than a hundred people were also climbing up and it formed a human line between the last few stops and the summit. It was an energizing experience to see others and the body heat generated by the crowd did a lot to warm us up as we climbed.

Finally, we hit the top. I took off my gloves and turned on my phone that had been switched off with 70% of its battery left for catching Pokémon (or any possible emergency calls). After Pokémon GO started up, I finally got to see what I hadn’t before: there were three Pokéstops right in our vicinity. I quickly dropped a lure to maximize my chances of finding anything I could. Suddenly, disaster struck: my battery which had just been at 69% sank all the way to 1%. I knew time was of the essence or this trainer would be going home without seeing anything.

Then… they began to appear on the map. Pokémon had come to my lure: a Pidgey and an Ekans. I quickly snapped a picture of the latter, before shutting off my phone. I had to weigh the choices between catching a Pokémon at the top of Mt. Fuji or calling for help if someone slipped. Luckily my sister let me borrow her phone with a spare battery pack and I logged in again long enough to find a Spearow as well.


Then, I sat back and watched the sun rise over the clouds. That was the one thing I had missed out on during my previous trip because my roommate and I hadn’t kept up a fast enough pace. It was beautiful and I couldn’t help but think that just maybe Solgaleo was somewhere nearby.

While it may have not been the most exciting Pokémon I found at the top and I was probably not the first to search on the top of Mt. Fuji, I will definitely consider the climb a personal achievement as a trainer and a great memory.

<3 PJ

  1. Wow this was a great read! I really enjoyed it, and I hope we get some more long articles like this in the future. 🙂

  2. When I go to Japan I will definitely climb Fuji-san 🙂 I’ve done some hiking in the Italian Alps (nothing hard) and climbed the Pedra da Gavea in Rio (2 hours going up). For me the best part of a trip is always exploring the environment. It’s a shame your battery didn’t last longer though! (at least you can play pokemon go, I still haven’t *cries*)

    1. The NX is looking to be a Nintendo HDS with TV projection and detachable controllers. This is great news all around. Although this means that Nintendo is effectively leaving the traditional home console race, they will probably fair much better from 2017 onwards. It was a necessary sacrifice.

      1. The issue is the difference of persepctive. Emily Rogers and her sources are the original creators of this. There are so many different theories and rumours that I don’t know what to believe. September will be the reveal date before the Tokyo Game Show. I want to see if it will be a powerful console or a powerful handheld.

    2. I’ve seen this and I was about to post it. The NX will obviously have the 8th Generation. Yet, I heavily doubt this rumour. Emily Rogers is behind it and I dislike/don’t believe Nintendo will make another weak system. I agree that in September we will see the total system. I’m getting tired of the numerous differing rumours on the console.

  3. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Mt. Fuji, I heard it snows there a lot. (Any GameGrumps fans?) Anyways, I’ve recently been watching older footage of X/Y. I love watching older footage and seeing all of the stuff we did not know before the actual games released! Does anyone else do this?

    1. I some times like doing it, but other times I cringe on how far of the speculation was or their ideas about the new Pokemon.

  4. That sounds amazing <3 I definitely wanna go myself, seeing pictures just doesn't do it justice, I feel. Sure, it will be taxing, but it will be worth it 😀

  5. While the hike sounds incredible, I think the idea that they would have put super cool, rare Pokemon in hard to reach, well-known places is sadly just romanticism.

    1. I agree I thought a super rare Pokemon like a wild Golem or Charizard would appear but no a Pidgey!

    2. ppl are reporting there is a dragonite at new zealand’s mt ruapehu!!

      i love it, whether its real or not – theres such a magic && mystery about rumours in this game which remains so undocumented

  6. Yo anybody want any leftover 4-5 Pokes
    Torkoal, Sap Sipper Miltank, Drought Vulpix, Impish Rhyhorns
    I got plenty to spare, otherwise I’m going to just “WT” them

  7. Pity they didn’t put some ice type Pokémon at the summit! I liked the article 🙂

    1. Welcome back Haxford how was your travels? What Pokemon in GO did you catch?

      1. Last week in Spain was awesome. The best Pokémon I’ve caught there were a 900 Rhydon, a 650 Kabutops and a 800 Arbok. Tomorrow I’m leaving for South Africa and I guess there will be amazing Pokémon! I’m excited 🙂 and thanks for asking!

        1. Holy crap Kabutops, Arbok, Rydon my best find was I found a Magmar and Pinsir at the Beach!

          And your Welcome enjoy the rest of your travels!

  8. Well I guess it’s clear nobody wants any of the leftovers
    Well time to grind them and sell them overseas

  9. Currently there are 25 new Pokemon of the Alola region in Pokemon Sun and Moon.
    We’re waiting for the August 1st update on Pokemon Sun and Moon with more new Pokemon as well as Pokemon Z with 37 more new Kalos Pokemon.

    1. The hell are you talking about? The Pokemon Z ship set sail eons ago and it’s never coming back. Gen 6 is over……lol

      1. Yay Gen.6 is gone it was my least favorite way too easy, too little of Pokemon, and too many characters talked too much I mean shut up Shauna!!!

      2. You shut your mouth!!!! jk NA I hope Alola will tie in with Kalos some how. I’m hoping cause Kalos was my favorite region the only thing that made me sad was the lack of Pokemon with only 72 and the lack of post game but region wise it was beautiful.

    2. Plus the starter evos, 2 Pikipek evos, 1 Yungoos evo, (at least) 1 Rockruff evo, possibly 3 more island guardians, and possibly the Pokémon that Yungoos was brought to control (assuming it’s not a Rattata or something we already know).

  10. Ughhhhh I want S&M NOUGH
    I gots over 3 boxes of leftovers, and I’m so freaking sick of getting Zigzagoons and Poochyenas

  11. Granted not a very tropical idea for a Fakemon, but my idea is a combination of the three most commonly found sewer creatures
    Alligators, Rats and snakes, now imagine all three in the form of a grotesque Poison/Water type
    Body and mouth of a gator, long wiry hairs of a rat, and a long snake tail and neck

  12. Tomorrow is the day that Ash will crush that Hoenn cunt Sawyer and goes to the final. Finally after 20 years of waiting, I will witness Ash in a league final <3

          1. I feel the same. I hope Gen 6 was bad because efforts were focused on Gen 7, but I fear that this is the route that Pokemon is sadly going down in the future.

          2. If it’s as Good as what Elderdragon looks like we are just fine in Greatest region!

          3. I agree with you… But if i think about the battles before xy…. I’ll take it these unfinished games anytime 🙂
            i have the feeling that alola is going to be the worst region*… But with the best variety of pokemons… And with the improved mechanics…

            *i have some theories!

          4. How so? The only flaws are gym leader rosters and lack of battle frontier…Soaring, Secret Bases, Mirage Spots are all great. X&Y is shit though

          5. In terms of a remake, yes, for sure (although the grinding was INCREDIBLY painful in HGSS), but ORAS aren’t bad games. I just think they could’ve done a little more.

    1. Man, with all your comments saying how boring everyday is why are you even hyped for SM? You are probably gonna be bored and want more news 5 hours after the release of the games.

      1. It was 3 hours after the first ground type Mudsdale was revealed, and he was already complaining.

          1. I only got the friggin one, I was greatly denied any good ones in XY and ORAS so I’m very antsy on the Ground type department

          2. I can understand that, meanwhile (even excluding the starter) I get water types up the wazoo… they seem to be skimping on the fighting types though…

          3. “deserve”
            Lol oh honey, you aren’t the center of the world. You don’t deserve anything. I don’t deserve anything. It’s in the matter of what GF will put. “Deserving,” something doesn’t exist in fanbases. I could even go as far to say deserving stuff isn’t even real in the real world. You get what you get.

      2. My life is boring and pretty much only myself as my only company these days

        1. You know this definitely did not answer me question, nor was it a ticket to complain to me because I don’t want to hear it

          1. If you don’t want to hear it then why the hell are you even here, you never show your mug on disqus
            Just go on a Earthen banwagon I bet

        2. You should get a hobby or something. You seem like you are always bored so you should find new stuff to do! Maybe programming? Learn art? Learn an instrument or a language?

    1. What is Shabatte supposed to be (besides a shark, obviously). I can’t determine anything from the name or the design.

        1. Oh my gosh, I didn’t even notice that! I sure hope this is fake, but I would love a new shark ‘mon.

    2. That dragon is probably the best yet most obvious fake I have seen yet, its cool, yet its not in the pokemon style and I have seen its exact limbs/claws somewhere before I just cant place as to where

          1. Believe me I’m no genwunner, but these Alola Pokemon don’t appeal to me much so far. But yeah, they would be all over this thing until the next weird thing was announced. It’d be the new Trubbish. Especially if it wasn’t ghost, because at least being ghost gives it a reason to be animate.

          2. They’re not bad. There are a few I really like and others I’m not crazy about.

          3. I’ve said this before I think, but I only really like a select few, but this is the first generation where I’m genuinely disgusted by more than 1 or 2. I know that I shouldn’t catergorize the gen’s Pokemon by certain ones, but the Pokemon inbetween the ones that I like and the ones that I hate I’m not crazy about. Long story short I only like a few, but I hope that that changes soon (August 1st maybe?).

    3. Imma be honest, that sandal shark is actually really well designed besides the colors on the strap and the horn. Plus, it fits the style of previous designs. The other one… Not so much. Cool looking but doesn’t look like it will ever happen.

  13. Alright I’ve been holding out on this question for a while, but here I go. Rate the generations from worst to best, and explain why (if you have time in detail, or if you don’t then you don’t have to explain). One rule, either exclude remakes altogether or only include new features (i.e. Pokemon following you in HGSS).

      1. 5 – It had Hilda and Keldeo, who are extremely cool. It has the best story for a Pokemon game, and it’s the first gen I took competitive seriously. Pokemon World Tournament was the bomb.
        3 – It has May, who is cool. Introduced the abilities and Special split. Contests are the best. Introduced the first storyline ever beyond “here’s the evil team, run into them and destroy them”. Battle Frontier was here.
        (7) – It’s shaping up to be very good so far, but beaten out by 3 due to nostalgia, might move up later.
        6 – A beta test. XY story was not great, but at least it had a story. Introduced Megas and easy breeding and better legendary stats. ORAS fixed XY’s ridiculously easy leveling curve.
        4 – It had Azelf and Lucario. Introduced physical-special split for moves. Battles were extremely slow. Super Contests are great. Plot is okay and better than XY. Did I say battles were extremely slow?
        1 – It was the first gen, so it was expected to be trash, gameplay and mechanics wise. A lot of bugs were present. Almost no plot. Slightly forgivable at least for being the place that started it all. But judging it as a game, it was not good. At least it was fun and great for speedrunning.
        2 – It was the second gen, so it should’ve fixed the problems of the first, but it didn’t… and also added the horrible exp leveling curve, which was the complete opposite of XY’s problem. Introduced Azumarill at least, but I truly met Azumarill in Gen 4, so not even the introduction of my favorite Pokemon ever can save it. Also almost no plot.

    1. Gen 3- beautiful, diverse region, bountiful, lovely designed Pokemon, and my first games.

      Gen1/2: Pokemon are better in gen 2, but I tend to lump these two together since I came to the franchise after their release. First taste was leaf green. The regions aren’t super exhilarating. Good Pokemon though. Plus, that nostalgia factor for many and the lovely story.

      Gen 6: love the new graphics, 98% approval of Pokemon designs, beautiful region, boring story and only like greninja out of starter evos.

      Gen 4: a little forgettable in terms of region design (although floaroma and the snow are exceptions). Good Pokemon, not the best.

      Gen 5: a lot of good Pokemon, a lot of bad ones. Not a fan of the copies of gen 1 Pokemon. Too many legendaries too…I hear there’s a good story, never played the games. Also heard the region was eh with all the easily accessible bridges. Seasons sound cool.

          1. I adore those games. Desert, rainforest, volcano, underwater, pacifidlog, etc. it’s so diverse and really feels the most like an adventure. Gen 6 has a quaint-er adventure feel since your friends go on it with you.

        1. Nope. I can’t post my own opinions. I can still rank it based on others opinions and my opinion of the Pokemon and such. Which is what I did. XD

    2. 6. Gen 6. Pretty sure that most people will agree with me here. XY felt very rushed, and was way too easy. Mega evolution felt rushed, and there was too few new Pokemon in my opinion. The one thing I give it is that the communication features are flawless and the new Pokemon, though few, were very high quality designs.
      5. Gen 1. It hurts me to do this, it really does, but to me being the first game doesn’t really give it value to me. For one, it was glitchy and game breaking. The type balance was horrible, and the meta game was terribly broken. The music and Pokemon were good though, I give it that. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up with it, but gen 1 didn’t impress me.
      4. Gen 5. Pokemon designs were hit or miss for me. A good story and great games, but the next ones are better, so that’s why it’s so low.
      3. Gen 3. Great region, great Pokemon. FRLG didn’t have many new features though, and that’s what holds it back for me.
      2. Gen 2. I never played gen 2, but it’s this high because of how great HGSS was. Two regions, great new Pokemon, great postgame. Great boss battles, great difficulty. Almost wins the number one spot, but the next one was a bit better for me.
      1. Gen 4. Best. Gen. Ever. Best music, a diverse cast of characters, an intense story climax, and great new Pokemon. It also had the most difficulty and the best E4 and champion. HGSS was the best remake, and added so many features, such as the famous Pokemon following you. Gen 4 was the best gen for me, and I hope gen 7 is even better.

    3. (Worst to best)
      6. Sinnoh- DP game is so slow, and the amount of new pokemon that aren’t legends or related to a previous gen pokemon some how is tiny. Granted when I replay sinnoh it’s enjoyable, but as a kid it was soooo boring. Team Galatic never truly seemed to match what Cyrus was doing. Why were they stealing honey? What a bunch of jokesters! This gen was also painfully long being 4 1/2 years long. understandable why I quit the anime at this point. At least Ash was in Battle Frontier in Hoenn anime, this was just like 20 episodes of filler, non filler. And Barry was such an annoying rival omg. He needs to just shut up. Platinum and HGSS were ok though.

      5. Kalos- Im sorry but gen 6 felt so empty. Kalos specifically was one of the worst pokemon games. Everything just felt so empty. Empty characters, empty pokemon that showed little interest. Nothing really jumped out to me. The music was very meh, it’s only good they increased competitive. You would think at this point they would make post game decent, but still nothing sadly. the pacing is also awful

      4. Johto- Johto was pretty good, but it doesn’t feel complete without Kanto. It seems like it couldn’t be a standalone region. Also Johto had easily the worst story. all the effort just to send a failed radio signal. Just pathetic. HGSS increased Johto wellness. But Johto still had plenty of lame pokemon.

      3. Kanto- know many people think the story is bland but I think it was pretty neat and releastic. Getting money. Basically all gangs in this world today. Its not trying to summon some big legend to control the world. I miss this. It makes it seem more realistic. It’s something I want to return actually. The Pokemon were also pretty cool. Sure they were simple but they were also cool.

      2 Unova- This region had so many nice things and easy brought the best stories to the series, and some of the best music. Even though with 156 pokemon will be forgotten I just think the huge number of pokemon just makes me so happy.

      1. Hoenn- Teehee because it’s the best

    4. Gen 6- Between the “Look at us we’re so dark and edgy!” plot, the godawful characters, the bland music and region this is the worst generation all together.

      Gen 1 – I know, I know they were the beginning of the franchise. I can respect them for that, but the glitches, horrible learn sets, and hilariously broken psychic types make these games a bit hard to slog through.

      Gen 2 – While the games certainly bring a lot of content to the table, there are a lot of dumb desicions that keep these games from being in my top 3. For one, who’s bright idea was it to lock some Pokémon like Slugma until post-game. Why the heck do the gym leaders mostly use gen 1 ‘mons? Why are the Johto Pokémon’s stat distribution so bad? I do have to compliment the soundtrack though, it’s great.

      Gen 5 – Great soundtrack, amazing story (by Pokémon’s standards anyway), and a pretty darn fun region. Some of the new Pokémon’s designs are pretty stupid (GEARS) but the majority are pretty good. One of my favorite Gens.

      Gen 3 – While some people will say that Hoenn is a bad region because of the amount of H20 surrounding it, I personally like the bigger emphasis on the ocean and it also helps fit the narrative of Land vs Sea that this Gen is so well known for. The new Pokemon introduced are some of the best in the series (Mawile <3) and the new 'Abilities' that Pokémon have helped create the competitive scene become what it is today. Gen 3 also spotted the best spin-offs in the series with Colosseum and XD, Colosseum being my very first Pokémon game. Truly a great Generation all around.

      Gen 4 – I love Gen 4 so much. Everytime I hear a track from the game I remember the great times I had playing it with my old friends. Gen 4 brought the series online with the GTS and Wifi battles and changed the history of Pokémon forever. Pokémon Gen 4 is truly a classic.

    5. Worst to best:
      -Gen 2: Wasn’t all that innovative when you compare it to the updates the other Gens introduced.
      -Gen 1: Started it all but that’s all it’s really got going for it
      -Gen 6: I like ORAS, but X&Y were trash…updated graphics and super training are really nice but outside of mechanics the story was very poor
      -Gen 3: Beautifully updated the franchise with graphics, abilities, and amazing new pokemon and story
      -Gen 5: B/W and the Sequels are some of the best in the series. Would definitely have had top spot if this gen had featured a remake
      -Gen 4: D/P/Pt have a fantastic story and HG/SS are probably the best pokemon games ever made.

    6. Worst to best (I included remakes with their respected generation)
      – Gen 6: let me start out positive. Gen 6 introduced mega evolutions, fairy type, a simple way to get competitive Pokemon, and pss and amie. The battles ran fast, and the 3D is gorgeous. Most of the Pokemon from gen 6 I love. However, the games felt awful, I don’t remember even half the story, team flare sucks, and the rivals are EXTREMELY forgettable. Overall it felt like a huge step down from Gen 5 which brought a rich and deep story. Also the post-game was horrible.
      – Gen 4 : honestly, I never loved diamond and pearl. Platinum was much better imo but the game is super slow, I’m bored by the evil team, the story plot was alright in platinum but didn’t love diamond and pearl’s story. The Pokemon introduced have great designs but there are way too many legendaries. Although, I love Sinnoh and the challenge is a great one…
      – Gen 1: lets be honest, gen 1 isn’t amazing. It’s what started everything, it was simple and fun, and replayable. But, the amount of stuff that was wrong in the first games was overwhelming and whoever says gen 1 is the best, please take your 90’s nostalgia and throw it away… And as for the remakes, it did nothing else but improved graphics and glitches.
      – Gen 5: Ok, here’s where it gets interesting. Best story and characters ever in Pokemon. I was so into the story, actually made me think if Pokemon battling is ethically correct, and I loved most of the gym leaders. The N and Ghetsus conflict is amazing, the Pokemon designs are pretty good too, and the region is a great interpretation of New York. I love the foresty areas and the lakes. With that said, it has it’s faults like the only Unova dex in the first titles. It’s great, and I praise game freak for stepping out of their comfort zone.
      – Gen 3: I absolutely love Gen 3. The vibrant colors, the Pokemon, the vibe, the characters, the evil team, the champion. EVERYTHING. The story is great, the adventure is great, and I absolutely loved the battle frontier. Emerald was my favorite game because you could play it for awhile, but I also loved the remakes. I mean, it’s definitely easy (the remakes) but still an enjoyable journey.
      -Gen 2: HEAR ME OUT. The reason I like gen 2 so much is not because of the Pokemon, not because of the rehash of team rocket, and not the story. Honestly, the only two reasons it’s number one is because of the remakes, and because of its continuation from Gen 1. Gen 2 feels like the sequel that outshines the original. The remakes are pure genius. Beautiful graphics even to date and the Pokemon following is amazing. Gen 2 introduced an awesome rival, and an UNBELIEVABLE post-game. The battle with red is by far the most memorable battle I’ve ever had and the addition of Kanto is the only reason I put Gen 2 at number one.

    7. 1 and 2 – Just was alright to me. I was always lost back in the day and so I never finished the originals.
      5- I really loved the story and some aspects of gen 5, but it’s the least of my favs
      6 – Had some problems, but I has some positive memories of 6th gen (including being on here) so I can’t be too mad
      3 – Nostalgia and Emerald was the game I played the most
      4 – No comment necessary 🙂
      (I rated them not only on games, but my enjoyment of them and the times I was in when I played them 🙂 )

    1. Just wondering, but what makes you feel the need to comment this every single day? Do you think this place is twitter, because you see comments like this all over twitter. It’s very spammy. Does you having an uneventful day provide any relevant conversation? You do this like 3 times a day.

      1. Honestly it’s better than dead silence, which happens during news droughts. Though I agree that it is repetitive.

        1. IMO It’s worse. It’s just an unneeded. If it’s dead silence I can see it’s uneventful day. There is no reason to say it’s uneventful. It adds no conversation. Why not try to make conversation to make an eventful day rather than just complain. It’s all just spammy

          1. I can’t disagree with that. I’d rather he propose questions and promote discussions that this.

  14. Uhg, this shiny regirock just doesn’t want to appear. I have a shiny charm too >~< So frustrating! What was your longest/most frustrating shiny hunt?

    1. I only had only one shiny hunt ever. I got a shiny froakie which didn’t have any HA after 2 weeks, so I just gave up shiny hunting forever and stuck to competitive breeding. <3

    2. Man if you haven’t hunted for 9 months for a shiny I don’t want to hear it.
      I hunted 9 months for a shiny mud kip
      7 months for shiny noibat (with shiny charm)

      1. Dang. My longest hunt was something like 4 months? But that was because I wanted two shiny bunearies, one for comp and one for ORAS

        1. 4 months for two is impressive to me. I often get shinies when I’m IV breeding (drifloon, pinsir, and a few others), but when I’m trying to get one it takes forever.

      2. Oh I remember that! I remember that you did that around the same time I hunted for turtwig (also it took me around nine months total as well!).

    3. Oh man I feel you. Masuda method with shiny charm, 2500 eggs for a shiny turtwig, give or take a box. The veterans here may remember me talking about it around the XY days, as it took around a year with a 3 month or so break.

    4. If that’s frustrating, try hunting it in B2/W2, without the shiny charm. 3000+ SRs and I got it, only to have it struggle to death. The tactic was to use Watchog to lower its health w/Super Fang, then put it to sleep with Hypnosis. Kept chucking balls at it, but it never went in.

      1. Ah that’s harsh, brings to mind that youtube video where someone SR for Shiny Ho-oh, got hyped, then the Shiny Ho-oh wiped his team.

        And I thought I was frustrated after 2 weeks.of Shiny Froakie. Condolences.

  15. My friend and I was thinking about climbing Mt. Fuji when we visited next year so article is pretty ironic. On a scale of 1 to 10 how difficult is it, how long does it take, and how physically prepared do you have to be to take it?

    1. Technically I don’t think it is that hard, but requires 5-10 hours to reach the top which can be exhausting. Going down is also exhausting, but you have the benefit of gravity. I’d rate it maybe 6?

  16. I’ve been thinking about and reading various YouTube and Twitter comments about the Nintendo NX. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that there will be two NXs as others have thought of. This would explain why the rumours and leaks of the NX heavily differ each other. Essentially, we get a handheld on par with the XBO or Wii U (Depending on how you think of the dock) using a new Tegra X1 chip and a console that is on par with the PS4 Neo that uses AMD chips (likely a Polaris CPU). A creditable source known as TenKay23 has stated this and Nintendo has said something similar to this in the past. The systems will have a similar architecture with differing CPUs. I don’t know if both systems will share cartridges. This is a total rumour and you could believe or not believe it! I just cannot wait to see the system in September. All rumours point to a reveal around the Tokyo Game Show! I hope Devs were right about the system being great. (The images are from PlayerEssences video, so I had to crop them!) rf.

  17. I have to say this is pretty awesome experience I would have loved to go on a experience like this. You are so lucky to be able to do this. I definitely have to do this. I am purely amazed. Proud of you for going! and those pictures look simply gorgeous (for some reason it reminded me off Battle Palace theme )
    I plan to do this one day

  18. And this is one reason why I don’t play Pokemon Go.

    There’s really no rewards for the people who are willing to go the extra mile, and as far as I can tell, Niantic hasn’t made much effort in making different pokemon available in places that make sense. I hiked up a mountain to a glacial valley over the weekend, and if I had Pokemon Go, I would expect to find Snowrunt, Larvitar, Aron, Geodude, and other things that might be found at altitude in a rocky, snowy place.

    But only the first generation is available, and as the article illustrates, the pokemon found at the top of a large mountain didn’t even make much sense. I’m a zoology major, and I can say with some certainty that snakes and sparrows aren’t found in such habitats. Some birds are adapted for high-altitude habitats, but not the kinds of birds that Spearow is meant to depict, Swablu would have at least been more aesthetically relevant.

    I don’t understand why people have made such a fuss about this game. It’s really not that impressive, and feels more like a proof-of-concept that was forced onto the market without enough development time.

    1. I have to say I was pretty skeptical myself, but the draw for me comes from “seeing” Pokémon in lots of otherwise regular locations and that curiosity about what lurks in the rustling grass around the next corner.

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