New Pokémon Sun & Moon Information Coming Aug 1

Pokémon’s official Twitter account has revealed that the next batch of Pokémon Sun & Moon information will be coming August 1st at 10PM Japan Standard Time. The games are set to be released globally in November for the Nintendo 3DS.


<3 PJ

      1. I encountered a CP 78 Pidgeotto earlier, but it fled after it broke out of my ball

        1. Haha sweet. I caught a 50 cp seadra as well but had since transferred it for candy.
          I really think that they should give us more candies for transferring evolved pokemon

          1. Nice. I have not seen a drowzee or hypno where I live. Lots of pidgeys though ?

      2. i caught a cp 40ish pidgeot before even getting a pidgey , then i got 130 of them….

  1. August is the month in which GF gives us the new feature, like mega evolution for xy. I think next news will be about the new moves we have seen in the trailer…

    1. It’s either this or starter evos in my eyes. No way those leaks are real, how would anyone get a hold of them this early before their release??

  2. Anyone else think we may be learning the power of the stones?… It’s coinciding with the battle between Ash and Alain….

    1. I honestly think you might be on to something perfect for a showcase in Coro coro

      1. I hope this will be are Evolution time hopes
        Starter evos.
        Something of Pikipek
        Yungoos Evo.
        Two Pokemon

      2. yeah but how long after the x&y starters were revealed did we get the evoltions of them?

          1. Oh I couldn’t tell that from serebii but that’s good for a Dragon to last that long against a Slurpuff!

    1. Whining doesnt really convince them to release info early so gonna have to buck up and wait for the 1st

        1. Some people would say the same about ya incessant comments about needing more info, haha
          Go do somin to take your mind off it, draw, watch movies, read etc, makes the time go faster

          1. Aw man that really sucks! Gotta get that dolla, just think of all the cool stuff ya can buy when you save up I guess!

          2. Bitch I have a jar filled with tip money, like around 50ish bucks, my Moon copy off Amazon was paid for in a old gift card I never used so my entire Sun and Moon games will only cost 4 bucks of my actual money, also that big jar of quarters has 116$ in there so all I have to do is earn maybe 10-20 dollars in tips and I can splurge for the book

  3. Just ran into a shiny Taillow and caught it last night, was aiming for something else, but still happy with it~

  4. I dont exactly know what Ash-Greninja is. But it has so much fecking raw power, its unbelievable.

  5. Avatar change was needed, in celebration of the greatest Pokémon that has ever lived.

          1. Protean has never been shown in the anime, and I never saw it in the games either. What you on about?

  6. We new this already…….Did we not know this already? Oh well I’m still excited!! Hopefully we get more info on the actual region rather than just another video featuring 7 new Pokemon,,,,,,which isn’t a bad thing either!!! lol

    1. We knew this already but I think this is just a speculation article while we wait for the announcement.

  7. I honestly don’t think we’ll get starter evos any time soon. If I recall correctly we never got the first stage evolutions until about a month before release. Obviously they can change things up, but I don’t see that being likely as I think the focus will shift to features and the game itself first.

    1. Same here. I think we’ll be getting some of the info that’ll be released in CoroCoro, which would be about the other islands. Hopefully more about the characters & story (including the evil team and gym leaders)

    2. Same, plus I have a feeling we’ve already seen the final evos in that super believable leak a little while ago and theyre just going to downplay it until the game actually releases.

  8. So what does everyone think the starters first stage will be/look like
    Rowlet getting slightly taller and thinner, tree branch eyebrows, longer wingspan and sharper talons
    Litten getting a bit more athletic build, a series of glowing red stripes that burn with heat, and a strip of fire running down the spine, bipedal because it’s going to happen
    And Popplio getting longer flippers that have flat fingers, a long tail fin, some baubles on his ruffle and eye markings similar to a clown and his head will start pointing at the crown like a jester cap

  9. Taking all bets for Evil Team Theme
    I’m going for Religious Kooks who enforce their beliefs onto others for new world order

    1. I personally wouldn’t be opposed to the idea, but I think that may be a little too similar to some real life events going on, and that would lead to some unwanted negative rep.

    2. A team that is focusing on controlling the celestial bodies to rule the would by either effecting Tides or Heat and light

    3. I think a team of old rich white people trying to turn the Alola region into a giant tourist trap/their own personal private islands might be interesting.

      1. It would make less sense knowing your characters just moved but Maybe that could relate!

          1. Even if you were touring, what would be wrong with being roped into and then discovering their evil plan, behooving you to stop it?

    4. I’d say , some old fanatics that want to sacrifice pokemon on a pedestal to awaken a certain legendary ( maybe a proper space pokemon unlike deoxys) so they start to capture and steal pokemon while they prepare for the final and ultimate sacrifice on the actual pedestal atop the pyramid ( the one on an island in the map) . Your job is basically to stop this nonsense before some species of pokemon go extinct ( explaining rockruff’s and the starter secret as being one of the last of their respective species) .

  10. What if:
    July 1st – MeleMele guardian and Pokemon
    August 1st – 2nd island guardian and Pokemon
    September 1st – 3rd island guardian and Pokemon
    October 1st – 4th island guardian and Pokemon
    November 1st – starter evos

    1. I want starter evo’s sooner…but you’re probably right.
      The anticipation over whether Popplio will be anything like the Entermaid concept art is building…it’s just perfection. #pleasebereal

  11. It’s obvious we’re just going to get news updates every first week of the month. I just want to see more of the actual Alola Region and the return of Mega Evolution. Anyways, here’s a few screenshots that Pokemon of Japan released. Nothing new, but it’s interesting to see.

    1. I can’t wait to see the Center’s interior. I want to see that feature that resembled a cafe in the original concept arts.

  12. Hey I thought why not say what Pokemon ideas I would like in Gen.7:

    Opossum- (Normal/Dark) For being a Nocturnal animal I thought making a Devious creature with Dark but being a normal rodent creature would be a good mix!

    Snow Leopard- (Ice/???) This is long over due for needing to exist for its a Graceful and powerful cat

    Pangolin- (Rock) I feel that a rock type like this could become a high defense for teams to use reasonably almost like Shuckle!

    Wombat- (Normal) I feel it could have Bidoof like feel to it being a small bear like spiecies!

    Wallaby- (Grass) I feel that because they have much more vivid colors than a kangaroo I put it as a Grass type to show bright colors!

    Cockatoo-(Normal/Flying) being it is a cousin of the parrot I feel it could be a stronger like creature kind of a Chatot of the region

    Platypus-(Water/Poison or Water) This is the one I WANT NOW!!!! A unique speicies that could serve as a good Pokemon to live in a region made up of water I feel it is a perfect Canidate for a Pokemon!!!!

    1. We talked about Platypus and Snow Leapard Pokemon. For the Platypus, Males should be Water/Poison and Females should just be Water.

      1. That would be real cool and even for Snow leopard if it won’t be Litten evo. I think it would be pretty cool for a Pokemon to live in those mountains mabey that would be fun

        South Island leak- reveal Ice type to live mountains

        West most- a Rugged Pokemon to live their

        East of Melemele- a Fire type to live in Volcano!

        1. I don’t think bloodhounds are very hot blooded, they are usually very calm.

          1. True yet it might be cool for it too be Fire, Ice, Water, or Ground type they would be cool!

          2. Water and ice are a little out there. But not unheard of in the world of pokemon ( zebstrika for instance). I’d prefer ground or even psychic!

          1. I think it could be
            Ground- showing the dirt sniffing
            Fire- Blood hot fire
            Ice or water- to make it unique

    2. Isn’t Sandslash a pangolin?

      Anyway, I really want a blue dragon sea slug. Water/Dragon perhaps? (refresh for image)

      1. That would be AWESOME!!! I like most animal ideas this would make good for Alola and I don’t know about Sandslash I’m not sure..

      2. O.M.G I’ve never wanted a pokemon design soo badly !! And to think all i wanted from that generation was a proper giraffe pokemon ( pulling that off with a nice design would be tough).

      3. they could make it water/flying or water/dragon with marvel scale and levitate respectively!

    3. Arctic wolf – ice
      Tiki – grass/fire
      Bipedal Rabbit – grass/fighting
      Narwhal – water/fairy

      1. Those would be neat yet That would cool if Snow Leopard and Artic Wolf were enemies in the mountains!

      2. I would like a Water/Electric Narwhal where the tusk resembles a lightning rod. Especially if one of the island guardians turns out to be Water/Fairy as predicted.

        1. It’s like a unicorn whale, so I think water fairy would be cool. A water electric would be cool as well. What about water ice where the tusk is ice?

    4. I want
      Ground/Fighting Pig/Warthog/Gorrilla
      Normal/Fighting kangaroo: Dojoey and Kickaroo
      Rock/Psychic Living cluster of asteroids: Astrorbit
      I had this idea for a Fire/Steel Female Only a Species that is a literal Bombshell
      And lastly some kind of bizarre hyper chimera that is just has too many features to list

    5. I need a new ice type… Something like an otter (I know we had Oshawott) but otters and bears are my favorites. Plus we had Vulpix and Fennekin so….

      A flamingo (fairy/flying)

      a totem pole that is ground type (maybe it’s a type of Rotom depending on what totems you have on it)

      a Dark/Ice type anything besides Weavile (although I love my Weavile). Maybe a Killer Whale

      A Fighting Donkey

      A Grass/Psychic Leemur

      an Ice Fox

      a Peacock that is a fairy type

      a Normal Moose…..

  13. What past characters would you most like to see in Alola? I think the ones that make the most sense are Phoebe, Scott (Floral shirt + #BattleFrontierConfirmed), and maybe the Riches (moved away from Undella to Alola perhaps?)

    1. I would love to battle Cynthia again, maybe she has a beach house in Alola as well as Unova(that sort of rhymed lol)

    2. Lance, Silver (rival of Gold and Silver), Scott, Bugsy, Shauntal, Marshal, Alder, Cynthia, Volkner, Crasher Wake, Clemont, Bonnie,Phiobie, and Blue

    3. Other than Blue, I would like to see a minor character be a gym leader or something. Like maybe one of the winstons from Hoenn, maybe Eusine, or if we go back to Kalos, maybe have Bonnie replace Clemont or something.

    4. Let me check… *lifts up sleeve* *tattoo reads “Revenge List”*
      Hmmmmm honestly nobody’s calling out to me

  14. In january 2013 were the starters of x&y released, when did they release the first evolutions for them? That might tell us how the big the chance is of getting the evolutions of sun&moon in August..

    1. September 2013, a month before X/Y’s release [Note: It was in the October 2013 issue of CoroCoro]

    1. Loved it! The animation for this season is so good! None of that blatant stock footage for every move!

  15. hopefully we’ll see a dragon , water , steel , poison , flying , ground or fire pokemon , and one or two gym leaders and villain . However , if we don’t get our first look at the gym leaders this month ( august 1st or corocoro ) it’d be fair to assume that the leak that stated the absence of gyms and a league is true ( please be true ) i can’t seem to find that rumour anymore so if anyone does , please share the link !

    1. I hope A gym or two the southern most island as promised new Pokemon and mabey a hint to a evolution of any of them

  16. Don’t call me a perv but a had a very unique idea for a Fakemon
    This is a female only species, it has a metallic grey black red humanoid build with a semi-large spherical head with fiery hair and eyebrows, yellow eyes with red irises but no visible mouth, it’s arms and legs consist of 2 black spheres and a cone at the end each resembling bombs and a missile,
    It is Fire/Steel and it is a living bombshell
    “it absorbs heat and stores it in its body for energy, when threatened or agitated it releases its stored heat in the form of an explosion”
    Maybe Blastella or Bombella or Kabeauty

      1. I don’t know if I’ll give it a prevo but I’m trying to find the perfect combination of beauty and armed explosives

          1. Ehh I see that but thing is like the polar opposite
            Gardevoir is calm, caring and sacrificing
            While this thing is hot headed, has a sense of vanity and carrying enough C4 to level a mountain if angered enough

          2. Ehh I just don’t know where to start from
            Maybe some hot tempered young girl that is liable to explode

    1. So like pokemon altair fire starter
      Its a bomb and fire steel but its not female only though

      1. That one is far too obvious
        It’s supposed to be an anthropomorphic bomb playing with the double entendres for bombshell

        1. And if I hear one mention of a furry
          Anthropomorphic just means it has human qualities not solely animals

    1. YES me too ! it was so unexpected and thus even more breathtaking then the regular announcements

      1. Hats kind of why I’m okay with seeing this before the games since I’m still discovering them… Just not in the game!

    2. This time I’ll be around for them
      I was so consumed with Explorers of Sky to check in

    3. Honestly, I doubt it. It’s because one of the Pokemon sites leaked the information rather early. Tbh, I’m tired of information leaking early. It’s not fun.

  17. I really do hope the massive amount of people playing Pokemon GO enter back into the series with S/M. S/M will be great entry point to revitalise support for the series. Mainline Pokemon games have never sold poorly; but I think S/M will surpass X/Y’s 14 million games sold! Buying a 2DS isn’t expensive! I would love to see the people start playing actual games.

    1. I agree completely. Revitalizing the popularity of the series would be great to see. Also I saw a new 2ds with MK7 for 60 dollars at GameStop. It’s so cheap that anyone who wants to play it easily can.

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