Amazon Listing Reveals New Sun & Moon Screenshots

A Japanese product listing has revealed new screenshots of the upcoming 3DS games Pokémon Sun & Moon. It gives a very clear look at the outside of a Pokémon Center, crossing a road and also a dirt path. They may have been part of earlier trailers but offer very good image quality.

Wonder if we’ll learn more this Monday…

<3 PJ

  1. Interesting Screenshots, but that there isn’t that much. It’s cool though region still looks amazing.

    1. I think that car is parked there, if I remember from one of the trailers
      oh, and long time no see 🙂

  2. Sorry I know this is very irrelevant, but I really was interested to see everyone’s answers on AskPokejungle:
    1. Why do you still play pokemon to this day?
    2. Have you ever been TRULY disappointed in a pokemon title (such as once you 3. finished playing it you decided you won’t play it again)? what was it and why?
    3. What is/are a pokemon that many people don’t know you really like?
    4. What’s something you would be glad never returned in future pokemon games?
    5. Whats a very random yet memorable moment you have in pokemon?
    6. Whats your favorite pokemon from your least favorite type and why?

    @Mods Why do you continue to be one of the leaders of this site?
    @Mods What hardships on the site have you overtime to stay modding here?

    1. 1. I still play it cause it’s fun lmao.
      2. ORAS disappoints me so much. Very underwhelming and feels like it lacks heart.
      3. I adore Druddigon. Everyone calls it a childish dragon but I love it 🙁
      4. Tbh, megas. I don’t like how they’ve changed the way competitive works. Too many threats to worry about for my taste. Although there are some normal Pokemon that are just as “broken.”
      5. Somehow beating the rematch E4 teams in Black with an incredibly underleveled team. It was great.
      6. Lapras. Even though Ice is a pretty ass type, I love Lapras’s design. Simple as that.

      1. Preach it, I love druddigon It’s definitely soooo cool to me. Top 5 dragon type IMO

    2. Reposting from the other thread!

      1. I don’t right now. I’m just waiting for Gen 7 to breed again because there will likely be a new “pentagon” symbol to denote Gen 7-ness.
      2. FRLG disappointed me. I didn’t finish it.
      3. Toxicroak
      4. Game Center, Voltorb Flip
      5. Competitive wise, my extreme come from behind victory in the doubles battle Maison (frozen Togekiss and dying Typhlosion vs +2 Calm Minds Latios and Thundurus, Togekiss had a clutch thaw and with a Dazzling Gleam crit Latios to death and defeated Thundurus). Story wise, it’s going into space with Rayquaza.
      6. Masquerain. It has an amazing design along with Intimidate, if only it was Bug/Water.

          1. Ah O.K Thanks for clearing that up. 😀

            Yeah myself I actually desperately want them to do a remake of the Yellow version in the new Sun and Moon graphics. 😀

          2. I’d rather have Diamond/Pearl remakes before we return to Kanto. I’m kind of sick of it honestly.

          3. They’d have to fix Kanto though, rather than just copy the map layout and barebones story like in FRLG. Yeah, Black and White 1-2 made me spoiled for a story, but I want a decent one at least.

    3. 1. It’s addicting. I also like creating a team.
      2. Yes. X/Y. Due to a lack of postgame and the fact it was pathetically easy. This isn’t the case with ORAS because of my nostalgic bias for Gen 3 but it would be otherwise.
      3. Roserade. I like even though I’ve never used it.
      4. Exp. Share as it was in Generation 6.
      5. I don’t really have anything memorable that is random. The one thing I remember most vividly from pokemon is the route before Lilycove and Mt Pyre.
      6. Bug. I like Vikavolt, because it looks cool. Yep.

      This will probably be a formatting mess.

    4. 1. best RPG video game series
      2. Gates to Infinity was a horrendous experience, ORAS wasn’t a complete disappointment but it was just so boring and felt very old compared to Kalos and Unova.
      3. Togekiss
      4. buildings that all face in one direction – its just unnatural in 3D
      5. Stealing Flags in Platinum in order to catch a Spiritomb in Platinum – it was the oddest requirement Ive ever had to fulfill to catch a Pokemon
      6. Dragalge, because even though he’s a poison type, at least he’s also a Dragon

        1. Obviously, but it has a strong claim considering its the most successful RPG series of all time

          1. imo the one thing that keeps Pokemon from being a top tier RPG is the lack of any story.

            B/W has that but it only really stands out because of the other generic stories the series has.

          2. Well Final Fantasy is its only real other competition, and even though theyre stories are pretty good they’ve had their issues over the years.

    5. 1. Because I love the concept of capturing, collecting, trading and battling creatures and adventuring into a new world. It is one of the best RPG series ever and I’ve played since I was 4.
      2. Probably X and Y. Well, not really REALLY dissapointed. In fact, I played it again (even though I didn’t really enjoy it a second time either). It felt empty, and way too easy.
      4. Skarmory
      5. XD Well, story time. When I started with pokemon video games (with Pokemon blue on the gameboy), it was brought by my cousin’s cousin from the other side of his family who was 24 already (we are all really close and my cousin is actually my best friend since we were kids). Anyway, so we played the game since we only collected cards and couldn’t find a working gameboy anywhere. So, when we both played, we were stuck at Saffron city because we couldn’t get in due to the thirsty security guard. And we had NO CLUE what to do. So until we learned how to use the internet (lol we were 5) we were stuck and our Pokemon were at level 80 by then XD..
      6. Snorlax (least favorite typing is Normal) and this is because I like his concept, simple design, and diversity when battling…

    6. 1. I don’t know, I just really like it, a lot
      2. For some reason I didn’t like gen 3, RSE wasn’t really my thing
      3. Empoleon
      4. This may come as a shock to many, but never liked that Pokemon walking around you feature, wish there was an off function
      5. While playing FRLG I thought those were nothing but remakes of gen 1, I didn’t know there were new features. That moment when I was given pass for Sevii islands, and going to that whole new part of the game was one of the best surprises for me in any Pokemon game.
      6. I’m not sure I have a least fave type, but if I would really have to choose I would probably choose Normal, and my fave would be Mega Pidgeot cuz it gave an original bird a new shine. If megas are out than Staraptor. Loved using it in Platinum and pressing Close Combat

    7. I’ll answer again

      Because it is my Favorite Game it holds cute little creatures an interesting story and good plot line!

      Gen.6 I only play it to say I completed the pokedex that I still need to fill but I think it brought to many Pokemon back in clumps of areas, way to few Pokemon to hold interest, WAAAAAYY to easy, they replaced pal park and such with a downloadable piece of garbage that made it too easy to transfer, Competitive tournaments are swarmed with Legendaries and too predictable teams, I hated the Kalos rivals except Trevor for some reason!

      Weavile not many people get and its my favorite!

      Another Proffesor who is obsessed with something like Mega Evolution Kukui doesn’t count he studies moves not those things exactly

      I was 7 and caught a Pikachu in Diamond asked my Grandma how to spell Mouse and she wasn’t listening and I heard Muse and that is its name to this day

      Poison and Scourpi because it’s so cute and another story my first win ever in elite 4 I had a Lv. 26 Scourpi on my team

    8. 1: Been playing hardcore all week prepping my fire mono, and NU team
      2: ORAS
      3: Hmmmmm Hypno?
      4: I gotta say Megas they’re really causing me problems lately alongside legends
      5: My very first Shiny a Marowak from Victory Road FR
      6: Begrudgingly I have to say Slurpuff, when that little dipshit came out I didn’t totally hate it, and not for nothing I have won quite a few bottles with my patented dual tank set

    9. I play because I’ve played for years and it gives me something to do, and it’s honestly it allows me to escape from my problems in real life, as silly as that sounds.

      I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever been truly dissapointed in a title, but XY was a large let down for me, though it had quite a few strong points.

      My love for Shedinja has never been very vocal.

      I like most features, but the real issue is that they add cool features and then remove them for no good reason.

      My brother came to me screaming that he found something weird in HGSS. Sure enough it was a shiny swinub, but at the time I thought it was a glitch so I immeadiatly shut down the DS.

      I’d have to say either Rhydon or Kabutops.

    10. 1. It’s both the game and the anime that I never stopped loving, I get Nostalgia and such but it’s the newer generations that excite me more and the great spin-offs, like ranger, mystery dungeon and Conquest, I can’t wait to see what we get next.

      2. Not quite truly disappointed as such, but Gates to infinity started to bore with the simplified gameplay and was far too easy. An legendary right from the start? Bleh.

      3. Dustox, I’ve always found it really charming and cool, but I never really speak about it. 😛

      4. One use TMs, that’s always bothered me, especially with Pokemon with limited or underwhelming move sets. So glad it changed.

      5. Running about in glittering cave for ages, half paying attention and bored, looking for a solosis that took ages to find, when I accidentally ran under a Woobat shadow that I was trying to avoid doing obviously, just as soon as I was about to hit escape, I realised that I heard a sparkle and there was was first ever shiny Pokemon! I was so happy, called him Miracle. 😀

      And another would be finding my (kinda) first shiny in the HGSS battle frontier, that was so evil, wish I’d had that shiny octillary instead, totally raged for a while.

      Hmm, I can’t really say I dislike a type, but I never tend to use poison or ice, so maybe Dragalge or Regice.

    11. 1. I love playing Pokemon since my childhood. It’s a wonderful RPG.
      2. None of the main series titles have disappointed me.
      3. Whelp. Everyone knows I love Gible.
      4. Walking with Pokemon.
      5. Beat Brock with just Embers from my Charmander.
      6. Porygon-Z, I really dislike Normal Types.

    12. 1. It’s fun + nostalgic.
      2. Never.
      3. Top 3 Pokemon: Milotic/Lilligant/Vespiquen (most people only know gen 1 and gen 2.
      4. IV’s
      5. Finding my first Feebas and evolving it into a Milotic!
      6. My least favorite type is steel. Scizor. It is sleek and sleathy — not clunky and ugly.

  3. I just can’t wait for this game <3
    Sure, this isn't new stuff, but it just makes me excited 😀

    1. IKR… Hopefully we get the game we’ve been waiting for and not another X and Y :/

  4. Those screenshots are all old except the one with Pikipek and Pikachu. They came out when the RotomDex and Melemele Island were revealed.

  5. So I’m scouring the interwebs more on our Starter Evolutions Bowinowl, Heatigre and I honestly can’t think of a good name maybe Sisearen

      1. It’s way better than that shitty nonsense Panster
        You come up with a better name

        1. I am not good in naming’s not Panster it”s Panthster an it sound good to me .

          I can come up with Poiliger though.

  6. Evolution prediction: My prediction is on Mudsdale, it’s pre-Evolution will be based on a little horse a ground type, but it’s evolution on the other hand would be either a centaur a ground/fighting type,a Trojan a ground/Steel type a Trojan horse a ground/grass type or just a bigger horse keeps his original type.

    1. Hmmmmm you might be very wrong, Mudsdale seems to be at the apex of its lifetime
      But I really truly hope it gets a prevo

    2. mudsdale is pretty much the gogoat of this gen’s, so I’m thinking of only a prevo. Mudsdale seems to be already strong enough right?

  7. that first screenshot just proves how massive this game is going to be, I mean look at how huge this city looks and thats only a small spot on the map of the smallest of the four islands

      1. Me thinks you need glasses, my friend. LOL Its massive, there only showing you a small part. 🙂

        1. It looks like their is a road going to a route but I could wrong and I’m talking about this pic

          1. You’re kinda right. It’s small because in actuality it’s just like 6 buildings on one side of the road and that’s the whole city part of the town, but it’s big because scale-wise everything just looks bigger

  8. Has no one noticed that the Chinese rumor says set up A Gym so maybe gyms exist but your a gym leader!

    1. If this is true…
      Rotomdex could inform us when an NPC beat our gym so we could go and challenge them to take it back
      Imagine online capabilities of stealing your friends’ gyms like how you could capture their bases in ORAS

      Holy shit I want this

      1. That could be cool yet I think we should make our own badges too I would love to make a badge with a Popplio theme

  9. Question time! What Pokemon would you like to get a Pre-Evolution or Evolution for me Kangaskahn and Chatot!

    Kangaskahn cause it hatches with a baby so pre-Evo me
    Chatot the word tot is used for small, young, baby like give it an Evolution to make it useful!

    1. I want a Chatot evo too! But Id settle for another parrot pokemon, or a macaw or some tropical bird.
      Dunsparce could use an evo too :/

      1. True but still the Chatot line looks incomplete it looks like something that would evolve but doesn’t

        Same type of stuff goes with for Evos and for Pre evos
        Kangaskahn, Girafarig, Keckleon, Dunsparce, Farfetched, Tropius, Qwilfish, Skarmory, Stantler, Torkoal, Spinda, Relicanth, Carnivine, Sigilyph, Cryogonal, Heatmor, Durant, Carbink, and Furfrou
        Deserve Pre-Evo or Evo!

        1. Nah fam, you just named standalone pokemon.
          That’s not a good enough reason. Some pokemon are just standalone. Deal with it B^|

          1. Some of them need it though especially most of these are not competitive or good like Farfetched

            Chatot, Girafarig, and Carbink

          2. I take some back I think only these should

            Kangaskahn(pre), Girafarig(Both), Heatmor(Pre), Durant(Evo) to balance out as opposites, Carbink(Evo), Farfetched(Evo), Skarmory (Pre)

        2. yeah idk.. imo they ruined electrabuzz, magmar, lickitung, rhydon, tangela etc with their evo…


    2. It would be nice if Hawlucha got an evo or pre evo and Heliolisk looks like it could evolve further.

      1. Has a Pokemon that was obtained using a stone (in this case, a thunderstone) ever evolved further though?

        1. Never and don’t just shove a branched Evolution not EVERYTHING has to evolve

          1. My bad! Kalos ‘mons didn’t really make an impact on me, so I have trouble remembering the smaller details like that. But my point still stands.

      1. I never wanted Scyther to evolve into Scizor. They should’ve been stand alone to rival Pinsir and Heracross.

      2. Although I really like Scizor, it was just a gimmick evolution to promote the new steel type at the time and the use of trade items.

  10. I hope they improve lighting dynamics in Sun/Moon. I appreciate the small details like these. In ORAS, when you walk out of a Pokemon Center you see the light from inside reflect off the ground outside. Most people don’t notice these details, but they make the game seem more alive.

    1. I feel like they will. They talked about improving the light engine at E3.

      1. Yeah didnt they say they used a different graphics engine for S&M? One to make everything blend smoother

  11. Body fading, need caffeinated News, so honestly is there any word on the Starter Evo pics
    I just have horrible gut feelings that they might be very real

    But at least Litten looks like a bruiser and my Brother who now likes Rowlet (and coincidentally is also a bowslinger) would like the Archowl

    1. As of yet there has been no confirmation one way or the other as to whether the Chinese leaks are real or fake. As time goes on it does seem to look like they may be real (at least in part) typically real fakes get discredited almost immediately. I think my only fear is that Litten will become a fighting type Pokemon. The leaks that came with the pics never gave a typing as far as I know so it might not be dark type like many have wished…..wish could be very unfortunate….lol

  12. Ok I have a theory based on all we know and what we think we know (Chinese leaks): What if in the main campaign of the game the island trials are our bosses as opposed to the typical gym leaders. They would essentially fill the same role, but would be different as they’re be more ritualistic ( sort of like the battle with Hau) rather than part of an organization. As we go through the story the league elements start to pop up around the region. People could see us taking the trials and get the idea to start gyms. Maybe there’s even representatives we meet along the way that are from other regions trying to start up a fully formed league in Alola. Then by the time we get to the end of the main story a formal league has been put into place. That would make the gym leaders in a way a post game thing. I honestly think the leaks are a bit misleading. I don’t think they mean we as the main character are building a league, but more so that as the story goes on we essentially inspire a league to happen. I’m sure there would have to be a story element as a whole organization wouldn’t be centered around a child lol I think it would be a breath of fresh air and still keep the gym element that everyone apparently doesn’t want to let go of lol

    1. That would be sweet! That would insure some post game to! I really like this idea XD

      1. It also give credence as to why the Alola region doesn’t seem to have any stand out gyms on the map. Which if there ARE gyms it’d be odd as the map is so detailed.

  13. I’ve thought about ways to limit Mega Evolution in S/M or future Pokemon Games. Maybe, Mega Evolution could be limited by 5 to 7 turns of Battle. S/M is rumoured to have a gauge mechanic, so Megas might be dependent on it. The guage would decrease every turn your Mega Evolved, when you switch out you retain your turn. Would the Mega-haters like this?
    Also, after reading Meancing’s post, why do a lot of people feel disappointed with OR/AS & X/Y?

    1. I loved ORAS, its a remake and expands slightly upon the original, I think a lot of people dislike oras because in reality they were more emerald fans and were holding out hope that the battle place in emerald would return or something, tbh I never played emerald but loved R/S and loved ORAS even more, I never understood the disappointment either as there is really nothing to be disappointed by

      1. Even without the inclusion of the battle frontier Oras was very light on content. Even compares to previous remakes. Delta episode was cool but there were not any new areas to explore like the sevi islands from frlg.

    2. It falls into the same trap that XY fell into. Too easy, no post game. I feel like they made it rushed, and it doesn’t live up to the previous remake. Beside that, even though it remakes RS, I feel like emerald is the optimal way to play, even though it was made way before ORAS.

      1. Unfortunately GameFreak were trying to a make a game for the “casual gamer” and not Pokemon fans with X/Y and ORAS :/

        1. Hopefully now that the “casual gamers” had their gen, GF can make a better game with SM.

    3. My main issue with X & Ywas that they were too damn easy, storyline was meh, boring characters, boring region & no post game thank God for competative battling that’s the only thing that keep me playing. As for ORAS too easy & no Battle Frontier :/.

        1. I understand that. But I hate how developers these days think Gamers are stupid and won’t enjoy challenging games.

          1. We say that, but today’s kids are dumb, lazy and can’t think for themselves without constant hand holding

          2. Yep that’s true. I think it’s because they have too much stuff to do. When a game is too hard they will just put it down and go do something else.

          3. If you can get them to play an actual video game
            All the snot noses are all tied up with mobile games, Disgusting

          4. Which is why I hope Pokemon GO is the game for them, and we can continue to enjoy the main games with lots of depth and difficulty.

          5. I love my brother, but he is a living reminder of why Pokemon games are too easy these days.

          6. Mines just a cynical asshole who rants and raves on EVERYTHING and the other one has the personality of a dried fart

          7. I agree with you, but not all kids are like that 🙂 My little cousin (10) enjoys harder video games to test her skills and always begs me (her high schooler aged cousin) to let her play the harder games that I play because she hates easy.

          8. I certainly won’t enjoy it if it becomes too easy. The dumbing down of the games might work in getting kids to buy the game but it makes the game less fun.

          9. I agree. Pokemon Black and White were going in the right direction, then they blew it with X/Y :/

          10. It was like, finally Pokemon was stepping out of the box and delivering to us something brand new.

            And then we were given something completely different and not impressive

    4. I think a lot of people were dissatisfied with ORAS because they set their expectations to high.

    5. It is the level of difficulty and constant holding your hand mechanics in the game. X and Y felt empty and rushed. They didn’t seem complete, and post game was absolutely non existent.

      ORAS was better but still the easiest game in the world, and also seemed very rushed. I hope sun and moon are more like gen 5 in which they focus more on character development, story, and giving us a game full of life and depth rather than impressing young children that won’t even play Pokemon for more than a day.

    6. My personal reasons for being disappointed:
      X/Y: Loved it but,
      -Too few new pokemon, only one evolution/pre-evo of an old pokemon, and only one new ground type who happened to be the regional rodent’s evo

      -Tying into the other one, creators felt that mega evolutions were a suitable replacement to introducing new evos
      -Weak post game
      -Team Flare has the worst motivation since Gen 3 (Destroying the world to maintain its beauty)
      -Way too easy, level was in the 80s when I reached E4 w/o grinding
      -Waaaaaaaay too many old pokemon taking attention from the few new ones

      -Weak post game, weak post game, weak post game

      -First game I needed an HM Slave since Gen 4
      -First pokemon game I EVER felt like I had to power through, just felt like it dragged
      -Felt rushed, like it was just something to satisfy fans between XY and S/M
      -Had nothing to really set itself apart. It really was just R/S with Gen 6 graphics. As an example: Firered and Leafgreen extremely updated a dated Gen 1, HeartGold and Soulsilver had walking pokemon, pokeathlon and updated gen 2 mechanics, OR/AS had the primordial Pokemon Go AKA thelittle search function on your touch screen and Soaring which was fun, but wasn’t enough to warrant a remake. Gen 3 wasn’t that dated yet in my opinion.

      TL;DR, They were lacking

  14. So I have a fun little idea, I want to hear all the possible ways we can make a Pokemon nightmarishly difficult

    1. Oh I love this. Here we go:
      – Catching no longer gives exp
      – Bag has a potion limit of 5
      – Exp share is gone
      – Gym battles limit your Pokemon to the same amount of the leader
      – E4 are consecutive battles, no healing inbetween
      – No more scheduled rival battles. Make them surprises again
      – For the love of God, make Legendaries difficult to catch again.

          1. Actually, that’s something that I wouldn’t mind…. But not average trainers, just like gym leaders and E4 plus champion…

    2. -Any wild pokemon can flee from battle at any given time
      -pokemon don’t faint, they die
      -game over if you black out

    3. – gyms start at lv88 and add 1 for every subsequent gym.
      – E4 starts at lv96 and Champ is lv100
      – you can only use the same amount of pokemon a GL, E4, or Champ has
      – items are for forbidden, if used illegally, the item will yield a negative effect (eg full restore faints your pokemon)
      – you black out, you start over
      – you lose a battle, you black out, you start over
      – pokemon level caps at 85
      – there is no professor and your starters are at level 1 with toxic or wil-o-wisp
      – none of this info is given to you

      1. Oh and HMs are required and all obstacles have a level requirement Ex: this is a level 25 Tree so a level 25 Pokemon must know cut to use it

        1. This is a lvl 31 sea route, so a lvl 31 Pokemon must use surf.

          Oops your surfer leveled to 32, sorry you can’t use him anymore. *proceed to drown*

    4. -Fainted Pokemon can’t use HMs

      -If the surfing Pokemon faints while you are surfing on it, you are reset back to where you started the surf.

      -Exp Share removed

      -Gym Leaders and E4 have full teams of 6.

      -NPCs use competitive movesets

      -Smart AI

  15. Can anyone spare a level 30-40 Lombre and a Level 30-40 Metang? (That you are the OT for so you can nickname them)

  16. Been playing Soul Silver and dang, didn’t realize how touch the early game could be. Had to fight Silver 4 times before I beat him. That god dang Bayleef makes everything difficult. Bugsy also gave me some trouble. All worth it though because I randomly found a shiny weedle afterwards!

    1. Nice! Yeah, Chikorita is probably the most difficult starter to use in any main game.

  17. So I thought of an evolution for Litten while at work…

    Calculit. (Cal-Q-Litt)

    Origin: Calculate + Lit, while also being a play on words of the word “calculate.” It would look more tigerish with exaggerated and intimidating eyes, perhaps continuing to resemble glasses. Still a quadruped and would become Fire/Dark. I just was thinking about tigers while I was at the zoo yesterday and I always felt they could be described as “calculating.” Idk, just something random that I thought of.

    1. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t stab logic but wouldn’t something calculating be Psychic?

      1. No I think that’s a valid point and I thought about it. But calculating could probably be taken different ways and in this way I’d mean ruthless and cunning, which I think you could attribute to dark type.

        1. Ehhhhhh at later glance maybe
          I’m still holding out for Grass/Flying Fire/Ground and Water/Fighting

          1. Hmmmm if they gave Arcanine an real evolution then everyone would abuse Evolite and permanently make it bulky

          2. Not bad but my brain reads it as molt as in shedding
            Maybe OOOOOO ERUPTIGER

          3. That’s pretty cool. I thought of another.
            Intigma. Intimidating + Tiger + Magma, also sounds like Enigma, which could maybe be played on with dex description/characteristics.

          4. My naming skills aren’t what they used to be, I feel my names are painfully composite lately

          5. Well that’s okay. Some pokemon names are painfully simple anyway haha. -Glances at Seel and Electrode-
            And there are a lot of composite ones made of just two words.

    1. Get in line buster I’m the inpatient one round here
      I’m so tempted to buy Blue Rescue team or DK64 but I’m such a tightwad sometimes and I suffer from pre-buyers remorse

        1. Earthen needs starter evolutions so I fan finally and ultimately decide on somebody
          Also a shit ton of new Pokemon

  18. Just went to a zoo. I need a zoo tycoon Pokemon crossover please and thank you. Let me build a wonderful marsh habitat for woopers and mudkips! Donphan in the desert with maractus and a camel Pokemon! Please!

          1. Yeah right. Desert and Savannah are pretty close considering that’s just a biome I created. The zoo itself would probably be located in a grassland. Plus, It’s. A. Game.

      Zoo Tycoon is LITERALLY one of my favourite games! (Zoo Tycoon 2 > 1st one & the xbox one IMO) I would spend so much time on playing that crossover!

  19. After reading everyone’s complaints on X/Y/OR/AS; I seriously think GameFreak needs to strike a balance in difficultly and post game content. For starters; the games need a Easy, Normal, and Hard Mode. These modes will heighten/decrease the amount of Pokemon, Moves, AI Level, and EXP a trainer earns. B2/W2 had something similar to this, but GameFreak needs to capture that from other RPGs. Lastly, I do think every Pokemon Game should begin quests with obtaining legendaries; similar to Pokemon Ranger. This would expand the post game with numerous events to further the story. Here’s to hoping that S/M fixes all of our complaints.

    1. Literally what I’ve been saying for months. xD What I think would be cool as well would be a “Pokemon Master” mode, which would be unlocked by beating Hard mode.

  20. Speaking of anime, has anyone come up with what Greninja’s red shuriken/destructo disc thing might be?

    1. Well they’re saying that Greninja Absorbed the duplicates from Double Team (Which cannot be entirely possible) but then again similar to Dawn’s Piplup building up energy for a longer Peck so something like that

  21. Since time won’t go faster anyway, I’ll just continue my Mass Effect and Kingdom Hearts playthroughs I reckon!

  22. I just had a thought
    What about a Rock/Electric Brontosaurus since they’re called Thunder Lizards and with combination of their towering necks and the large horn atop their heads they attract lighting bolts

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