Gym Leader Showdown: Sinnoh

Greetings Junglers, Evan here! It’s time for the results of our Hoenn Gym Leader Showdown round and the winner is… Wallace with 20% of the votes, followed closely by Flannery with 18% of the total votes!

Hoenn - Wallace

Next up is the turn of the Sinnoh Gym Leaders, let us know who your favourite Gym Leader is and check back in a week for the reveal of the winner!

RoarkSinnoh - Roark

  • Gym Leader 1
  • Rock
  • Geodude, Onix and Cranidos
  • Oreburgh City
  • Coal Badg
  • Stealth Rock
  • Name: Rock and Ore
  • Trivia: Roark is the only Sinnoh Gym Leader who doesn’t have a fully evolved Pokémon on his team.

Sinnoh - Gardenia

  • Gym Leader 2
  • Grass
  • Cherubi, Turtwig and Roserade
  • Eterna Town
  • Forest Badge
  • Grass Knot
  • Name: Garden
  • Trivia: Gardenia is the only Gym Leader who uses a starter Pokémon that’s native to that region.

MayleneSinnoh - Maylene

  • Gym Leader 3 (4 in Platinum)
  • Fighting
  • Meditite, Machoke and Lucario
  • Veilstone City
  • Cobble Badge
  • Drain Punch
  • Name: Melee
  • Trivia: Maylene is the only Gym Leader in DP who can’t be seen outside of her Gym.

Sinnoh - Crasher Wake

Crasher Wake

  • Gym Leader 4 (5 in Platinum)
  • Water
  • Gyarados, Quagsire and Floatzel.
  • Pastoria City
  • Fen Badge
  • Brine
  • Name: Crashing wave
  • Trivia: Crasher Wake is the only Gym Leader whose real name isn’t known.

FantinaSinnoh - Fantina

  • Gym Leader 5 (3 in Platinum)
  • Ghost
  • Drifblim, Gengar and Mismagius
  • Hearthome City
  • Relic Badge
  • Shadow Claw
  • Name: Phantom
  • Trivia: Fantina’s dress is based on a Drifblim, but she doesn’t use one during her Gym battle in Platinum.

ByronSinnoh - Byron

  • Gym Leader 6
  • Steel
  • Bronzor, Steelix and Bastiodon
  • Canalave City
  • Mine Badge
  • Flash Cannon
  • Name: Iron
  • Trivia: Byron and his son both use a native fossil Pokémon and a member of the Onix line during their battle.

CandiceSinnoh - Candice

  • Gym Leader 7
  • Ice
  • Snover, Medicham, Sneasel and Abomasnow
  • Snowpoint City
  • Icicle Badge
  • Avalanche
  • Name: Candida (Latin for shining white) and ice
  • Trivia: All of Candice’s Pokémon have gender differences.

VolknerSinnoh - Volkner

  • Gym Leader 8
  • Electric
  • Raichu, Ambipom, Octillery and Luxray
  • Sunyshore City
  • Beacon Badge
  • Charge Beam
  • Name: Volt
  • Trivia: Volkner is the only Sinnoh Gym Leader who only uses single-type Pokémon.

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  1. Sinnoh is such a forgettable region tbh, its the only region where I see all the gym leaders and think, why do I not remember any of these people (and I just played through it fully a few months ago) love the games, but still d/p are probs least loved by me

    1. That’s strange. The gym leaders are pretty decent. The region is alright too. Not the most fun but not the worst. Overall better than Kanto, Johto, and Kalos, imo.

      1. Johto is my fav, and yeah I understand peoples complaints about XY it was kinda lacklustre in terms of gameplay, but tbh I would still rate it over D/P and its incredibly slow battles and boringness of it all. Different strokes for different blokes I guess

        1. The Johto region is just bland, imo, but perhaps in a similar way to Sinnoh. Johto only has about two good locations and that’s Goldenrod and Ecruteak. The games are super fun of course but the story is pretty damn bad too…neo team rocket was lamer than team flare. Team Galactic however is great though, despite the region.

          1. yeah sorry, guess we just like different things, I wasn’t too impressed with team galactic either. Team flare had a lot of potential but Lysander kinda killed it for me with his stupid motives to wipe out all life in the poke world. I would have liked them better if they were just basically rude fashion police or something, instead of trying to be the biggest threat to the world of all the teams. Also all of Johtos locations are pretty amazing imo, the whirl islands, tohjo falls, violet city, the ruins of Alph, Blackthorn, etc. And the story, I mean, lets be real in the older pokemon games they focused on gameplay so I don’t really complain about the story, not that I felt like there was any more story in D/P. Really the only games that I felt had a story where the Unova and Hoenn games.

        2. I loved Sinnoh because of the team-building aspects. There were so many strong new pokemon to pick from to be on your team. All the pokemon evolutions from older gens coupled with the region’s cool new pokemon really made me excited to build a team with some really cool, unique pokemon. Also, the battles weren’t super easy, so you had to train your team up a bit to beat gyms

    2. They have more personality than XY gym leaders ever did, but yeah they are a bit easy to forget.

      1. I disagree, although I often forget about almost all of them, Valerie and Olympia were amazing and Valerie is probably my favourite gym leader of all time

    3. I don’t remember BW and XY Gym Leaders either. I know Gen 1-3 Gym Leaders like the back of my hand.

      I know gen 4 gym leaders as well, but always forget Crasher Wake and Fantina for some reason.


  3. Durning my barrage of competitive battles I notice how often Archeops shows up (NU) then it got me thinking about its signature ability Defeatist, an ass of an ability that keeps its power in check, and with that thought a new one was born.
    what if there is a brand new Mirror Pokemon that has an ability or attack that completely reverses the effects of Abilities. like Defeatist would increase power when below health, Iron fist reduces the damage of Punching Moves, Water & Volt Absorb would do even more damage from water and electric
    So many ways this could literally turn things around
    I’m thinking along the lines of Steel/Ghost cracked mirror with a eerie face in the shimmer Recursive

      1. This one would just focus on (lord knows why of all people would promote this) disrupting strategies and walling
        If I was crazy enough I would give it Prankster but then it might be too op because it might get mean look, the reverse ability attack and as a steel type they might get Magnet rise

    1. Truant allows Slaking to attack twice in one turn.
      Regigigas gets double attack and speed for the first five turns.

      1. Exactly I specifically thought of it because you could reverse Defeatist to Elitist increasing damage either above 50% or below
        But then it would take some thinking if it does it word by word

  4. Finally, my favorite region! I loved Sinnoh because many of the gym leaders actually had a role outside the gym, and I loved that extra dynamic. Roark introducing the Sinnoh Underground, Fantina participating contests, Crasher Wake acting when the Galactic Bomb detonates, Byron on Iron Island, Candice allowing entrance into the Snowpoint Temple, Volkner’s depression quest. Sinnoh truly made the gym leaders important to the region’s function.

      1. Yeah, just remind me what you wanted. I don’t have the list I made with me right now.

          1. I don’t have the Lilligant anymore, sorry. I’ve got an updated image on the forums if you’d like to check that.

          2. I’m glad you do! I couldn’t stand it! I really wish we could rename traded Pokemon.

  5. Fantina’s my favorite out of this bunch! 🙂
    I must say, however, that none of them [design-wise] stand out too much for me. They are all memorable though, as well as the region and pokemon overall.

  6. I really love how the later gyms and E4 branch off of their type. It gives the battle more depth and difficulty, and plus no trainer would use just one type of Pokemon, it’s just unrealistic.

      1. ok, actually thats not true, I always have a pretty/cute team but they are usually mono, cant remember the last time I had a fire or rock or ground type on a team

    1. I appreciate that more now, but when I was younger it really confused me, and it gave me so many type misconceptions.

    2. Flint only had 2 out of 5 fire types in DP cos the Sinnoh dex only had 2 fire types.

  7. I hope we get a legitimate dragon/fairy or fairy/dragon this gen (off topic I know)

        1. A little while ago I came up with a Pseudo Legend line, a Dragon that is composed of the world’s luckiest objects
          Large albatross wings, pig hooves, a horseshoe shaped horn (facing upward) and a large star on the forehead, and its irises are shaped like the number 7

          1. thats cool, I personally would love a little pixie like creature with a flaming staff, sitting on a cloud, it would represent wisdom that comes from reaching a very old age (even though it doesn’t look old) you could find it at the peak of a very high mountain waiting for a trainer worthy of its strength, even though it looks small and weak, it can topple the largest of pokemon while barely having to move.

  8. So I’m getting into my Mirror Pokemon Recursive Steel/Ghost
    I see a very large panel shaped Pokemon of a silvery black and purple coloration, and it has a glassy icy blue reflective surface with several cracks around the north and south hemisphere, with a large open crack resembling jagged teeth, it has mesmerizing menacing eyes faded halfway in the glass, on its sides and at the bottom are a pair of shadowy claws and a tail that balance it,
    It’s bread and butter is its signature attack “Reverser” which changes your opponents ability effects to the complete opposite,
    Often found in abandoned places they say that if you stare into its face, you will see your deepest fears, legends say that the cracks cause misfortune to leak into the world prompting people to avoid fighting or catching

  9. My vote goes to Fantina. She’s fabulous and I just love her design and personality and she really stands out among the Sinnoh gym leaders.

  10. Volkner

    Not really a fan of electric types, but he was done amazingly in the anime especially his friendship with Flint.

  11. One of the many pinnacle moments of Pokemon with one of the most memorable characters to have ever been realized: Cynthia, and offered a staggering dose of challenges that even veteran players would reel from, the Sinnoh games were, and still are one of the greatest Pokemon games to have ever been created. Maybe nostalgia is a huge factor (and it is) towards my venerating comments, but Sinnoh was memorable in so many ways, it is hard to believe it’s been several years since the release of the original duo: Diamond and Pearl. I and many others share this sentiment and will be impatiently waiting for the day we have Sinnoh remakes. Forever Sinnoh babies!

    That being said, my vote will go towards Gardenia who is my all-time favorite gym leader not only due to her distinctive quality, but also due to how challenging she was for me as a kid who just got into Pokemon.

    1. Gosh, Gardenia was a beast to new trainers (which I was at the time)! I was confident after how weak Roark was but Gardenia demolished time after time, and it took forever to finally defeat her.

  12. This is slightly off topic, but it’s still Sinnoh-related. Who was your favorite of the five Stat Trainers? (refresh for image)

      1. I love Marley. It took months after I beat the game to even know she existed (back before I discovered the Pokemon side of the internet).

      1. Riley is definitely my favorite, but Cheryl really irritated me, only because she was required for the story.

    1. Riley. I hate Mira *shudders*. DP were my first games, and I got lost in Wayward cave. It took me like three weeks to get out (I know, I was stupid back then). I also didn’t know how to restart, so that wasn’t an option for me either.

      1. That place was so memorable to me that I’ve incorporated ‘wayward’ into nearly all of my online names. I’m WaywardWes on nearly every site that I have an account with. 🙂

    2. Dang I like Marley, Aaran AND Cheryl. I think Marley is my favorite though, In the DP remakes she should totally have a Gothitelle. It would fit her so well

  13. What do you all think the ‘surprise’ at Gamescom will be? New Pokemon? New feature? Sinnoh remakes? (kidding)

      1. I want this to become the new Hurnn confirmed. We need to start using it everywhere.

          1. At this point I would love to see a new character, we’ve seen very few this time around.

    1. Probobly new Pokemon, seeing what they usually bring to this kind of event. (The fact they brought DEMOs in 2013 notwithstanding)

  14. I also love Sinnoh’s leaders because of the Father (Byron) and Son (Roark) being gym leaders in he same region.

    1. Don’t forget Byron’s father is the one who helped the player with the Sinnoh Underground!

    1. 2-3 new Pokemon
      Info on super moves
      2 new important characters
      1 completely new feature

      1. Agree 100%. I want one gym leader for goodness sake. Disprove those rumors. But I have a feeling that will be saved for Coro Coro. I just really want an ice type Pokemon that looks good. It’s all I want and I will be so incredibly satisfied.

        1. I refrained from saying gym leader because of the rumors. I do want gym leaders to return, but I honestly wouldn’t mind something new as long as we got a different group of important memorable characters.

      1. I guess it’s in case we get another early leak. It’s unlikely to happen again, but you never know. 🙂

        1. You’re right, I didn’t think about that. I’m likely going to pull an all-nighter on Sunday night just for the festivities!

  15. My thoughts
    They said southernmost island would be specified so
    Island Guardian
    1-2 New Pokemon
    A Evo of any of the new ones!

  16. HOLD UP

  17. I will choose Byron ……..his eyes actually reflect what Canalave ppl r suffering from ..I mean the insomnia due to the mighty Darkrai ,I remember they show this in anime.

    -Canalave city is very unique in Sinnoh the bridge, library with amazing mythical stories ….and of course the conflict between 2 amazing legendaries Darkrai and Cresselia.

    * Canalave gym is awesome in the anime.

    1. If I were to own a gym it would be an underground pit with a bowl shaped arena
      The field would be only sand and dirt allowing my Ground types to freely burrow underground and attack from underneath
      A trainer must overcome my total control of the battlefield to earn the Terrain Badge

  18. Alright, my favorite region’s gym leaders! 😀 <3
    While I love every one of them, really I do, my fave is definitely Volkner. I love his design and his personality, as I can definitely relate to having nothing to do since nothing comes by that challenges you.
    However, runner ups are Candice, Fantine, and Maylene ^^

  19. I mean, I knew volkner was popular, but I didn’t realize he was THAT popular haha. But I loved his simple, but song and almost haunting story

  20. To those afraid there won’t be a league in Alola, the backpacker in XY mentions a champion, so there’s that at the very least.


  22. Ewwww I will do it if I must, but I don’t feel anything from most of these lameos!!!
    But granted these gym leaders were probably if not THE hardest batch of gym leaders (in platinum). I lose to over half of them every rerun of the game
    Roark: 2/8 Ew get a personality. But you are actually a hard gym leader Cranidos has 125 attack
    Gardenia 3/8: Still very boring But is actually hard too, I often lose to her
    Fantina 5/8: Love the unique origin and also gives me trouble, I usually lose to her
    Maylene 4/8: I love her design for some reason. She’s just so cute, but it doesn’t help cure her bland. I lose to her like everytime
    Wake 6/8: Love his excitement It’s just so overwhelming and I just get excited battling him
    Byron 1/8: Son gets blandness from somewhere I guess, Never any challenge with guy AND uses the worse of the sinnoh fossils. Just so gross.
    Candice 7/8: A smiling person that wears shorts in cold weather and ice trainer, AMAZING. she’s definitely one of the coolest leaders here. And she’s hard if not prepped correctly
    Volkner 8/8: Personality, yes. Cool type, yes. The rude archetype that people adore, yes. This guy is just so cool. Decent difficult, yes. He definitely is amazing.
    TL:DR Im voting Volkner

  23. Also why are we showing DP teams and not Platinum teams? the Platinum teams were the better ones

  24. I personally think the sinnoh gym leaders are a lot better than previous gens. They aren’t as bland and have interesting personalities.
    Volkner is easily the best one. I like his design, Friendship with flint, and his portrayal in the anime

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