Starter Evolutions + Base Stats RUMOR

First off, I’ll be up front about this: I don’t believe it.  But Snowy actually found it on 2ch and someone else asked for it to be translated ‘n stuff, so I’ll do it.  Plus the type combinations are worth sparking some discussion! Tsutaya (grass) -> Noukazura (grass/ground) [‘nouka’ farmer + ‘kazura’ part of a … Read more

PokeBeach Vids

Here for your viewing pleasure.  First one is the battle you have right after getting your starter, other is battle footage.  These from a DVD in the next issue of Dengeki.  All we really learn is that Cheren takes the pokemon strong against yours, while Belle takes the weak one.  And what I personally always … Read more

Luvdisc Evo?

It does look an awful lot like the awful Pokemon ‘Luvdisc’ is going to be shown an awful lot of luv.  </punny> Update: New image, names confirmed! Luvdisc evo is apparently Mamambo (Mother Sunfish) and the rocky monster is Gigaiasu (Giga Earth).  😀  Information from! Update: The names “Onokkusu” and “Burokku” have been confirmed … Read more

Quick Morning Update

I’m leaving for Chicago this morning, so I won’t be able to update PJN for at least a few hours ;D  However the hotel I booked should have WiFi, so no problems there.  Will be there through Saturday. On the news front we have literally nothing new to talk about really, hopefully Oha Suta will … Read more

2ch Rumors. Again.

Aight, more 2ch rumors.  I was reading through their Pokemon board and found these, but consequently blue skY has also posted them, so perhaps that makes them more believable?   I dunno.  The other rumors ‘skY has posted haven’t turned out legit yet, lets not get our knickers in a bunch (to be honest I … Read more

BW Demo in the wild?

httpv:// That video just recently showed up on YT… a battle during the BW “demo”.  So that means it is out folks.  Nothing new was revealed by this, but what we have now is the hope that more screenshots and better video are to come now that Nintendo is testing these demo games.  :3  As … Read more