pokejungle Recaps 2011: Dae Asks

In preparation for 2012, we’re going to cover some of 2011.  We saw the launch of Pokémon Black and White in English, as well as Pokémon Rumble Blast and some other tantalizing news of new games.  These posts will focus on some of the events we saw in the last year.

This year we introduced a new staff member to the site, Daedardus, and he has posed many questions to our readers in order to fill some time when… there was no news.  And we love him for that 🙂 He went back through his articles and picked out some of the best comments to a selection of questions he asked, and today we’ll look at whose comments he choose.  Could it be yours?  Read on!

1) Dae Asks: Being a Fan

I am a Pokemon fan because the games are a lot easier for me to play than other video games. Some games are action-oriented and require good reflexes, which I totally fail at. Pokemon is more laid-back and strategic as I plan out what I want to do without feeling stressed out and nerve-wracked. It’s a pretty chill game for me.

In addition, I love Pokemon for the origins of the creatures themselves. I learn a bunch about animals, plants, and Japanese and non-Japanese stories and ideas by looking up the origins of Pokemon. And in real life, I go out into fields and other nature-based areas to explore and look for little animals to catch and then release – no battling involved. I find all sorts of cool animals (frogs, caterpillars, spiders, lizards, centipedes, snails, snakes, etc.) and am endlessly fascinated with studying them and watching them roam their environment, just like Satoshi Tajiri does. These are pretty amazing experiences and I recommend doing so to other Pokemon Fans out there – just don’t make the animals you find battle each other. – Janter23

2) Dae Asks: Completion Time

I’ve never understood why there’s a game-time counter in the game. What’s its purpose? Naturally, I take my leisurely time finishing up the main quest. Maybe I’ll want to loiter around in the Desert Resort for a while, or maybe I want to evolve my Pawniard before challenging the Elite Four. Who knows? Whatever the reason, for me, speed is never a necessity for enjoying a Pokemon game, so I’d say that it takes me upwards of 24 hours of gameplay to usually get through to the Champion. – Similarity

3) Dae Asks: Favorite In-Game Moment

For a personal experience..my favorite moment of mine was my first time playing Crystal and not knowing about the shinies, I ran into a pink Wooper and thought it was a legendary, it ran from me after throwing a Pokeball. I must have stayed in the patch of grass for 3 days trying to find it again. xD –Jenny

4) Dae Asks: Favorite Rival

Hmm… I guess my favorite would have to be Silver. I feel like he was a more three-dimensional rival. He seemed to have the most in depth back story that you have to figure out through gameplay. He grows the most, just as your character supposedly does. I also found his battles to be the hardest… He just didn’t have Pokemon that you typically expect a rival to have, and I never remembered when Silver would show up. I would be totally unprepared every time his battles came up. –King Anteros

5) Dae Asks: Favorite City

Not exactly being a hipster here, but Fortree City is and forever will be (probably) my favorite city. The fact that it’s not just like every other city or town where it’s “here’s some land, and oh look here’s the Pokemon Center, a few random houses etc. etc.” but the city itself is in the trees and you have to walk on bridges to get everywhere is simply amazing. Not to mention how HOT, and I mean SMOKIN’HOT (Yes. Fortree now made it acceptable to describe a city as SMOKIN’ HOT), it would look in 3D. I’m getting all giddy just thinking about it. I remember that in the RSE days, when I beat the game, no matter where I was, when I needed to heal my Pokemon, I’d always fly to Fortree. Like most people said, I generally find the cities and towns in Hoenn to be the most unique and memorable. –Ozy (summing up the popular opinion on Fortree)

Part of the reason I keep this site up, and the staff continues to tirelessly work by my side, is because of the great comments we get here! It’s awesome to read the discussions you guys have and the level of maturity here is great… we never really have to moderate anything.  Looking forward to another year of some great opinions from YOU!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Get ready for our last article, the top five posts on PJN in the year 2011!