RUMOR: Pokémon Switch Reveal Coming at E3

USUAL DISCLAIMER: Rumor posts are for discussion and should not be interpreted as confirmed news. A rumor was posted recently which included Nintendo’s major reveals at this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), held June 12th-14th in Los Angeles, but we held off about posting it because there was no reason to believe it – until earlier … Read more

Official Nintendo Magazine Says Pokémon’s 8th Generation Coming 2018

Spain’s Official Nintendo Magazine has mentioned the upcoming Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch in a section highlighting the console’s exclusive games. Fans quickly noticed that the blurb included the fact that the game is noted as the first of the 8th generation. Normally it is not a contentious issue whether or not a game falls … Read more

Flying-Type Eevee Evolution: Making Sense of the Evidence

The possibility of Eevee getting a Flying-type evolution has been generating a great deal of buzz within the Pokémon community for several weeks now, and will good reason. Anime Hints: In the first trailer for the upcoming movie Pokémon: Everyone’s Story, we see a young trainer holding her Pokéball up to the sky. The significance of … Read more

FAKE: Could the Gen VIII Starters Have Leaked?!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: These have now been CONFIRMED FAKE as the artist has been found! They came out in a Facebook post. It’s unfortunate that these weren’t real… but let’s just hope that Game Freak manages to do even better! These were posted anonymously, there are some concerns about the Japanese, but mostly pedantic discussion of … Read more

RUMOR: Riddles Hinting at Gen VIII Starter Pokémon?

NOTE ABOUT RUMOR POSTS: As always, we cover rumors as a point of discussion and advise readers to never treat them as fact. Pokémon is a source of entertainment that we love and discussing the latest bit of online hearsay is just part of the fun. Today we’re looking at a new rumor which allegedly first appeared … Read more

FAKE: Generation VIII Starter Pokémon Revealed?!

THESE HAVE NOW BEEN DEBUNKED AS FAKE! The artist has been found. Now you can let us know if you’re RELIEVED or DISAPPOINTED by the news. We’re still leaving the post up in its original form for continued discussion. A post, apparently made on a Chinese forum, included three photographs of what purport to be … Read more