RUMOR: The 4chan Post that Predicted Sword & Shield

WARNING: This post deals with unsubstantiated rumors which are not confirmed and are likely to be false. It is for discussion purposes and not to be disseminated as news.

Before you ask, yes, Sword and Shield are not overly creative version names and most likely any post “revealing them” before we saw the trailer has a very low chance of actually containing factual evidence. That being said, as the only fansite that covers rumors and gossip, it stands to reason that it’s worth documenting so that we can all enjoy looking for clues to ascertain whether or not there are truth to the claims in the post.

Roughly a week before the official reveal a user posted on 4chan that the titles would be Pokémon Sword and Shield and that the region would take inspiration from Great Britain. That much we now know, but that wasn’t all that they posted.

Pokémon Sword and Shield post from 4chan

They also anonymously claimed that armor would play into new evolutions which included Armored Charizard, Mewtwo, Flygon and Zeraora. Meltan would also be connected to this new system. Finally, the Legendary Pokémon would be a metal snake and a wooden horse.

That last bit stands at odds with the logos which both feature wolf-like heads which could be part of the legendary lore of the Galar Region.

I’m keeping my eyes open though… because deep down we’ve all wanted Pokémon armor since we saw it on Mewtwo. It is expected that the armor will appear in the upcoming film Mewtwo Strikes Back! EVOLUTION so if a future trailer showcases it, don’t automatically assume it confirms anything.

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