FAKE: New Pokémon Shown in Leaked Video?

WARNING: This post deals with unsubstantiated rumors which are not confirmed and are likely to be false. It is for discussion purposes and not to be disseminated as news.

UPDATE: Revealed as Fake

The creators of the fake Pokémon have released a YouTube video showing how it was made and confirming that it was not real. An interesting watch, so I recommend checking it out!

Original Article

Videos are always more convincing than text, but even still, we recommend you treat this purported Pokémon Sword & Shield clip as fake until there’s any real confirmation. There are many talented artists out there who can use a program like Blender to create 3D models. We’re here for the discussion of it.

It was posted to an anonymous imageboard earlier today and uses the Galarian cave background and a new bug-like Pokémon can be seen flying in battle.

Some critics have pointed out that the wings are not animated well, but some Pokémon such as Cutiefly (among others) have been animated like this in the past.

The more convincing clue that it is fake is the Let’s GO! menu button in the lower right hand. Until proven otherwise we think it’s safe to consider this fake.

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