Armored Mewtwo Trademarked, Gym Masters Revealed

Pokémon and Nintendo have been tight lipped about details regarding Pokémon Sword & Shield since they were announced, but a few small tidbits have come out this weekend.

Upcoming merchandise for Mewtwo Returns EVOLUTION

First, a trademark has been filed by Nintendo, Creatures Inc, and Game Freak for Armored Mewtwo. It covers uses in video games and merchandise. Armored Pokémon were listed in a rumor that we posted, but we need to be very clear, this does not confirm or add credence to it in any way. We already knew armored Mewtwo would be featured in upcoming merchandise in Japan from leaked adverts, such as the one above. It may come to Sword & Shield as a special download, but this doesn’t suggest that a game mechanic is necessarily being revealed. Not that we’re ruling anything out…

Second, Nintendo made a tweet about Gyms in Galar that was quickly deleted. It included the small detail that they are run by “Gym Masters”, not leaders, and their difference from them is not currently known. This does confirm that the stadium-like structures seen in the trailer are gyms however.

We’ll keep you updated if anything more pops up! Let us know in the comments what you think Armored Mewtwo’s role is in the upcoming games, if it indeed has one.

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