RUMOR: Riddles Hinting at Gen VIII Starter Pokémon?

NOTE ABOUT RUMOR POSTS: As always, we cover rumors as a point of discussion and advise readers to never treat them as fact. Pokémon is a source of entertainment that we love and discussing the latest bit of online hearsay is just part of the fun. Today we’re looking at a new rumor which allegedly first appeared … Read more

FAKE: Generation VIII Starter Pokémon Revealed?!

THESE HAVE NOW BEEN DEBUNKED AS FAKE! The artist has been found. Now you can let us know if you’re RELIEVED or DISAPPOINTED by the news. We’re still leaving the post up in its original form for continued discussion. A post, apparently made on a Chinese forum, included three photographs of what purport to be … Read more

Pokémon Switch Hinted for 2018 Release

A Nintendo of Europe survey posted on Reddit asks what games you’re likely to buy in the next 12 months. The last entry lists the Pokémon RPG for the Nintendo Switch! This is more evidence that Game Freak is indeed looking to launch Generation VIII before the year’s end and also that Nintendo is taking stock … Read more

FAKE: First Alleged Gen VIII Details Surface

REMINDER: We discuss rumors not to pass them off as fake news confirmed information, but to stimulate discussion and highlight possibilities. Never treat this or share this as fact, because it is entirely unconfirmed information which may or may not be true. The next main Pokémon title has already been confirmed to be a Nintendo Switch … Read more