RUMOR: Riddles Hinting at Gen VIII Starter Pokémon?

NOTE ABOUT RUMOR POSTS: As always, we cover rumors as a point of discussion and advise readers to never treat them as fact. Pokémon is a source of entertainment that we love and discussing the latest bit of online hearsay is just part of the fun.

Today we’re looking at a new rumor which allegedly first appeared in the Japanese fandom and has since gained some recognition on English forums as well. As the information goes, someone with insider knowledge is going the route of the Chinese Riddler (who revealed many tidbits about Sun & Moon) and sharing information in the form of riddles. To be clear, this is a different person.

They shared three images which many have guessed to represent the three starting Pokémon of Generation VIII.

  • The Hero of Dragon Quest VIII—Has a small rodent buddy called Munchie who helps him in battle. If I had to choose one distinct clue from the image, I’d lean towards the sword or the rodent (alright, that was two). Twitter follower SMNteria adds that he is a descendant of dragons!
  • An ancient depiction of the Labyrinth which is known in Greek mythology for holding the mighty Minotaur within. Could one of the starters be based on this mythological beast? The Fire-type starting Pokémon have followed the Chinese Zodiac as far as their animal inspirations and there has yet to be an Ox-like Pokémon.
  • Finally, Chinese character Sha Wujing from a classical tale. Commonly known as the water buffalo for his stubborn, physical approach to life. Could be inspiration for the Water-type starting Pokémon.

Keep in mind that many rumors involving Generation VIII have stressed a focus on the theme of past-present-future and this may even extend to the designs of the region’s Pokémon! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Thank you to our rumors reporter PokéSirena for helping to gather information!