Pokémon Switch Hinted for 2018 Release

A Nintendo of Europe survey posted on Reddit asks what games you’re likely to buy in the next 12 months. The last entry lists the Pokémon RPG for the Nintendo Switch! This is more evidence that Game Freak is indeed looking to launch Generation VIII before the year’s end and also that Nintendo is taking stock of player interest for the title.

The caveat here is that this is not an official release date by any means and could be subject to change. However, it is telling that Nintendo is willing to list it alongside other titles launching in 2018!

Is this sooner than you had anticipated? Do you have a Nintendo Switch yet or are you planning to buy one when the next Pokémon game launches?

Via: My Nintendo News

  1. Honestly I can’t see the game coming any later than February of 2019. Between the anime breezing though all of the SM/USUM content and the rest of the franchise not having too much to market after this year in general I’m not sure it’s possible for the game to come out any later. Maybe a mid 2019 would work, but that’d be stretching it. There’s just not enough for them to cover to get us to late fall of 2019. Not without it being a total sh!t show. It’s a shame that gen 7 was rushed this much seeing as it’s actually a very good gen, but it is what it is. Much like the beauty of the cherry blossom flowers gen 7 will not last very long. Hopefully gen 8 is an amazing one and we can be satisfied with it.

    1. I didn’t think of February. They could release it on February 27th next year. That said I still believe it’s happening this year. There is no telling how long gamefreak has been working on this game. Correct me if I am wrong but masuda wasn’t really involved with gen 7 that much? If so maybe it’s because he’s been working on the gen 8 games?

        1. I am sorry but you can’t say that for a fact. As of now it’s up in the air and signs point to 2018/2019. We won’t know for sure until they announce it officially.

          1. I really doubt one extra year will help much if it’s going to be bad. Everyone bashed sun and moon and the gap year we got obviously didn’t stop them from hating on it. All in all we have no clue how long the switch title has been in development and how long gamefreak had the dev kits so it may have been a good while now

          2. A year can get a lot done in game development (pretty much any project in existence can benefit from more time) and for all we know SuMo by but a year earlier would’ve been barebones or unfinished. It’s not a good comparison.

          3. Oh honey you have no clue what difference a year can make.

            Sun and Moon isn’t a relevant comparison

            The real comparison is Diamond and Pearl. Their inexperience led to them pushing out a slow game with bad pacing and low polish. It took then until Platinum to fix it.

          4. Like I said already to raven people need to quit jumping to conclusions that it’s coming out in 2019 for sure. The fact that it’s pt to release in 2018 or later speaks volumes that 2018 is the planned release and or later is in case it gets delayed. Will it come this year or next we don’t know for sure. I am just aggravated at people online acting like know it alls is all. And diamond and pearl were delayed as is and it obviously didn’t help so yeah

          5. Dude if Diamond and Pearl was what we got after a delay imagine how fucking awful it must have been without the delay.

            Nobody should want a 2018 release date. Pokémon fans need to learn some patience and give GameFreak time to get their sh*t together and make a good game for the first time since 2012.

          6. the Last few games haven’t been THAT bad. Personally I enjoyed generation 6 quite a bit. ORAS moreso and gen 7 was pretty fun too. The main issue is gamefreak doesn’t hire enough people. And as I said overall I don’t care when it comes out. Either way I will get it. People just need to stop saying it isn’t happen until 2019 like it’s a fact because it isn’t. It could very easily release this year as well. There is no telling what they have planned right now

          7. Overall I guess I am just keeping an open mind. If it releases this year cool if 2019 that’s cool too. either way we will all get the game and play it in the end. Hopefully we find out for sure by E3

          8. You are so right about that. Its why I dread Diamond and Pearl remakes, because they won’t change that slow pacing. We will just get Primal Dialga and Palkia, and they will think that it will make the slow pacing worth it.

          9. I don’t think it will be dogshit if they choose to release in 2018, that is a pretty silly statement to make, since it is likely that they have been developing this game for some time now. The only things that can be confirmed are, that they are going to release on the Switch, they have been developing for a little while now and that it is possible that it will be released some time in 2018-2019.

          10. They haven’t been working on this game for a long time for a fewreasons.

            1. The Pokémon Company CEO has stated that he didn’t think that the Switch would be successful so they clearly had the 3DS in mind going forward until they saw the numbers

            2. The “reveal” at E3 was incredibly vague. If the year were further along in development they would have dropped hints or maybe titles especially since we got Prime 4 that same E3

            3. It’s a whole new system. If they rush a game out on a system they have no experience with in that all of a time span the game will suck.
            4. Developer interviews have indicated that they have been in very early conception stages and have most likely been in development for only a few months now.

            5. Unlike other major Switch games, there is no Wii U game that was being worked on to bring assets over to.

          11. I have a gut feeling that we won’t be seeing Pokemon Switch until Q1 or Q2 2019, because of the reasons you have posted. They also seem to be in the hiring process. I would also assume that after the production was done on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon that they might of started up-scaling the actual Pokemon models, but that process takes as long time due to adding additional animations, and I am guessing that they are updating the textures as well. So I suspect that we might see a trailer at E3 to keep the hype consistent, but there will be no show floor demo. If we are lucky we will see the starters before then, but who honestly knows.

          12. Well it’s been in production for at least as long as USUM so it should be better than recent games if your saying the longer they take to make it the better it will be : )

            Also just to note if you think I’m defending 2018 release, I’m not. I honestly don’t care as long as it happens as a whole I’m content (And I could go back and play every game and truely experience every region again then finish right before Switch comes out)

        1. Who says they aren’t? Just because it’s possibly coming earlier than people expect doesn’t mean it’ll be rushed

  2. i bet the legendary pokemon might be a bull who is a fire and rock type and a wild boar an ice rock type

  3. Am I right in saying that Bayonetta 3 and Pokemon switch are the only titles in that list that don’t have a set date for release? Mario Tennis we at least know is coming this year.

    1. Well they still have to make everything from the ground up for this jump so I don’t know if remaking Kanto would really save them boatloads of time.

      1. Making a new concept of map (another region) will take time more than u thought …….they don’t to introduce new pokemons either…..I think this’s enough reason

    2. Actually as far as my understanding, there were 2 teams; One was working on Usum and the other on Pkm Switch

    1. Wow, it’s really good. There isn’t really an ingame animation that showing those right? That’s a shame if not.

  4. It really won’t shock me if the game comes out this year. So many signs are pointing towards it or early 2019. I keep seeing people saying they shouldn’t rush it but we need to ask ourself how long have they been working on the switch game exactly. When did the switch dev kits get sent out because I am pretty sure gamefreak were one of the first companies to get one

  5. Tbh I’d rather for it to come out in 2019 so they have more time to complete the game and not rush it like SM or XY was tbh.

    But eh that makes sense I guess, they don’t have nearly as much big Switch titles this year as they had the past one sooo

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  6. I will buy Switch on Pokémon gen 8 launches day. Of course I will buy Switch Pokemon Gen 8 edition.

  7. Playing telltale walking dead right now. No matter how many times I play this game it still gives me the feels. Such a great game hope all three seasons come to switch eventually

  8. I’m not going to pretend I think it can’t come this year, but if it is coming this year it’s a bit disappointing they’re not spending more time on their first console game.

    ‘But the dev ki-‘ They were probably finishing Gen 6 (earliest) or developing SuMo (latest) when they got that kit, meaning they’ve only really had since SuMo was finished to focus completely on this game since USUM was created by younger members who made SuMo up to scratch with other paired versions but couldn’t add more because they launched the same game a year later.

    1. Yeah, it does seem like an incredibly short turnaround. On the other hand, maybe it isn’t Gen VIII? Seems like if it’s a remake or something else set in Gen VII that would cut down on development time.

  9. It’s 4:00 in the morning and I’m getting nostalgic over a YouTube series about a couple of boys playing in a car simulator leading to a complex interdimensional narrative and it’s really fuckin me up


    In other words, how are y’all?

    1. Kinda okay, I have the Winter Break now and I just woke up half an hour ago. I’m still a little bit sick tho.

    2. Well I am tired because I decided staying up till midnight to get Elgyem and Seismitoad so now I am having a terrible state of mind for school, but otherwise I am doing great and today’s the one day out of the 6 day school cycle that I have Lunch with my brother and 2 lunch periods so yay 😀

  11. Official Nintendo survey and still some people on here have the cheek to say wont come out until 2019. Unless you know something that Reggie or GF dont, stop chatting nonsense.

    1. If these games do come out in 2019, they’ll come out like December 31st

      The majority of us hope these games come out 2019 simply because we don’t want a rushed pile of shitt like the last two gens. Don’t get me wrong, Alola was great. It had fantastic Pokemon and an equally incredible region. It had a lot of good going for it. Despite that, the region was relatively bare and had nearly no staying power once the main game was over. The aftergame was near nonexistent outside of the Ultra Wormhole, breeding was shittier than the generation before, and the metagame had gotten ten times more stale considering what mons became competitively relevant. Don’t get me wrong, USUM was flat out the most enjoyable game to play through for me since 5th gen, but once you finished it, there was literally nothing after.
      So unless we end up getting a game with actual staying power, we’re just gonna get another stale mess that ends up being dropped after two months.

        1. The 3DS games have objectively less offline functions, less Pokémon, and before USUM were easy enough to be baby’s first Pokémon game at most points.

          Even if they’re not ‘rushed’ (which they are) they’re pretty damn bad.

    2. The games were announced for 2018 or later. They easily could’ve went off off that info because there’s no other information indicating when it releases. If this wasn’t the case, I’d imagine game freak or Nintendo of Japan would’ve been the ones to announce it.

      Not saying this isn’t proof or it can’t come out this year but it’s better to accept a possibility than to stick to your guns and look like an idiot if your wrong over such an arbitrary thing.

    3. The article says:
      “The caveat here is that this is not an official release date by any means and could be subject to change.”

  12. While I would love to have it by the end of the year, I am expecting a March 2019 release.

  13. I have to honestly say, I don’t care. When it comes, it comes as long as we get a whole bunch of new Pokémon in it I’m content. If that means 2019 or later, so be it.

    I’d probably prefer either super late 2018 to mid 2019 anyway so I can get the games I want coming this year and get a job so I can pay for it when it comes out.

  14. I’m not saying that it won’t come out this year for sure, but I really hope it won’t. If it will, there are Big chances it’ll be sh*tty. I’ll probably still enjoy it tho.

    1. Eh, wouldn’t say Big Chance. We just had two rushed Gens which may of come from them working on these games. It’s still a possibility that they’ll be bad, but if they come out this year they may still be good.

        1. Yes. Barely any content compared to everything that isn’t XY, poorly implemented functions such as the Pokemon Snap boring edition and ridiculously poor customisation for an RPG, and it it just so happened their release aligned with the 20th anniversary.

  15. If PokeSwitch comes out this year here’s my prediction for news

    -Zeraora in February’s CoroCoro
    -Game title(s) revealed in March
    -First details revealed at E3 in June
    -Released middle of December

        1. No, but it’s just a crappy strategy with the only goal of making more money, a switch Pkm wouldn’t be beneficiated by it at all

        2. It won’t hurt anyone, it’s just that version exclusives are a mild unnecessary annoyance. Local trading is going to suffer because of the switch being less potable than handhelds anyway so trading isn’t as big of an incentive.

    1. The only way it can release in Mid December is if they have been upscaling the Pokemon 3D models and Textures, since post production of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. I still don’t believe it will be out until Q1 or Q2 2019, unless they have hired enough new staff members to increase there productivity to the point that everything has been upscaled, that has previously been in the games. I don’t want the game to be a rush job,

  16. All this “Rushed” BS…. As if they haven’t been making the games for the past decade.. I Doubt Both SM AND XY were Rushed. You know what, maybe You just didn’t like their vision. And That is most likely until they release a statement saying so it was rushed. I’m sure it will be the same for the Switch games no matter what if it’s poorly received.

    I 110% Know GF knows what they are doing. It Will Not be rushed even if released 2 months from now (I Know it Won’t), Because GF has a better idea of what it takes to plan out a Pokemon time wise, even on a new console, than some random online fanboys.

    So let’s just leave all of this “Rushed” BS, in 2017 plz.. and to it I will say another dated term..
    Bye Felicia

    *Also, maybe the first major games with a big change. Ie. XY, Switch are Meant to come fast so they can get feed back and improve on that. But ignore this if needed, it detracts from my original statement.

    1. XY came out a year after B2W2 that unlike USUM had the whole team working on them, that’s why they were sh*tty. They were rushed.

        1. It was objectivelly bad, at least compared to other games. Look at the reviews. It was rushed. I’m happy that you liked them, but the fact that they were rushed is obvious.

          1. I am not talking about if u liked it is not.. reviews.. yada yada. I’m saying they were Not rushed. They were GFs vision.. and You.. You simply did not like it. You and So Many ppl are hiding behind “rushed” in an attempt to feel comforted that GF can do better by Your high standards. Maybe they can, maybe they can’t. But I can almost guarantee it was Not Rushed. And to this saying the last two games were rushed you’re just delusional

          2. Lol. I love how you call me childish. While in fact .. you calling out a business made of hundreds of people, who have been doing this for the past decade, is Most childish.
            I’ve single handedly responded to Everyone’s comments, doing my best to not stretch the truth or be a know it all, and using my minor business knowledge to my beat degree. Yet I’m “childish”. That’s almost as baseless as this whole “rushed” mumbo jumbo.
            And I see you gave years if releases as proof. But if you can’t understand that we have No Idea exactly what GF was doing and planning within those years then I cannot help you with my words alone.. because you will believe what you want to believe.. no matter what.

      1. Can You find Proof it was rushed!? Did GF say so… All this pointless speculation is BS. For all we know they’ve Always had a two team system to some degree planning the next games long before we even know.

          1. Not Proof! Years Ain’t Proof! Proof is being inside GF to Tell everyone Exactly what is going on. Stop. You all No Better “proof” than I. Sorry to shatter your dreams. But you Don’t .

        1. Literally look at the games, they flat out said they make shorter games to market to the modern day kid who’s playing mobile games and has a shorter attention span. The pieces are obvious and you need to be blind to not see them

          1. That literally helps your case Not One But. That actually Help mine. That’s like saying a cartoon that’s typical 30 min long, that is now 15 min long was Rushed. No.. less show.. means less time to make it Naturally lol…. Wow

          2. It’s still less content from a main installment in the franchise. Casualisation =/= cutting down content. And unlike a show, which you usually don’t pay for or pay for along with other shows, you pay for the content with games.

            The games could have a bunch of fun minigames and side features that both appeal to the mobile audience and replace the lost content. But they didn’t.

          3. This literally contributes to your “rushed” argument not one bit. By saying they Could have this.. they Could have that.. literally means nothing. They can make a game over the course of 5 years and Still leave out things that Could be there and maybe You Really want there.
            This is Their vision for the franchise tho. Not ours. And if it’s Not their it was likely Never intended to be there.. unless GF says otherwise.

          4. Less content for the same price with no justification sure seems rushed to me. Maybe you should buy a dictionary and thesaurus before you buy PokeSwitch?

          5. I’ll ignore your baseless insult and respond with logic.
            Less content.. for the same price.. applied to anything not just Pokemon sounds like scam yes. But has No relation to Time at all. No matter how you stretch it.. it does Not.
            In fact if u say they give less over a shorter amount of time then once again.. that makes sense because just like that show.. they Only wanted to give u 15 min worth.. which takes less time to create. Fillers we’re never apart of their original plan apparently.
            If they Only Ever wanted to give u 15 min worth and you say No give me 30.. I prefer 30. That doesn’t mean the 15 min was rushed still. They never intended to give u That Much. Meaning it was Never rushed.
            If you can’t get past paying for that 15 min worth for the same price.. maybe you should stop buying. That’s Your choice. Your only choice unless you go work for them. But by definition.. this was Not a rushed episode.

    2. You can tell they’re rushed. They lack the polish and content other Pokémon games and even 3DS games have. Rushed =/= bad, people still enjoyed these games.

      That said, most Pokémon games before Gen V felt rushed, it’s just that they had third versions to patch them up or remakes that were amazing.

      It’s not incomplete rushed, because they’re functional games. It’s lack of content rushed. HGSS, BW and BW2 had hours of content after catching the champion. Newer games don’t really have that thus they just don’t feel ‘as worth it’. Heck, SuMo is even missing a regional dex when all they needed to do was copy paste old dex entries for Pokémon not native to Alola.

      1. No. “You can tell” is Not proof. Had to stop you right there. That’s an subjective opinion based on your own Personal values. Just because GF didn’t bring to the table what you expected.. doesn’t mean Rushed.
        And to say “MOST games before Gen V” felt rushed is more Proof of that.

        1. Where’s your proof that they aren’t rushed?

          ‘Oh their visi-‘ to make more accessible games. Not games with less content for the same price. Which they failed at.

          1. My “Proof”.. is they’re decade spent making these games at GF. The games are not suddenly getting more rushed and rushed as the years pass. No. No business that stay around so long actively gets Worse the longer they practice their craft. And my Proof is technically no greater than yours as someone Outside of GF. But this “proof”, business wise makes The Most sense.
            If you guys Don’t like Pokemon games and surprisingly have felt this way for so long.. you know what.. just don’t buy them. That would teach GF the Biggest lesson to make games Exactly how you feel they should be made. But until then.. it’s time to leave this “Rushed” bs.. in the Past

          2. Clearly you’re not a Sonic fan if you think a series can’t degenerate with the same team lol

          3. Well…. Yes.. I’ve noticed that too. I didn’t know it was they same team tho..
            That’s saddening :3
            But again.. that’s just their bum a*s vision for the franchise tho.
            Not necessarily rushed.

    3. Even the if the game weren’t rushed they clearly lacked content that would make them more enjoyable, a problem that’d have been solved easily if the games had more development years, so that’s why people want GF to take their time with the Switch game. Also how wasn’t SM rushed when they added a crucial feature (trials) literally in the last moment, as confirmed by Matsuda.

      1. The first half of what you said is true… Maybe. But if they spent 2 full years openly creating a new game and it didn’t deliver then there would just be other complaints.. and less money for them to make the games.
        Maybe that’s not GFs business model to take forever on a new games, but to put out something most ppl can be happy with and hear the critiques and move from there with the money gains to create new bigger better games by Their definition.
        tho I’m not buying into this Rushed at all.. js. Because once again We collectively have No Clue what’s Really going on inside GF

        1. Well nobody can really predict if they’ll deliver by this point, but I assume that if they took 1 more year of development then they can add more content into the games and Pkm seems a franchise where The more content = the better the game (Just look at HGSS or BW) sooo

          And yeah their business model is to appease as many people as possible but after seeing the last 2 gens they clearly need a little more time for that.

          1. I can accept that as your opinion. But I feel GF knows they can’t please them all.. and are content with the quality levels of all the things they’ve released thus far.
            And again we have no idea how long it took to create these games. Maybe even XY took Double the time we can see from looking at the previously released game. If you are still saying “well then they need to triple that time!”, Then maybe.. but in the end people will Always find something to complain about. Can’t please them all.
            Maybe GF thinks they best they can do is to hear our cries and incorporate it into the next game in some form.
            And that’s Their business model.. and it’s Ok.
            Because each game has Something to love even to the haters who Keep buying apparently.

    4. We can tell xy and were rushed because they sucked and SM lacked content and the story needed tweaking

    5. Thank you for saying it. Like I said last night my main issue is with people staying stuff like it’s a fact. People saying how it is coming out in 2019 and there is no way it comes out this year. Yeah you don’t know that none of us do. It can very possibly come this year. And then there are the people who state the opinion that gen 6 and gen 7 were shitty like it’s a fact when it’s their opinion. Personally I enjoyed both gens. Oras probably being my favorite of the set of games. Basically people really need to learn the difference between and opinion and a fact

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          1. The jungle would be a lot better because most salt here is just boring

            Needs more drama sauce and leaked news

          1. Well news flash dey ain’t in good shape these days mostly because of stress related eating disorders

      1. Yeah, it’s confirmed to be released this year on the DC streaming platform, the same one that will have the Titans show

          1. The DC platform will be worth it, it’ll have all the Arrowverse shows and DCEU movies and animated DC tv shows/movies

          2. I don’t think it will be available here, and frankly I doubt there’ll be enough there for me to want to pay out for it. I don’t really need to rewatch the Arrowverse shows for example.

  17. I just want news of some kind in February regarding things I like (and the possibility of Dragons season 6 in Feb)

    I’m stagnating game wise (although I bought Chameleon Twist 2 for N64 which should be here next week)

    I truly hope we are close to a real Paper Mario on de switch

    1. It’ll just be Zeraora. They’re not going to shoot their own marketing in the foot by revealing Zeraora after Gen 8. The most we may get is a ‘new games next month!’

  18. Tbh I’m holding out buying a Switch for a while until more games come out/there’s a bit of a price drop. If a Pokemon game is announced before my birthday at the end of April, I’m gonna be more likely to treat myself to one + probably Splatoon 2/BOTW and maybe a few other games.
    Time will tell I guess

    1. I’d defo recommend the Bayonetta series if you’re not put off by the mocked sexiness thing, they’re extremely well made games with more depth than you’d think.

      1. Thanks, if I get a Switch, I’ll be sure to look up that series. I’m always looking for new games and franchises to branch into!

  19. I am having a crisis
    One of my fakemons which is a Steel/Ice Moose is in dire need of a catchy name

    A stocky rusty brown and liquid blue moose with metallic antlers

    Moozetal is all I got but it’s shhhhiiiiiiiit

      1. Or Ferroose (ferrum Moose)
        Or Moosteel (Moose Steel)
        Or Antferr (Antler Ferrum)
        Or Antmet (Antler Metal)
        Or Anvitler (Antler Anvil)
        Or Freezteel (Freeze Steel)

    1. If you ask a smash player they’ll say metakiller because she single-handedly dismantled the entire community

          1. And she’s still broken from what I hear. It’s hilarious because so many people want a port instead of a new smash game when it’s kinda clear that these issues probably won’t be fixed in a port.

        1. Is it really that good? I could never play.. wrong console.. I’m def buying now. She seems to have KH like devotion

  20. That’s an hour of my life I won’t get back.. ‘xD
    I gotta do stuff now… Or at least I should.. :3

  21. Now back to the grind with my last semester at my university. I am quite excited to see a new game from Pokémon regardless of what year it comes out.

      1. Exactly. During my recent flights for interviews I have been playing Pokemon UM to pass the time.

  22. The first ever HD pokemon maingame, the first ever mainline pokemon game on a console, the Pokemon game on a console that has games like botw and odyssey, the pokemon game that will come after the disappointment of usum, let’s release that game this year,disappoint fans. Release an updated version of the game next year.

    I don’t know about you guys, but i for one don’t understand GF’s “vision”

    1. Literally all they need to do is look at gen 5’s games and realize
      Or look at ANY battle frontier

      Add them in
      And make a game
      reaaaaaaallly shouldn’t be that hard. They’re Pokemon, they have more than enough resources to make an incredible game. I can excuse SuMo for being ass due to the relatively garbage hardware it had but there is ZERO excuse for a bad switch Pokemon game.

    2. I just hope they don’t make the Pokemon look like in Pokken.. cell shading or whatever.. is what I find more “realistic” anime wise..
      That in HD … And likely walking sprites.. Obby 0:)

          1. A bit disappointed that there’s no Hadoken input (I think it was like Quarter Circle + Punch or something), but idk how they’d input it in the game

          2. I rly wanted this game.. I just hear it’s not worth it.. I should of got this over Splatoon.. with my weak wifi connection tho..

          1. No? Have you even seen Pokken? They add detailing far above what Sugi does. Sugi is simplistic and is basically the 3D models we get now but with better shading

          2. I know .. but it would still be in the style of Sugi even with enhancement to details. No guarantee it will be as simple.

          3. It’s not completely Sugi’s style. It’s the same character but the shading and textures are totally different.

  23. Well I have a few ideas for Pokémon, but don’t know what to do first

    -Fire/Psychic Glass blowing Pokémon (based on glass blowing)
    -My Haunted Spring Normal/Ghost
    -or my Man of War being Poison/Fighting

        1. Tbh, glass is made out of liquid sand, and sand in the Pokemon franchise has been more attributed at the ground typing (Palossand)

    1. I dunno it would feel kinda weirdish seeing Pokémon hyper real with that kinda feel

      Maybe if I saw some demo looks it would help, rather would see BOTW style

      Or just keep it the same but update the animations

      1. In what world are RWBY and WW realistic. Cel shading in both cases makes them resemble 2D art in 3D form

    1. She’s the worst, I started this show à week ago and am on season 2 now. It’s just amazing. And I love Aqualad and Robin.

        1. I had Unlimited and Unmasked on the 3DS. I find it funny how you can create the Buster Sword (Although, you had to type Zanpakuto in order to make it)

          1. Wait what?

            If Alola would have added even a few more Pokémon of Ground, Dark and maybe Ice then I could’ve be alot happier knowing they are shallowing up certain types even though they got potential (Or XY which added 2 Ground types as a whole)

          2. EXACTLY it just not fair that other types get more attention and just kinda drop off right there.

          3. Lol if they had more designs to add types they’d have Alolans and more new Mons

            Your salt is misdirected

      1. Quality



        It’s not about how many Pokémon there are. It’s about if the game is actually worth playing. Look at the 3D zeldas, they took years inbetween, mostly have a similar style of gameplay, but are all wholey unique

        That’s what we need.

        Honestly we have so many Pokémon already the new game doesn’t have to add anymore. We just need REAL content. We need them to actually give a sh*t

          1. Ditto, I don’t give a crap about the story (I constantly make jokes of how the plot ropes me in despite clearly not giving a crap about the people)

    1. I can Definitely say you are Not in the majority with this opinion. Losing nearly All their young fan base in the process. But not my main point

        1. Tbf, 4 years from Link Between Worlds but that’s probably the furthest Pokémon would go

        2. This is Pokemon.. Not Zelda.
          You’re Completely wrong here.
          Little kids will move on to whatever is in their face.

          1. Besides.. didn’t Zelda have a bunch if mini projects to keep people busy? Like 3DS/Wii U games and what not… pokken and dungeon games or whatever are Not as satisfying to keep most people up an caring. Even the older fan base who would likely deem themselves too old to jump back in and play by that point without something to keep them drawn in.
            It will never happen regardless. Js

        1. Hmmm what?
          From my previous post, where it took me an hour to explain basic things, I can already tell many of you don’t think beyond what you Want and Reality.
          Same way Trump gave shock words and spoke to people’s base instincts and won… Same is happening here.
          Which is why I really don’t a da*n about an up vote.


          1. It’s barely ‘shock words’, it’s Pokémon fam. You’re an adult, act like it.

    2. Screw that I hate these small dexs especially if they keep jipping Ground types

      I want a gigantic dex filled to the brim with new and exciting Pokémon of all types not just a handful of new ones per type

        1. Dude it’s all about the pokemons

          People like them and people want more to use, the games can be the worst story or graphic wise but in the end it’s all about what Pokémon we can pick and choose as our own

          1. Use during a playthrough
            Impact of the meta
            Develop strategies for
            Fan art
            Shiny hunt
            The use of new type combos, moves and abilities

          2. And there it is. The problem with the Pokémon community

            Kurusu if you’re going to spend 40$ and 40-60 hours on a game, wouldn’t you want it to be good? Wouldn’t you want it to be something new that leaves you feeling amazed? Because there are so many good games coming out and if Pokémon can’t be one of them then why should anyone play it

          3. Not at all. A good game can still affect me in a way that lasts months after I stopped. Earthbound, Breath of the Wild, Soul Silver, Hollowknight, all games that gave me amazing experiences and really. They are games that make me love games. USUM and X and Y make me feel nothing. Half way through USUM I regretted even picking it up.

            By saying you just want more Pokémon, you are saying that the game itself isn’t good or interesting enough to keep your attention

          4. I finished SuMo once and I have only restarted to get the other starters. It lacks anything interesting

            USUM gave me Pokémon I haven’t used before that I could never get in ideal places (Seel for example) before, story? I didn’t need a new story to get the hype of wanting to use something new

          5. Playing pokemon just for the sake of completing a dex isnt that satisfactory, even though it might feel like it in the beginning.

          6. This. Tbh if anything completing the LiveDex in New games is kind of hollowing because there’s nothing to do after 😡

          7. The Pokémon are what give me an amazed feeling

            If I play a 40-60 hour game and always train and find the same stuff, there’s nothing new, nothing to keep interest and nothing to make me want to play it again or sometimes even pick it up.

          8. Pokemon has a lot of things you know…

            Pokeathlon, Battle frontier, PWT, Amie, Contest, Photo club, etc.

            New games can add more new things to make the experience completely new. Like you can make Pokemons do a lot of more things that aren’t just battle and battle over and over.

          9. Not many people would take a shitty game just because there are new Pokemon, new mons aren’t even that relevant in the first place. What made Pokemon so popular was the gameplay and concept more than anything.

          10. I’d rather have a so-so game with even a few new Pokémon that I might fall in love with and want to use

            If Pokémon stopped making new Pokémon for good I’d be done and not come back to the series

          11. I kind of agree with.. if the Pokemon ain’t competitive.. it ain’t relative.
            Now if they could somehow make a really dense Dex full of Pokemon that are competitive amongst all we currently have… Omg :3

          12. Half the fan base feels how you do.. half want amazing story. No one will ever be satisfied. Until we all realize it’s just a game :3

        2. Everyone plays for different reasons.. and based on all I’m reading.. the Best remedy Is these short games with multiple add on frequently.
          Maybe the Dex isn’t large but a new game is around the way..
          Maybe this game doesn’t have a BF facility but the next game has it’s variation if it. I think GF sees this and has realized themselves that they can never please everyone.. this is the most optimal way.

    3. GF: We would gladly make 6 substandard games during that time because it would make a lot more money…

    4. Imo Pokemon is more in the case of Quality = Quantity (except in some cases), due to how some of the best regarded games usually have a ton of content on them like HGSS or BW.

      And that’s why I want them to take as much time as they need, to implement a lot of enjoyable content and not rush any underwhelming stuff (trials for example)

        1. What’s are you on about? Some of the best games in the series didn’t add new Pokémon (HGSS, Platinum)

          They are widely regarded to be some of the best because they are GOOD GAMES

        2. HGSS didn’t introduce any new Pkms whatsoever and it’s considered the best Pokemon games ever


          Like Gf back then knew what to do to make one of the best RPGs in all time imo

    5. Just curious — What do you consider a quality Pokemon game? Not like a real life example, a hypothetical one.

      1. Honestly my hypothetical game exists and it’s called HGSS but to be more specific….

        Lots of content before and after the credits.

        Story that doesnt interupt for too long.

        Good pacing, badges are distributed at a good pace and the need to grind is minimal (now yeah HGSS is bad at the levels)

        Detail in the world. NPC’s actually world build or have small little side plots instead of spouting off stuff you already know.

        Easy to use multiplayer features

        Treats the player like they are a competent human being and doesn’t hold their hand

        Just off the top of my head

  24. Jacksfilms is nominated for the Youtuber of the Year Shorty Award and he really does f*cking deserve it, go vote for him.

    …even tho Jake Paul will probably win because of how many fans he has that will cry if he loses

    1. I’m pretty darn sure Jake Paul will Never win another award in his life if YouTube has anything to do with it.. how he almost single handedly tarnished their brand

  25. I want an Odyssey-esque Pokemon game. So lesser routes (like 8-10) but they’re all sandbox style like the kingdoms in SMO. Seasons, portable PC, challenge mode, underwater exploration like in gen 3 and ORAS, soaring, ride pkmn (including mountain climbing) and mid-battle evolutions like in the anime.

      1. Odyssey is pretty open world too but its slightly more linear than BOTW, which i personally think is a better fit for Pokemon but i’m open to both suggestions tbf

    1. So many times I wished for mid battle evolution but the process is a tad difficult

      One the evolution animation would have to be cut or just turn into do you want to evolve now y/n and interrupting the whole battle for it

          1. In a broad sense yes, but the point of the animation is to give the player time to decide to evolve or not

      1. Oh and technically the dex entry, the new moves and what about if the Pokémon not battling

    2. Man I’ve wanted mid battle evolutions so much, like can you imagine how much emotion and excitement would that add? :0

  26. I hope PokeRide is expanded in Gen 8 to let you ride your own mons. Even if it’s just fully evolved Pokémon above a certain height and width, it’d feel more immersive tbh

    1. Mhm, and it shouldn’t only be limited to running but also for surfing, flying or even diving (pls bring dive back)

    2. They’re never gonna do that since hypothetically they’ll need models for EVERY Pokémon that you’d potentially wanted to use

        1. I really just want to fly on my Aerodactyl (although it makes me wonder if a actual Aerodactyl could support my height and weight)

          Oddly enough Aerodactyl is extremely close to my height of 5’11-6 (I honestly think I’m getting shorter these days) absolutely outweigh it by a lot since it’s only 130lbs average which I’m at least thee times heavier

          So unless their flying strength can hold an object as big as it and extremely heavy it seems I’m not gonna soar with him (Back to using Golurk)

      1. Well they already made walking animations for every single Pokemon in a function that they never even used so is not that unlikely for them to do that again but this time in a function that they would actually use

  27. Open world Pokémon

    -Pokémon spawns are dependent on the area you’re in
    -All 800 however many Pokémon we have now are available
    -Rare boss Pokémon that are stronger and bigger. Like totem battles. You probably wouldn’t be able to catch them but maybe there is like a special rare Pokéball that lets you
    – Story is closer to something like HGSS where it’s basically just you get a Pokedex and you’re on your way but….
    – Lots and lots of side quests
    – 8 major gyms that act more as trials but 100 or so minor gyms that act like shrines in zelda. The twist is maybe it will focus on one type or stat, or it could focus on a certain battle format. Maybe kinda like some battle frontier ones.
    – The massive list of items are cut down. Memories are removed, Silvally instead used the plates. Plates are made into a key collectible item that is part of a quest line. Evolution items like the Dawn and Shiny Stone are combined. Evolution methods are changed to make way for the massive item removal. Mega Stones and Z Crystals have their own case like the TM case in FRLG. Overall, unnecessary items are removed or combined with others to make your bag less cluttered
    – Legendary side quests. Some are just found randomly in the wild but some are at the end of major quest lines. Arceus and the creation trio would be a major one. Deoxsys would be discovered in a desert area full of crators from meteors. The legendary dogs roam but have a better way of tracking them. These are just off the top of my head.
    – Return of the national dex and completion awards.
    – Expanded pokeride functionality. Keep the HM replacements but add more options for getting around like a Zebstrika for going as fast as possible or maybe just like something slower but more precise in movement. Bring back soaring.
    – I’m not sure how leveling would work. Maybe level scaling is added but idk. This could be worked on there are plenty of solutions.
    – Portable PC.
    – Wider variety of battle types. More doubles and triple battles.
    – Make catching Pokémon feel rewarding again. Rare Pokémon spawns in each area can help this

    1. I’d like sidequests in Pokemon ngl, SM had some small there but I wish for that concept to get expanded a little bit

    2. By portable PC do you mean the ability to switch our your team at any time, because I have to disagree with that…
      Firstly it’s take away the whole travelling with only 6 at a time.
      Secondly it’s basically a portable healing centre as depositited Pokemon are automatically healed fully…

      1. I’m sure there would be minor tweaks to it but in an open world you need to be able to access your Pokémon.

        Maybe not the whole PC but at least a small kind of “battle box” to give you variety. If not then you need to be able to get to a Pokémon center and right back to where you were in the world right away

        1. I understand that, but if its done properly we hopefully shouldn’t have that problem as the world should be designed such that we have reasonable amount of ‘pit stops’ out in the wild to heal and change out our Pokemon without always having to go back to major area.

    3. Also yes I’m keeping the old turn based system purely because it makes developing the world simpler. Changes I would make to it though are

      – Pokémon are visible in the overworld. No more random encounters
      – There is no intro animation unless it’s like a boss/legendary. The battle GUI just pops up and you’re in the battle.

      – Battle animations are quick and snappy

      – A fast forward option by holding L or something

      – Battle music is more along the lines of Zelda or Hollowknight where it fades in and out. Ideally you had the option to turn it off the keep the area’s music

      1. Sounds amazing!
        The one thing I don’t think they have to fix are the items. I get that there bags get too cluttered, but I think adding cases for types of items would be much better than combining or deleting items.

        1. I would agree but there are some that are literally useless. Stuff like plates, memories, Gensect Drives, Z moves and Mega Stones can be given their own cases but there are so many items out there that have such infrequent use they have no reason to exist in game.

          Stuff like the deep sea scale/tooth only evolve ONE kind of Pokémon which is ridiculous

          1. It’s still really unnecessary to have THAT many. It makes more sense just to get rid of and confess some while changing some evo lines accordingly

  28. Things I would like added but aren’t really that necessary

    – Walking with Pokémon
    – Difficulty options. Maybe a nuzlocke mode too?
    – Battle Frontier
    – Seasons
    – Local co-op?
    – Move tutor available early on
    – Bring back the Radio and expand it. Make it like the music list in Odyssey
    – Secret bases
    – A feature where you can save your team and make it into a trainer for people online to see in their game

      1. Yess.. I Definitely want to see “me” with my Entire team.. sucks having to wait untill the Elite 4 for that unsatisfying turn around thing.

    1. I wouldn’t mind seasons coming back. They not only help change the scenery making the world more diverse looking, but also allow them to add secret areas that you can only reach at certain times of the year.

  29. Can I just ask why Pokemon fans are so adverse to a story driven game? I get not wanting to be stopped every other second, but there are rpgs that are story driven and still give the player at least some freedom. A game that exclusively is about you getting a Pokedex and someone telling you to take on the Pokemon league to fill it is kind of boring in my eyes. It was fine for gen 1, but now I want something more. Even many open worldesque games have major story arcs. FF 15 is largely open world, but has many parts in which you need to hit plot points in order to advance and reach new areas. I wouldn’t want the next game to be stop and go with cut scenes at every new area, but at the same time a story driven game gives you purpose for playing. Otherwise you might as well play Pokemon generations where there (I assume) isn’t a story or a game that is just basically a simulator.

    1. Because story driven Pokémon is mostly terrible. BW had the perfect balance but hey haven’t been able to strike that balance since.

      Sun and Moon at least had really good characters

      1. But if they could get that balance back it’d be great. Story in a game isn’t bad. It gives you a reason to keep playing. Otherwise there’s not point other than just to collect the Pokemon. I already have all the Pokemon to date so if there’s no story for me to enjoy what’s the point?

          1. That’s fine and I agree it should largely be your own story, but without a reason to go on that journey why am I even playing? To collect the new Pokemon? Sure that’s part of it I guess, but once I do that what’s the point? If a game has absolutely now story then it suffers from the one thing Pokemon fans hate most. Lack of replayability. Pokemon fans complain all the time that the games should be something you can play over and over again, but without something to grasp onto why would I want to pick it up again? It’s like watching a movie without a story or anything interesting to pay attention to. Once you watch it there’s no point in ever watching it again.

          2. Maybe, but having nothing to do a second time would make me not want to play again also. I think your main issue is that Pokemon games don’t have a skip option for cut scenes. If that was a thing then I don’t think people with issues of cut scenes would have anything to complain about anymore. Even without that tho I’d say replaying anything is dependent entirely on whether you want to enjoy the story again. It’s not about needing to blast through cut scenes and dialog. Plus not all games are replayable. Just because you technically can replay Pokemon doesn’t mean you always should. Acting like it’s a given is a bit ridiculous imo. Some games are just meant to be played once, maybe twice, and the put away. Lack of replayability doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. It just means it set out to tell a story and then once it’s done it’s done.

          3. Fam I’ve played HGSS probably 7 times now? I come back to it because it’s phenomenal. I can’t see myself ever playing USUM again

            Replayability doesn’t just mean having more options, it’s also having a good game you want to experience again

    2. A story driven game needs to have a long, spread out narrative balancing gameplay and story

      GF sucks at this to the point that not even Gen 5 was close to other RPGs in terms of story complexity, although it was still a great game

      1. Maybe they need to extend the content then. Maybe the new game will make such changes to the formula that they can properly tell a cohesive rpg story without it feeling like you’re stopped ever 5 seconds to talk to someone. The jump to the Switch would certainly facilitate the proper tools and tech to allow them to do something like that.

    3. I just don’t think pokemon needs to be story driven like they’re *trying* to do. Or at least if it does, they NEED to make use of every single second they feel the need to make a cutscene and stop us. I can’t even begin to count the number of pointless interruptions across SM and USUM.

      1. *The director from the 1st one got replaced*
        The new director:
        -Ya know, that first movie was alright, but you know what it needed? Unused script from the Emoji Movie!

          1. And Emoji Movie 2 will copy them
            And then they’ll copy it
            And so on and so on in an everlasting loop of Sh*tty Movie Incest

          2. Oh trust me, it will. It earned enough money, partly because of the internet attention (j a c k s f i l m s)

          3. It won’t make the money in the second one. It is bad business. Maybe a straight to DVD one but I don’t think a big release.

          4. I know this stuff pretty well and I can tell you, it will even tho we don’t want it to. For SONY all attention is good attention, they especially don’t get ironic compliments (they invited Jacksfilms to the world premiere)

        1. Yep.

          They’re running the sequel of one of my favourite movies of all time.

          I’M NOT MAD AT ALL

          1. I really don’t get it, Disney’s animated movies were really great lately, how can this be happening?

          2. Lack of originality I guess.

            Like seriously they’re making more sequels than original movies ffs

          3. That and remaking their animated movies into live action. I like them but I would like some more original stuff. If 3D take too long maybe they should do some 2D animations too, frankly I miss them.

          4. I think there’s a certain charm to the 2D drawn animations that may be lost in the newer 3D movies. Though I enjoy both.

          5. I’d take animated-to-live-action remakes over their original live action movies any day. Disney has never had good original live action movies, let’s face it. Actually take a look at them and you’ll see. Pirates of the Caribbean is the only good live action franchise they’ve created.

          6. I agree, I enjoy the POTC movies, they may not be the best but they are fun. I can’t think of any other recent ones that aren’t terrible teen movies right now. Maybe the Mary Poppins sequel will be good?

          7. That’s just Pixar, Disney isn’t doing that many. Pixar for some reason is making sequels, tho I won’t say that’s bad, I’m excited for Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4

          8. Didn’t bother seeing 3, that and Cars 2 are the only Pixar movies I didn’t see in the cinema, Cars 2 I saw on TV and hated.

      2. Y’all are reaching. They’re obviously going to be visiting multiple sites/locations across the internet. Emoji’s are a part of online communication and Disney always has smart writers for their animated movies. It’s not going to be cringey like the emoji movie. Have faith as the original was really great.

      1. I sure can’t wait for that meme refences

        -Oh Ralph I sure think that man’s not hot, amirite?

        -oH ralpH I sure think we are number one, amirite?

        -OH raLPh I sUre thInK ThAt’s mOm’s SpAGhEtti, AmIRitE?

        And they even got one recent one

        -Oh Ralph, I sure think Logan Paul used a hanged corpse for clickbait, amirite?

    1. The one good thing that I think could come out of this movie is maybe a Nostalgia Critic Review

    2. I’ve never seen all of the first movie……I’ve seen bits and parts, but I’ve never watched it’ all the way through

        1. From what I’ve seen I’d agree. Just never had the right time or mood to watch it. Maybe one day

  30. Ferroose (open to suggestions)
    Big Horn Pkm
    Stamina/Sturdy HA: Intimidate

    HP: 140
    Atk: 50
    Def: 120
    SpAtk: 45
    SpDef: 110
    Speed: 30

    A massive stocky built caribou Pokémon with a rusty brown body, a thick body and massive sturdy hooves and a bulbous nose with a long beard. It’s most prominent feature is the impressive rack of antlers atop its head, a metallic white material with numerous spikes.

    Fury Attack
    Scary Face
    Ice Shard
    Horn Attack
    Iron Defense
    Icicle Spear
    Smart Strike
    Metal Sound
    Heavy Slam
    Metal Burst

    1. Dex entries
      “Its magnificent horns are made of solid iron built up from drinking from mineral enriched water from mountain streams”

      “Every summer it’s antlers fall off completely and are sought out by collectors, in the winter they regrow bigger and stronger if cold enough”

  31. I’d easily place the upcoming Pokemon game as a Late 2018 to Early 2019 title. GameFreak should take as much time as they need to deliver a proper title.

  32. Fun fact: One of Vegeta’s alternate colors for DBFZ is the coloring he had when he was first revealed in DBZ. The brown/orange/dark blue coloring I mean.
    Second fun fact: apparently those colors were chosen because Toei didn’t know he should have had the white and blue with black hair. Toriyama had to go to them after it aired and toll them that they got the colors wrong. That’s why once him and Nappa made it to earth he was in the traditional colors

    1. Headcanon: The first time we see him is on a planet where the atmosphere and light made him look different.

  33. I have a head canon that the reason Pokemon player characters can know what their opponents are going to throw out next is because they have a 6th sense type of ability. An ability that is only known to be born in a child once in a while. Not everyone can obtain this ability. Thus why you’re character is the only one in each game that can see what’ll happen next.

          1. You didn’t know you can turn that off? It’s always been in the setting since like the beginning.

    1. I like the Monkeys tbh

      They are interesting that they are basically hidden starters. Only one I’m not keen on is Panpour because it just doesn’t look right with its eyes

      But I also don’t see the reason to hate them either.

      1. I like all the base monkeys. Then for their evos it goes sear>sage>pour. I do like them all tho. Glad I’m using Simisear as my starter this playthrough.

      2. They are based on Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak no Evil. You’ll notice Pansear holds its’ hand up to its’ ear, Pansage to its’ mouth and Panpours’ eyes appear closed. I think this is also the reason Simisear looks a little unbalanced like it has an inner ear problem.

    2. It’s not the most hated, it’s the least favorite. So many people may like it but it’s just not many people’s favourites.

  34. Where my peeps at? I feel like I’m the only one posting right now hahaha. Anyway I’ll leave this here before I go get dinner. I’d imagine this means Smash is a no go for this year. Which begs the question of what Nintendo thinks they’ll sell 20 million more Switch units for…..*cough*Pokemon*cough*

    1. Whelp nevermind. Apparently NOA told someone from Kotaku that it was a typo. So 2018 could still happen. Wouldn’t be totally surprised if it was 2019 tho

        1. Well yeah technically. It’s a matter of when the paid service will kick in tho

    1. Is its gimmick a cup? Maybe make it like a kangaroo type pouch that holds water or something instead

      1. I could work around that. The cups contain the life energy of pokemon Brawlyanoy defeated, maybe I could make it so if you drink the water from it you’ll get stronger.

          1. yeah its far from bad

            Horrifically unsalvageable (you’re pretty far from bad)
            Really really REALLY Bad
            Really Bad
            Really Good

    2. Looks like it goes

      -Odd beaked long legged rat
      -Giant fluffy cappybara carrying a cup in its tail

      I’d say fix the mouth to look more like a Muzzle in Volake. Also change the first two’s feet to be smaller so it doesn’t look like a Jeraboa as much. Fix up Acuap’s tail to look less like the piece of a misshapen toy on it. Probably change it to Water/Fighting second stage and have it hold the cup in its tail like the last stage and give it something along the lines of boxing gloves or fists. Make Brawlyanoy Bipedial and or have it stand up at least and make it as if it can be both. Probably make it a bit less shaggy unless your going for a Samurott style which probably make the hair more in sync instead of all over the place. It’s arms should be burlier and more like a Fighting type. Maybe have the cup become part of its tail? Idk just looks kinda odd and sort of like a vine holding it

      So again not your best, but not your worst idea or the worst thing I’ve seen

  35. A little bit disappointed and concerned about this news. I don’t want the game(s) to be a rushed product just so they can have a major seller for this year’s Christmas rush. Because from what it sounded like at E3 last year, Game Freak was just beginning to start the project. Unless the Pokemon Company President didn’t want to make people assume that it would be out last year. For all we know, Game Freak could of been given development kits as early as 2015 and started the project or drafted concepts for it in 2016. At least that’s what I hope.

    1. I mean they did manage to release a game internationally once a year from Platinum to ORAS

          1. Because it didn’t make any insane mechanical changes and the transition from 2D to dynamic 2D isn’t as hard as dynamic 2D > chibi 3D > full on 3D

          2. Cause its harder to go from 2D to full HD 3D and 1040p in steady 60 fps? GF aint familiar with Switch hardware, so i rather them take the time

          3. Everyone who Brought up these points, thank you, these are perfect points to explain why Gen V was Awesome and XY Sucked, NOW TELL THEM TO BUTTERGEEK.

        1. But now they have decent experience in making HD 3d models. The jump from gen 7 to gen 8 won’t be as big as the jump from gen 5 to 6. They have the technological know how now so it’s less of an issue.

          1. Not necessarily. It’s been found that the Pokemon models are all compressed hd models for the most part with very high polygon count. That’s actually part of the reason the 3ds games were so wonky in the battles when entering double battles or doing something special like Z moves. They are too high res for the 3ds to properly use. They may make some modifications to them tho so I’ll give you that. That said I’d say the models we see in SM/USUM will likely be the same more or less as the ones we see in whatever the next game is

          2. No. They’re using the 3D Pokémon models they already have with new textures and shading and possibly new animations. Those models are future proofed as hell and that contributes to why the 3DS games run poorly when more pressure is applied to it.

    2. I’m not sure where you get that they just started the game when they announced it existed. GF always starts their new project almost immediately after they finish older ones. So the latest they’d have started on this would be towards the end of 2016. That said I think they’ve been working on this for much longer than people think they have. The idea that it’s being rushed is a little silly. I don’t think they’d rush something like this. I believe that they got the Switch dev kits right form the get go and that they’ve been working o the Switch game from the beginning in the background. Sure gen 7 might have been their main focus for much of the last few years, but the Switch game has probably been on their minds for almost the same amount of time too. GF are typically on the ground floor with Nintendo and considering this is their first main console game I don’t think Nintendo would leave them with no info on it until it got launched. That’d be irresponsible considering the Switch is the only console they could possibly go to after gen 7 ends.

      1. It’s just from what I’ve read in news articles such as Masuda in 2016 saying they’d wait to see when the Switch is released to see if Pokemon can benefit from it, and the Pokemon Company President’s wording of his statement at E3 2017. Maybe they’re just being super secret about their project. I don’t know. But I just hope that the Switch game(s) will be the best that it can be.

        1. I’d imagine that was all PR talk. Of course they weren’t going to say anything. Especially the Masuda part. At that point I think it was before e3 so they hadn’t even announced it yet in any capacity. He wouldn’t have wanted to spill the beans then anyway. Also some people may use the argument of Ishihara once saying he didn’t think the Switch would be a success, but his opinion doesn’t really matter all that much. He’s in charge of TPC not GF. He might not have thought it would be successful, but GF higher ups may have thought otherwise. Also again it doesn’t really matter what either of them thought about the Switch. It’s not like they’d have any other console to make the Pokemon game son. I highly doubt they would have ever put a 3rd gen on the 3ds. In the end it could happen this year or next, but I doubt we’ll get to the fall of 2019. There’s just not enough for them to stretch to get there. I’d say an early 2019 release would be fine. Whether that mean winter or spring. Either is good.

          1. I love how you’re so quick to jump to the conclusion that they just started working on it, but act like I’m the crazy one for thinking that they may been working on it for a little while now. Regardless of when it comes out I’d still say it’d likely been in some kind production longer than people expect. It could very well come out in fall of 2019, but I’d still say it’s been a decently long production timeline for the game

          2. I agree and pretty sure they started same time as USUM as they have said there newer team worked on USUM while they moved their bigger groups attention to Switch

          3. I wanna say it was in one of the interviews form over the summer from Game Informer? I’m not sure tho….It could have been a completely different interview tho

          4. Read below from UltraMonster and Sirdrake

            They have told us they split their team for Switch and USUM to get a game out with their weaker team and put all the rest on Switch

          5. I just want the game to be good. That’s all. Unlike most others, I actually thought X and Y were pretty good games. And Sun and Moon were good too. I’m sure that the Switch game(s) will live up to our expectations. I don’t know why I even started worrying in the first place.

          6. Me too. At the end of the day I agree with you on that note. XY weren’t terrible games. They certainly lacked the fullness that many other games have, but for a first playthorugh they were actually pretty enjoyable. I do with they looked a bit more smooth. They fixed a lot of the problems in XY once they released ORAS. SM were prolly one of my top 5 games. I liked them quite a bit. I’d say GF knows it has to meet a certain standard. They usually do. You might not like particular games every once in a while (like I really don’t like DP) but ultimately most Pokemon games are considered good for what they are. There’s a reason the franchise has grown to become such a huge enterprise.

    3. Here’s my take:
      Reportedly they began developing “stars” for the Switch toward the later half of 2016. A reliable source had been sure about that. However, it must have been scrapped not long after Nov 2016. Gamefreak was then divided, as we know, with the less experienced team being sent to develop the mistake USUM.

      So what was the rest of Gamefreak doing? They probably began immediate conceptualization of a new generation on the Switch rather than just a SM port that Stars was supposed to be. We also know they were hiring new developers who were familiar with Switch software. This was reported I think as early as March 2017, maybe even earlier. So it’s possible that around that time (mid 2017) that they began actually developing the game and updating 3D models and stuff. If Gen 8 really is going to come out this year, that puts the game at maybe a year to a year and a half of being in development

      Personally, that seems rather tight to me..there’s got to be a lot of work put into just updating sprites and character models for this new, more powerful console. But we also don’t know how much actual work they put into Stars, provided it was even real to begin with.

      Now DON’T take this as fact. This is simply me trying to piece together the several rumors /facts that we’ve had over the past year.

  36. and speaking on the subject of water, i learnt something interesting today

    Mooses are apparently very capable swimmers, so much that even calves swim with ease

  37. XY: Revealed January, released October
    SM: Revealed February, released February

    Zeraora still hasn’t been revealed and revealing a Gen 7 mon after a new Gen isn’t the best marketing, it’ll probably be the February CoroCoro reveal because February usually has big movie news

    As Butters said the 22nd anniversary is in March

    E3 is only 3 months later (compared to the 4 months between SuMo and E3 and 5 between XY and E3) and E3 is where we got our first large info dumps on SuMo outside of starters, legendaries, and the Japanese reveals of Komala and Rockruff.

    XY and SuMo reveal to release was 9 months

    Hence I think it’s going to be a March reveal, and we’ll get starters revealed before a drought leading up to E3. If there’s a new type or gimmick it might be hyped for E3 but I doubt it since Alolans, Z-Moves and Megas were revealed outwith E3. We might get a Sylveon style mystery where they leave a mons details vague as a surprise.

    1. I’ve already revealed the starters in an earlier article tho?

      grass/electric scarecrow
      water/ice japanese water dragon
      fire/fairy unicorn

    2. Given the rumors plus the prediction from that analyst I’d March is a pretty good bet. I could see them revealing Zeraora next month and then a March reveal for the new game. Also according to my source on Twitter that I have no reason to doubt they apparently are gearing up for something big. They said it could just be Zeraora, but it may also very well be a gen 8 Pokemon. Only time will tell, but I’m certain that next month we’ll get something and that’ll give us a better idea of what’s to come.

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  38. Seaking’s Megahorn crits my A Exeggutor with reflect up and opposing Hitmonchan freezes my beheeyem FMY

  39. Ok I’m really tired of hearing people act like this game could possibly come out this year and not be an unfinished rushed mess so here’s so quotes for y’all

    Sources below

    “The Pokémon series has transitioned between platforms before, perhaps, most significantly, between the single-screen Game Boy family of systems to the dual-screen Nintendo DS. But, with Nintendo Switch, that transition perhaps isn’t as straightforward.” – Junichi Masuda

    “I told Nintendo that Switch wouldn’t be a success before it went on sale because I thought that, in the age of the smartphone, no one would carry around a game console. It’s obvious I was wrong.” – Tsunekazu Ishihara, Pokemon Company CEO (also wow what the hell is wrong with you. Your whole company exists because of handheld gaming)

    “Gamefreak has begun developing a core RPG Pokemon title on Nintendo Switch” – Tsunekazu Ishihara

    ““Pokemon has been about being portable, but now there is the Switch, which is a portable home console, so it has a bigger screen and higher specs than we’re used to,” Ishihara said, as translated by NeoGAF user StreetsAhead. “Apart from main games, we make stuff like Pokkén [Tournament] and [Pokémon Mystery] Dungeon, so I am thinking we should make games that suit the Switch, but at this time I cannot confirm any projects.”

    On top of this, you have to consider that it takes a LONG time to develop Pokemon games.
    Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire : November 21, 2002
    Pokemon Diamond and Peal: September 28, 2006

    Now consider that Nintendo has only started giving out Switch dev kits around August of 2015

    Going off the fact that The Pokemon Company and Game Freak have only been looking into the switch since around its reveal and reaction, they have to be early or half way AT THE MOST into development. new gens take around 3 years to develop so Spring 2019 is the best bet.





    1. It was also 4 years between gens 4 and 5. And the graphical leap wasn’t even that big from Gameboy to DS. Think how much more work they have to put in based on the power of the switch compared to the power of the 3DS. Granted gen 3 to 4 made a huge change to the entire series with the physical/special split, but I still think that pales in comparison to what they are facing now.

    2. I really don’t think it’ll be this year. I also want the New Super 3 Switch U Colour DX before I get it.

          1. I know. My issue is I don’t have the money to buy what I know will be the inferior version in not too long. I already regret buying a WiiU. I’m really quite poor.

          2. The Wii U was garbage. Regardless of whether the Switch gets a “better” version I’d say you should still save up for one. It’s such a great system. League better than the Wii U. You won’t be disappointed I can tell you that

          3. Well I mean at least start saving up. You don’t need to spend it super quickly. Start slowly saving and maybe when once you have enough they’ll announce a new version or at least a discounted normal version.

          4. I guess if they have a super good bundle I’ll consider it. Saving is hard when I don’t have much coming in and most if not all goes on bills.

          5. To piggyback on this thread: the only reason I own a Wii U currently is for backwards compatibility with Wii games. But honestly Nintendo is making me wanna double-dip for all the Wii U ports, but I need a job for that haha

    3. Idk why you’re letting this bother you so much. Having a healthy debate is one thing, but at some point you just gotta stop and agree to disagree. We’ll eventually see what happens. You have your “proof” and other people have their “proof”. It’s not something to get all angry about. We could argue on for hours, but at the end of the day we just don’t know right now. The people at GF and TPC say stuff all the time and sometime they use words and phrases that are relatively ambiguous. Sometimes on purpose and sometimes that’s just how it is. Using PR statements is an argument for and against in my opinion. On one hand they may very well be stating the truth and specifics. On the other hand they may just eb saying some stuff when in fact they’re really just trying to hide the truth as they aren’t ready to announce anything yet. It’s hard to say for sure, but taking anything they say at face value is a dangerous game to play.

      1. I think your right

        Probably best if I sign off for the nght and clear my head and try to stop being such an a$$hole to Star (I feel the two of us have been at ends for a while because I defend myself too much over the dumbest sh*t)


        This is literally from Game Freak. This is what we know. There is no sense arguing with what they are saying.

        It isn’t PR statements either. There isn’t a reason for them to say it isn’t coming soon if it is. They want money and they want hype.

        Can we stop being so naive and just understand that based on everything we know that it’s most likely isn’t coming this year

        1. I’m just not convinced they could develop it so fast without seriously cutting corners; something like keeping models from USUM instead of updating them, making it look more like a continuation of gen 7 rather something new and game changing for the franchise. THAT would be a f*cking nightmare.

        2. There is no proof one way or the other that’s why I put it in quotes. You literally just told me down below that it was a “fact” that the game isn’t coming out this year so you’re contradicting yourself. Stop acting like your opinion is solely the “right” one. I’d say we should stop here. I’d prefer not to argue with you anymore. It’s not good for either of us and we are fighting over something that has no real info out there anyway. It’s best to just wait and see.

          1. What the f*ck do you mean no proof. I made an entire fucking post full of proof.

            If you knew the tiniest bit about game dev you would know that it takes a long fucking time to make a game especially when you have a relatively small team working on unfamiliar hardware

            Oh and what do you know, they’re hiring for a new project.

            This isn’t a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of looking at what we know and understanding that there probably won’t be a game this year. That’s what it’s looking like

          2. I think the whole point here is that why does it matter if some people think it’s coming out this year. It doesn’t hurt you if it does or doesn’t, let people speculate and have fun. And if it doesn’t come this year then those people will just have to get over it. It really isn’t something to get so bent out of shape about.

          3. Because it’s ridiculous to think that? Like does it matter? No, but it drives me crazy that people just want to ignore the fact that if it released this year it would be rushed and terrible

          4. Well then obviously the problem is within you and you should probably just learn to get over it.

          5. I just don’t see the need to get so bent out of shape about it, to the point of literally having to find sources to quiet people down about something they’re looking forward to. It just seems like a crazy power trip to me.

          6. Because I’m tired of hearing people continue to say it’s happening this year. It’s ridiculous. Yet people still try to argue with it so ya know I don’t know why I bothered

          7. Ok first of all I’ve been saying this entire time that I think they’ve been developing the game for a while now and I’ve even said that regardless of when the game comes out. Second using quotes of them saying that they have started making the game is not proof towards your argument. The quote from Ishihara can be taken as both past and present. If you take it literally at face value then he’s literally saying that they waited until that very moment and then started working on the game.As if they timed it up perfectly. He doesn’t need to specifically say when they started making the game for ti to have begun production. Hardware is only unfamiliar until you start working on it. By your logic they’ll still be unfamiliar with it by the end of 2019 since they only made on game on it. Anyway……I’m tired of arguing. We should just agree to disagree and move on…..

          8. There’s nothing to disagree on. Look at what they said. Look at the timeline of things. The earliest they could’ve started working in it was 2016 most likely after Sun and Moon went gold. That’s a tiny amount of time.

          9. Didn’t it take like 2 or 3 years to develop X&Y? That was a case where they were unfamiliar with the software as well.

      3. I said exactly this way earlier and no one listened. Exactly. But thank you for restating it now that people seem willing to listen to logic .

  40. I just want a story that really blows my mind and a proper post-game. Is that too much to ask @GF?

    1. Rainbow Rocket was really boring. There, I said it. The entire “boss battles,” which were the only good part, literally could’ve just been in a Pokemon World Tournament, which would have provided endless hours of more content.

        1. BW and B2W2 are the best games… or at least it seems that way since XY was Crap and SM and USUM weren’t good enough to make up for it.

        2. Gamefreak isn’t prioritizing concise storytelling any more, so don’t expect them to make a story of similar proportions anytime soon. They’re more focused on turning pokemon into a handholding, accessible franchise that lets cutscenes tell us every little secret about the game instead of letting us discover for ourselves.

  41. I honestly want a game where I really feel excited to play and explore. I love almost all the Pokemon games and certainly am always excited to play, but in recent year I definitely feel the fatigue of knowing too much before going in. I hate myself as I kind of live for leaks, but at the same time I wouldn’t mind going in relatively blind. One thing I always like to go into the games with is knowledge of the dex. The problems with that is then I never have any surprises to find when encountering a new Pokemon……*sigh*….my life haha

    1. I might try and go blind this time around, which will be super difficult, but I think I can do it! I would genuinely looove to be surprised by a Pokémon design for once!

    2. I just want something like Black and White was. I remember being SO excited for those games. And you know what made those great? They lived up to the hype. Gamefreak needs to make a game again that 1) They market well and 2) That lives up to that Marketing hype.

      1. They need to go back to doing silhouette reveals. I always loved when they teased us with a silhouette and then did the reveal. It may not be the most meaningful way of promotion, but it’s fun to speculate based on a silhouette haha

          1. Yeah that’d be fun. It’s a good time waster for them too as they don’t need to outright show them right away.

        1. I just hope that leaks don’t ruin what the silhouettes are if they do that approach again. In this day and age, we get leaks for everything now. Oh and speaking of leaks, your source on Twitter, do they have credentials? Or is it just word of mouth? Can you link me to the Twitter account? Or do they like to stay anonymous? If so, it’s no problem.

          1. Sorry I’d prefer to keep them a secret since they’ve reached out to me through dms as well as just open tweets. I will say that they were the one that translated the final starter forms concept art from 2016. Also while other than that really they don’t have anything particularly credible to their name, but they are very earnest and I see no reason to doubt them. They’ve been open with mean and I trust then. I have a pretty good eye for trust worthy people so take that as you will. Either way eventually we’ll see what happens

          2. Yeah figured it’d be better to hint and let you figure it out than to say it out loud

          1. I might play Black 2 just so I can fight his seasonal teams, it’s something I didn’t get around to when I played the game the first time haha

      2. I would love another black and white great story and pretty likable characters. The gym leaders actually helped for a change too lol would also love a dex of nothing but new Pokémon again! That was easily my favorite part about black and white

  42. Well I’m going to sign off for the night and continue to play BW

    And again sorry Star for being such a defensive d*ck, I’ll try to work on that part of me and improve it.

  43. I want them to bring back Black Tower/White Treehollow in some forma again. I loved how it was till challenging, but wasn’t as annoying as the BF or battle tree. Also you could use it to level up your Pokemon. Was quite useful when trying to get my team to lvl 100. Plus there was an actually tangible prize at the end! Loved Black tower

    1. I loved Black Tower in Black 2. It was a great feature. I loved how you were able to gain EXP. from the battles. I think it was one of the best ways for training Pokemon to Level 100 in any Pokemon game. Second being the VS. Seeker from FRLG/DPPt, Third being the PokeNav in RSE/ORAS and Fourth being the Battle Chateau in XY. An unpopular opinion but I felt that the PokeGear from GSC/HGSS was a little limited because the trainers would call you randomly and in GSC, you could only register 10.

      1. Yeah I’d agree with you there. Also the Pokegear felt like something you couldn’t really control. All your ever get is calls from Joey talking about his crappy top percentage Rattata haha

  44. Why are there no Tusk based attacks? I feel like there’s enough ‘mon that could use one.

          1. Pretty much. Probably with the chance of poison burn and paralyzeing too. Similar to the dang moves being upgraded bite

    1. Well not for nothing most of them are treated as Fury Attack, Horn Attack and even the Fangs

      And out of all Pokémon that have tusks are

      And that’s it

      1. There are plenty of attacks with very limited distribution. I find it odd that they have these in-built weapons and don’t use them much if at all.

    2. The word typically used for ‘tusk’ in Japanese is 牙, which also just means ‘fang’.
      For this reason any attack including the word ‘fang’ is pretty much also a tusk move – from a Japanese point of view anyway.

    3. We do have horn leech, but yeah… i’d be curious to see tusk effects if taken elemental like fangs.

  45. Wow so it sounds like YouTube is really sh!tting the bed with this one. Keeping anyone who doesn’t have over 1000 subs and 4000 viewer hours from making money off of their content is a really sh!tty thing to do and it doesn’t even fix the problem that started all this. Logan Paul’s channel should just be taken down and that should have been their action. Not punishing up and coming channels and content creators…..

    1. I would love a new mystery dungeon game if gen 8 doesn’t happen this year. Would keep me busy waiting on it to come out!

  46. So I have a small authortube channel (let me know if you want the name to sub;) ) but I’m interested in starting a poke tubing channel, what type of content do people want to see?

    1. We got too much on rumors… How about a study on a particular pokemon each episode, with comment responses and suggestions? You could mention lore, points of interest, and any other relevant info or theories. That would give you at least a chance to make up to 807 episodes, and well before you finish, we’ll have a new gen. I’d watch it for sure, deer~

      1. Plot twist: they’re worried the game will be rushed because a fan should care about the quality of the product they receive

      2. so people that aren’t fans of the pokemon franchise come on this niche site to dislike articles, wow that’s dedication

    1. Welp a few days ago it was rumoured that a new add on will be revealed for the switch and a new ip to complement it. So I guess this might be that :0

    2. Nice! Wonder what it will be. Probably won’t get many game reveals but never know. Maybe one or two?

    3. New way to play! Introducing Joy-Con Foot adapters! Test the dexterity of your feet by playing your favorite titles while looking like a complete idiot! Available 2089

    4. O wise ShinyXatu, can you tell us the details of the cryptic message of the east?
      Thank you, O wise deer~

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          1. Maybe one day my friend. Until then we just have to keep trying our gosh darn best to make you smorter XP

        1. We shall see. It’s hard to say, but if I had to guess it’s not something we’d expect. Prolly not a currently known ip or accessory.

        1. Doubt it. The Switch is already essentially a handheld. It wouldn’t make sense for them to undermine their original product

          1. I really think its on its way and with replace the 3ds eventually. A slightly smaller screen and in one piece, a better price

          2. That just won’t happen. It wouldn’t be worth it for Nintendo, Switch is going to replace the 3ds as it is. Switch will probably have a price drop soon anyway.

          3. Why would they do that tho? The whole point of the Switch is that it’s both a handheld and a console. It’d just undermine the original concept. Plus if a new handheld was coming why would GF be making a new game for the Switch? They’d just wait for the new handheld instead. Maybe they’ll release a newer version in the form of something like the PS4 slim or whatever, but I doubt they’ll ever make a handheld exclusive version of it. It wouldn’t make sense. That one may be a slightly cheaper price depending on what it’s like. There’s no reason to back peddle on the concept of the Switch.

          4. Well, I don’t see a core pokemon game working on the switch as it is. Like if a household has two kids and want to play pokemon together they must spend like 800 euro’s to do that (buy two systems)? Doesn’t seem logic to me pricewise. I really think they will introduce the Nintendo Switch lite or something so they can use it as a handheld and perhaps even a controller for the Switch at the same time aswell..

            Of course there are other ways, but making the switch for more households affordable is I think the best way to achieve that

    1. I can imagine it’s Pokemon related. Maybe it’s a new game, but it’ll be something very different compared to an average game announcement.

  48. So i had a question, since i got to thinking about the annoucement they have planned, if it really is a new game and accessory, then… If you could design any kind of switch compatible rail joycon controller style, what would it do and what games would you try to make it for?

    For me, i’d like a Joytrigger, or something to make aiming easier for shooters, games with First Person views, or past games to make it more accurate like Skyrim, Doom, or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I like the feeling of authenticity when shooting with motion controls, so maybe the joytrigger could also fix the aiming when in handheld mode, i even have a design in mind, it’d connect via a shorter selfie stick style,with a trigger button that extends the command with the regular controllers as one fork like rail extension. by doing this, you would securely hold the base and point the switch around like a real style crossbow or gun, allowing gyro controls to be much easier and accurate. when detached, you could still aim and point like a gun, by doing it like this, you have much better aim.

        1. Eh I’m pretty close. It’s not like it’s a huge jump. It’s only 10 levels haha At this point my Klang is at about the same level as all my other mons so it’s moving along at a reasonable pace

  49. Ok, V-Jump just leaked, and we now know the final character for the base roster of FighterZ: Majin Android 21.

    Here’s a video talking about it

      1. Yep, they confirmed Park Ranger 17 too. Along with SSJ Blue as an Awoken Skill, and some bikinis (Because we definitely needed that) for 18 and Videl(?)

          1. I still hate Jiren, but this is cool. Also, some 3rd Anniversary stuff for Dokkan:We’ll be getting a 3rd Anniversary Goku that SSJ3 and holding up 3 fingers (as I predicted), we’ll be getting a new F2P STR Kid Gohan that functions similarly to Goku Jr and Teen Bulma, and not only will it Dokkan, it also has an Extreme Z-Awakening. We’re also finally getting the Namekian Dragon Balls and I think the Grand Kais. Moving on from Dokkan, DBZ X Keeperz was announced. It looks like it’ll be a turn-based RPG, but so far, there’s only a PC release. Still excited for it tho

  50. Im pretty sure this doesnt 100% mean itll be released this year. It was probably just an option just to see if people would like to see a game come out this year. If it does then great and if it doesn’t then that meana GF has even more time to develop the game.

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