Help Save Small PokéTubers on YouTube

You may not be aware, but YouTube is now changing its monetization system and putting more stringent requirements on accounts that can make money off the platform. Creators are now required to have at least 1,000 subscribers and have had viewers watch your videos for at least 4,000 hours in the last 12 months. This means that small YouTube accounts, including ones that cater to us Pokémon fans, will probably face demonetization and be unable to make a small amount of money off of their hobby. But everyone gets 30 more days to hit the goal before this goes into effect!

I think it’s important that we encourage fans to create content and support each other as Pokémon fans. My own website is the result of many volunteers helping me, knowledge shared by more experienced webmasters and the encouragement of my readers. That’s why I feel it’s important to pass on this community spirit and try to support others who may just need exposure to find success.

Please CHECK OUT THIS TWEET for many great YouTube channels in the replies—I hope you can find something worth subscribing to and many videos worth watching. If you have time try to tweet a Creator and let them know you subscribed! Thank to all those who DM’d me their channels. I actually received many more than I was expecting but have tried to check out all of them. Here are some of my recommendations (but again, few of many so check out the tweet!):


CoolShallow (almost to 1,000 subscribers!) often publishes art videos, both of existing Pokémon and “fakemon”, as well as occasional gameplay videos! It’s hard not to find how they create 3D models off of Ken Sugimori artwork fascinating!

Honorable Mentions: Dialga22239 (music remixes)


PokeStrikes (almost 1,000 subscribers!) makes videos about his climb up the ranking ladder on a regular basis with lots of different strategies!

Honorable Mentions: King BubDubious, DarkDevil26, TheUzigunner, WarmConal007, THATSAplusONE


TotemRotom produces a lot of Pokémon gaming videos and also occasionally makes helpful how-to videos!

Honorable Mentions: PikaVolt SS9, PokeSirena (regular rumor videos!)


Robert Kinzel (almost at 1,000 subscribers!) does TCG openings as well as other collectible videos!

Braysh Gaming covers lots of Japanese TCG content which is always a treat!

Honorable Mentions: PokemonfanfamManon _pokemonCmacpride1, Retro & NewMouse & Mewnu


FalseProof (almost 1,000 subscribers!) does fan-game Nuzlocke runs, but also focuses on other games across different platforms. Great production values and and lots of variety!

Thanks to everyone who takes part in this team effort to push Pokémon content creators to be the very best they can! Subscribe and share on social media so we can have the biggest impact possible!

Also feel free to subscribe to us while you’re at it! We do post videos once in a great while 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: I did my best to vet channels for any obviously offensive or objectionable content, but I can never be 100% certain. Please let us know if a channel does not live up to community standards so I can remove it.