All the events for Eevee Day in 2023

All the in-game events to celebrate Eevee Day later this month!

November 21 has been celebrated as Eevee Day in the Pokémon Community since 2018 and this year will feature events to commemorate the day in several games! We’ve got you covered with what to expect so you don’t miss any of the fun. But why exactly was November 21 chosen as Eevee Day in the … Read more

"Pokémon APP-DATES" provides information on mobile Pokémon games and apps

Pokémon app updates for the week of December 20-26, 2020

We’re introducing a new type of article to help keep you up to date with Pokémon apps! If multiple app updates are announced during a week (as they often are), we’ll be updating a single article, often briefer than standard posts. There will never more than one “APP-DATES” article per week! Let us know what … Read more

Pokémon Masters announces first anniversary events, name change

Pokémon Masters has had a troubled first year. Players seemed rather underwhelmed by the free-to-play app and the developers have had to make significant changes in order to boost player engagement. That included introducing eggs to expand the number of Pokémon the player character can use, adding free daily items and new types of events. … Read more

Pokémon Masters Now Available

The highly anticipated mobile game Pokémon Masters is now available for iOS and Android. For most people at least—still just shows “Pre-Ordered” for me personally on the App Store. Super sad considering I got so hyped for it after reading one of our recent articles. For more details about the gameplay, you can check out … Read more

5 Reasons to be Excited for Pokémon Masters

Jon H. returns to give his thoughts on why YOU should be psyched for this mobile title. This Thursday, August 29th, join famous trainers in the worldwide Pokémon Masters League in Pasio! Players will encounter and befriend gym leaders, trial captains, regional champions, and other famous trainers in this new portable title. Familiar characters are … Read more

Pokémon Masters Pre-Registration Now Open

The upcoming game Pokémon Masters, made by DeNA, has now opened up pre-registration on both the App Store and Google Play. Let us know if you signed up in the comments below! Head to our Discord for discussion about Pokémon Sword & Shield! Don’t forget that we’re also currently voting for the best Hoenn starter … Read more