5 Reasons to be Excited for Pokémon Masters

Jon H. returns to give his thoughts on why YOU should be psyched for this mobile title.

This Thursday, August 29th, join famous trainers in the worldwide Pokémon Masters League in Pasio! Players will encounter and befriend gym leaders, trial captains, regional champions, and other famous trainers in this new portable title. Familiar characters are joined by new characters such as Prince Lear.

prince lear

Prince Lear created the Pokemon Masters League on the artificial island of Pasio in order to get the attention of a specific legendary trainer! But why should trainers be excited for yet another free-to-start mobile game?

Why you need to be hyped

1. Sync Pairs

On Pasio, Professor Bellis studies the relationship of Pokemon and sync stones. Players will battle using the sync stone to form “sync pairs”. A sync pair is a trainer and their partner Pokemon using the sync stone to use signature moves! There will be 65 sync pairs to collect in Pokemon Masters at launch. Pokemon Company promises more in the future!

Each of your sync pairs has a star value and a level. Sync pairs level up, and some partner Pokemon can even evolve. Each sync pair’s star value has a different level cap, with the highest being level 40 with a star value of 5. However, players will be able to unlock the level cap for 5 star sync pairs and grow to level 100! And, fortunately, all sync pairs will be able to be upgraded to 5 stars!

2. 3-on-3 Battles

Players will form a team of three sync pairs to participate in 3-on-3 battles. These real-time battles can be fought to progress players in a chapter-based story mode.

Through battles, you’ll also be collecting various new items. Some items will help to develop your sync pairs in one of four areas: leveling up, strike, support or tech. They can help your Pokemon gain new moves and/or passive abilities. Similar to other mobile titles, collecting items via loot will give you the opportunity to enhance your Pokemon! You can also collect numerous copies of common items to upgrade into a rarer item.

In battle, sync pairs can choose from four moves and/or items.

3. Sync Moves

After a certain number of other actions, your sync pair can release powerful ‘Sync Moves’. Collecting new trainers and their Pokémon will allow you to see new attacks and use them in new strategies.

Pokémon Masters Sync Move

Hopefully these will be a fun new gameplay element that encourage different battle strategies. The idea itself has a lot of potential.

4. Story Mode

Aside from the main character’s story with their own rival Paulo, each sync pair has their own story! If you progress in their story, their Pokemon may evolve!

Some trainers also have alternate outfits called ‘Sygna Suits’ which alter their appearance and change their partner Pokémon, adding to amount of content you can obtain.

The island itself also has a background story that will progress as you play the game—it may just be a mobile title, but it helps develop and expand the Pokémon world!

5. Co-op Mode

Aside from the story and developing the Pokémon in your sync pairs, you can also participate in co-operative multiplayer missions! In these missions you and two other mobile players can complete missions and execute “unity attacks” that are not available outside of multiplayer!

Make sure to pre-register for the game so you can play it when it releases this Thursday! You can check out even more details on the official website.

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