All the in-game events to celebrate Eevee Day later this month!

November 21 has been celebrated as Eevee Day in the Pokémon Community since 2018 and this year will feature events to commemorate the day in several games! We’ve got you covered with what to expect so you don’t miss any of the fun.

But why exactly was November 21 chosen as Eevee Day in the first place? If you’re curious, it’s actually a play on the Japanese phonetics of Eevee’s name and the numbers. One in Japanese is ‘ichi’ which begins with ‘i’ (pronounced like ‘ee’) and two can be read as futatsu when counting things and starts with ‘fu’, which is a kana that can be changed to ‘bu’ when a dakuten is added (フ to ブ in katakana). So putting 1 1 2 1 together can be iibui which sounds the same as Eevee’s Japanese name. It’s honestly a stretch, but good for Eevee for having its own day.

Eevee Day events in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Two special events will be happening in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet to celebrate Eevee Day:

An Eevee Mass Outbreak will be occurring in Paldea and Kitakami from November 17 – 23! Eevee encountered in outbreaks in Paldea may have a Jittery Mark, Intense Mark, Intellectual Mark or Flustered Mark, while those caught in Kitakami may have a Rowdy Mark, Excited Mark, Calmness Mark or Unsure Mark.

In addition, a special 7-Star Eevee Tera Raid Battle Event will be held during the same time. It has a Normal Tera Type and the Mightiest Mark. Players can only catch one once per save file. Although it seems like it would be an easy battle, we’ll have to see if Eevee has any tricks up its sleeve.

Pokémon Sleep events for Eevee Day

A week-long Eevee celebration will start in Pokémon Sleep on November 20. There are some special bonuses that this entails:

  • Players will have a higher chance of encountering Eevee and its evolutions during sleep research
  • Pokémon of different sleep types may appear regardless of your sleep type for the day
  • Lucky players may encounter a Shiny Eevee
  • On Eevee Day, November 21, you can receive a bonus 1,121 sleep points
  • Helper Pokémon’s main skills have a higher chance of triggering

And unlike the Halloween event, there’s no need to camp at a specific island to partake! The only consideration is that it appears the boosted chance to encounter Eevee’s evolutions only applies to where they natively appear. So if you’re looking to encounter a specific evolution, I recommend choosing an island where it appears.

For players who’d like to spend some Diamonds, there’s also going to be special Eevee bundles in the game’s store which feature Eevee Incenses, Eevee Candies and more.

Eevee Day in Pokémon Masters EX

The mobile game Pokémon Masters EX is also celebrating Eevee this year. The Sync Pair Penny & Sylveon was added to the game along with a new event, Veevee on Pasio! In addition, a log-in bonus which awards Gems is also active.

Update: On November 14, it was revealed that the Sync Pairs Elaine & Eevee and Eve (Poké Kid) & Eevee will be added to the game on the 16th.

If any other events are announced, we’ll add them to this post! Anything you’re looking forward to participating in? Let us know in the comments or on Discord!