Pokémon Masters Reveals Sync Pair Story Feature

The upcoming game Pokémon Masters, developed by Japanese studio DeNA, will feature special unlockable story scenes for each sync pair (a trainer and their Pokémon). Their official Twitter account has posted a preview of one such scene with Iris and her Haxorus. The clip is short so it is currently unknown exactly how long each … Read more

Pokémon Masters Livestream

The informational presentation on Pokémon Masters will begin streaming shortly. We’ve embedded it below for your convenience: Live updates (newest first, refresh page to see) Release scheduled for Summer 2019 Trainers collect badges to progress through the Masters League Trainers can use moves in battle to heal or support Trainers and Pokémon fight together as … Read more

Pokémon Masters Informational Video Airing June 27

It was announced that Pokémon Masters would be getting more information later this month and we finally have a date: June 27! There will be an 8 minute presentation livestreamed globally. Here is a time guide for our viewers: 10 PM JST 3 PM CEST 2 PM BST 9 AM EDT 8 AM CDT 6 … Read more

What are ‘Gacha Games’?: Preparing for Pokémon Masters

When Pokémon Masters was released, it was almost immediately labeled a “gacha”-style game even without many details about its progression system or monetization being released. Many people who frequently game on iOS or Android are familiar with such titles, but fans of the Pokémon series may be new to the concept. What is a ‘Gacha’ … Read more

New Details Revealed About Pokémon Masters

It may have only been revealed yesterday, but we’ve already got a few new details about the upcoming mobile (iOS/Android) title Pokémon Masters. These come from a Japanese discussion board post which was posted a week before the game’s reveal—most of the details it contained were the exact same as what were shown in the … Read more

Section of Pokémon Masters key art

Pokémon Home, Sleep and Masters

The biggest announcements of the 2019 Pokémon Press Conference were probably Pokémon HOME, Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon Masters. I’m going to briefly explain each here in the post, but I have created a dedicated page for them all that have more concrete details. Pokémon Home Pokémon HOME is a service akin to Pokémon Bank which … Read more