Pokémon Masters Livestream

The informational presentation on Pokémon Masters will begin streaming shortly. We’ve embedded it below for your convenience:

Live updates (newest first, refresh page to see)

  • Release scheduled for Summer 2019
  • Trainers collect badges to progress through the Masters League
  • Trainers can use moves in battle to heal or support
  • Trainers and Pokémon fight together as a Sync Pair
  • Mr. Sasaki explains that the game takes place on the island of Pasio
  • Ishihara giving some explanation about the game
  • Great anime style intro
Red & Charizard The silent type, this legendary, awesome Pokémon Trainer hardly talks at all. His best friend, Blue, is also his rival. Notice anything different about his clothes?
Brock & Onix Known as the rock-solid Pokémon Trainer, he is a reliable Gym Leader who watches over and supports younger Trainers.
Misty & Starmie A Gym Leader known as the Tomboyish Mermaid, she has an upbeat personality but also acts tough and takes rules very seriously.
Rosa & Snivy   This high-spirited young lady likes to stand out and has a strong sense of justice. Her dream is to have many battles with Trainers all over the world.
Blue & Pidgeot   This highly skilled powerhouse Trainer prominent in Kanto is the grandson of the famous Professor Oak. Red is both his lifelong rival and his best friend.
Cynthia & Garchomp This Champion of Sinnoh is an archeologist who researches the history and mythology of Pokémon. Her deep love for Pokémon sent her on an adventure when she was young.
Iris & Haxorus This lively young Trainer’s family lives among dragon Pokémon. Despite her youth, her skills in battle have made her a Champion.
Clair & Kingdra She is a proud, confident Gym Leader who uses Dragon-type Pokémon. Her cousin Lance is also a Dragon-type Pokémon user.
Brendan & Treecko   His goal is to be like his dad, Norman—a Gym Leader he really looks up to. He is a bit mischievous, but he is serious about Pokémon battles.
Flannery & Torkoal   A Gym Leader with a fiery, brave personality, she can be a bit too serious and sometimes tries too hard to conduct herself properly.
Thorton & Bronzong   He analyzes his opponents, and his knowledge of and skills with any Pokémon are the real deal. As Factory Head, he battles challengers.
Korrina & Lucario A lively Gym Leader who speeds around on roller skates, she is known as the Mega Evolution successor in her native Kalos.
Acerola & Palossand Rumored to be descended from an ancient Alolan dynasty, this Ghost-type Pokémon Trainer serves as one of the Alola region’s Elite Four.
Barry & Piplup   An incredibly impetuous, high-spirited young man who runs straight for what he wants without any hesitation, he has an earnest passion for Pokémon.

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