Pokémon GO to Revive Colosseum’s Purification Mechanic? (UPD)

Pokémon Colosseum was released 15 years ago, but a mechanic it introduced may be making a comeback. Recently discovered in the code for Pokémon GO was a new Pokédex stat: ‘purified Pokémon’.

It’s unsurprising that many are now wondering if Shadow Pokémon, first introduced in Colosseum, will be coming to GO. Hopefully Niantic will share their plans for new features soon and clear up the mystery surrounding the addition.

UPDATE: As Pokéxperto has pointed out, there is also now more to this story. It appears that the update will involve Team Rocket. On their Twitter you can also check out the list of Pokémon that appear as Shadow Pokémon.

Let us know if you’d like to see a Shadow Pokémon or purification mechanic come to GO or share your favorite Colosseum or XD memories in the comments! If you want to chat about Pokémon Sword & Shield then hop on over to Discord!

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