New Details Revealed About Pokémon Masters

It may have only been revealed yesterday, but we’ve already got a few new details about the upcoming mobile (iOS/Android) title Pokémon Masters. These come from a Japanese discussion board post which was posted a week before the game’s reveal—most of the details it contained were the exact same as what were shown in the trailer. There were a few that we didn’t get to see though.

According to the post, here are a few things we can expect from the game when it launches later this year:

  • Auto-mode functionality available in battles
  • Trainers are confirmed to be a gacha element
  • Pokémon can use attacks or items during battle
  • Pokémon don’t gain levels like the main series, but can attain higher levels of power and evolution
  • Famous trainers are linked to their single Pokémon that they are befriended/summoned with
  • Teams cannot contain multiples of the same Pokémon or Trainer
  • Battle system is less complex than the original game; it appears that all types are present in Masters but may not share the same dynamics
  • Trainers and Pokémon befriended in the game are called ‘Buddies’ in the Japanese version

These details confirm a lot of what people have been speculating based on the short trailer that was seen during the conference. I’m most curious to know how people feel about the auto mode being included—will it be fun enough to play manually?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Don’t forget we also have a growing Discord server in which to chat about Pokémon as well!

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