Leaving to get on my flight

It’s 5am and I’ll be leaving now to go to the airport.  Just thought I’d give you guys one last post from America 🙂  Won’t be posting anything else today haha <3 pokejungle ps- Wish me a safe flight plz :3

ps- we’re all still alive

In case anyone was wondering ;D  I’ve been busy since a friend of mine from out of state is in town with some of his college classmates and we’ve been having fun plus a bunch of other stuff.  Also I’ve been accepted into an English college in Tokyo, Japan for the Spring ’11 semester so … Read more

Why doesn’t this exist? [Opinion]

Feel free to skip “Opinion Articles” if you’re just here for news on Gen IV, otherwise I do occasionally interject posts chalk full of my own opinions here on PJN.  Just a disclaimer. Since Pokemon’s conception I’ve been fairly enamored with Brock’s concept of being a “Pokemon Breeder”.  Even though originally in the main series … Read more

I’m Back~

I was debating actually posting anything because I have no real information to give you, but it felt weird to just leave PJN with the last update from me being @ 2PM and I know I won’t be updating again until 5PM tomorrow (when I get off work).  Although I did set my alarm 20mins … Read more

Ongoing Banner Project

So far Keanno’s banner is the top choice, both for me personally and by popular opinion it seems in the comments.  That being said, I feel bad even having to choose.  There were SO many great banners created by all of you (many, many more than I expected) and I wish I had a giant … Read more