Nintendo Announces the 2DS XL

A new variation of the 2DS console has been announced, this time sporting a bigger screen and similar clam-shell design to its 3DS siblings. While a black and turquoise version will be the only one launching in the US, an orange and white model will be released in Japan and possibly Europe as well. Unlike … Read more

New Nintendo Direct Announced

A new Nintendo Direct has been announced for April 12 (3PM PT/6PM ET) with new information about Nintendo Switch and 3DS games. The main focus will be on Arms and Splatoon 2, but we will probably hear about other games as well. Nintendo Direct incoming! Tune in 4/12 at 3 PM PT. — Nintendo … Read more

Two New Pokémon 3DS Themes: Tapu Koko & Team Skull

Been hankering for a new 3DS theme to show off your love of Pokémon Sun & Moon? The Pokégods have heard you and Tapu Koko and Team Skull have each gotten their own Nintendo 3DS theme! These are currently Japan only but will undoubtedly come to the West soon!

Pikachu New 3DS XL Coming to US in Feb

North American Pokémon fans will be able to get their hands on one of these cute Pikachu-themed New 3DS XL models starting February 24th for $199.99. Will it be enough to make you buy yet another 3DS?

Two New Sun & Moon 3DS Themes Released

Two new themes for the Nintendo 3DS have been released, both based on last month’s hit titles Pokémon Sun & Moon. They are already available for purchase in Japan, but will soon launch in both North America and Europe. What do you think? Enough to warrant a purchase?? I’m sure some of you may have … Read more

Team Rocket & Galactic Themes Hit 3DS

Two new Nintendo 3DS themes have been released in Japan for Team Rocket and Team Galactic. Players can pledge their allegiance to either by purchasing them for ¥200 ($1.99 / £1.79 / €1,99 upon international release within the next few months). You can watch trailers for the Team Rocket Theme or Team Galactic Theme by following … Read more