It’s Zoroark Time!

Time to shine, Zoroark. The official site has announced lots of details regarding a one month long promotion of the thirteenth movie release Zoroark: Master of Illusions. The first thing is that Zoroark will be distributed through American Toys“R”Us between September 18th and September 25th. It will come at level 50 and knows the move Snarl, … Read more

PJ Plays: Pokemon Rumble Blast

Ah! A new addition of ‘PJ Plays’, the long neglected column that unceremoniously disappeared after Pokemon Mystery Dungeon bored the hell out of pokejungle! It has returned, however, since I have obtained a Japanese 3DS (beautiful flame red, no cost to me as my boyfriend gave it to me) and a copy of Pokemon Rumble Blast.  Right … Read more

3DS Price Drop, Rumble Delay Makes Sense

The newest Nintendo handheld, the 3DS, will receive a substantial price drop on August 12th. The American price is being cut by $80, going from retail of $249.99 to $169.99 and Japanese price from ¥25,000 to ¥15,000. This drop is probably to spur on lagging sales and increase the console’s adoption rate. Will I get … Read more

Super Pokemon Scramble is Official

Guess the news we broke yesterday was spot on :] The game is action oriented, has one and two player modes (local wireless only) and will be out in Japan on July 28th. Looks fun! Also, I never actually bought Rumble because I never use my Wii, but a portable version is certainly more enticing. … Read more

3DS PKMN Game: Super Pokémon Scramble!

Well, the first Pokémon game coming for the 3DS (excluding the Dex) may not be what you were waiting for. If it’s anything like Pokémon Typing DS it may not even make it out of Japan.  This screenshot was posted on our Japanese partner ShellSpider and is of a game reservation info list from Lawson … Read more