3DS PKMN Game: Super Pokémon Scramble!

Well, the first Pokémon game coming for the 3DS (excluding the Dex) may not be what you were waiting for. If it’s anything like Pokémon Typing DS it may not even make it out of Japan.  This screenshot was posted on our Japanese partner ShellSpider and is of a game reservation info list from Lawson (a Japanese convenience store which has a location a minute from my house).  No other details right now, but we’ll keep you posted!

Obviously this is NOT rock hard information as the game has yet to be even announced by Nintendo, but often retailers get information much earlier than the announcements are put out 🙂  Their slip ups are our luck!

From what the rumor claimed, it’s going to be in CoroCoro this month and will be released in October. It is a spiritual sequel to Pokemon Rumble for the WiiWare (which was called Pokemon Scramble in Japan), except it’s a lot more expansive and is a four player (local and WiFi) Gauntlet-style game.

There are only 5th Gen Pokemon included except for Pikachu, at least judging by the preview in CoroCoro, and the initial playable character are Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott. You basically run around hack-and-slashing your way through other Pokemon, and each Pokemon can level up and learn new attacks. It utilizes the models from the recent 3D Pokedex, apparently. Kind of a non-turn based Mysterious Dungeon, you could say. – Kenhorou

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