Super Pokemon Scramble is Official

Guess the news we broke yesterday was spot on :] The game is action oriented, has one and two player modes (local wireless only) and will be out in Japan on July 28th. Looks fun! Also, I never actually bought Rumble because I never use my Wii, but a portable version is certainly more enticing.

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    1. Clearly it’s not just Unova stuff + Pika, then. So there’s hope for the likes of Arbok and Weezing being in here!

      Now if only we could be able to somehow transfer stuff over from the original Rumble…

      1. Yeah that actually wouldn’t be too bad haha
        I was hoping for something more along the lines of a new mystery dungeon or ranger game or even pokemon gray but I knew there was a slim chance for that

  1. Everyone who is mad about this game, y’all should know by now that this is the pokemon cycle. First they announce a new generation. Then, the next games will be games that aren’t the main games (usually it’s pokemon mystery dungeon and something else), and then they make the third version and then they make a filler game for the third version because usually new pokemon are introduced, and then they make a remake and then a filler game based on the remake and then the next generation.

  2. Hm, I haven’t bought Pokemon rumble yet or i would not really bought it,but Im really gonna buy this game,even though I really like mystery dungeon or a ranger game than this,but I think with Pokedex 3D,I’ll just pass my time with this.

  3. i have never played pokemon smash and tbh i am kinda disappointed in the announcement but i will still give this a shot when i get a 3ds

  4. I’ve never played this, so I don’t think I will play this one either. But, if there is a Pokemon Scramble now, does that mean after this Pokemon Grey comes, then Remakemon Ruby and Saphire, and then the new generation? So, we won’t get to play Pokémon Mystery Dungeon with the 5th generation Pokémon? Oh my god, this is really disappointing.

  5. mmm…I kinda wish they went with the Pokedex3D Style graphics, instead of sticking with the original Rumble graphics, but whatever works. still looks awesome! (I was just playing rumble yesterday :3)

  6. I never did get Pokemon Rumble.. (never have been able to buy games from the wii shop ;__;) So I’m actually interested in this game. XD
    It’s something little but this is how Pokemon rolls.

  7. Pokemon Rumble is the shit. It would work better on a portable though, and finally a game with isshu (sorry unova) AND older pokemon?

  8. Well this is a major letdown, I was hoping for a new Mystery Dungeon game (ugh, the wait for a new PMD is going to be painful, I can feel it)

  9. @masterge77 – Yes too long to announced the next PMD, never cant we wait. @Kyrzz, better on a portable yes,and so far the confirmed pokemon to appear are those of Gen I and gen V as POkemon Rumble are Gen I and Gen IV.

    1. Sorry for relying to myself but Im just going to add that they dont make CRAPPY titles for PMD,they need to make it something that reaches our interest.

  10. People, can you do some researches before complaining? Rumble and Mystery Dungeon aren’t even made by the same developers (Ambrella for Rumble, and Chunsoft for Mystery Dungeon) So complaining that they made this game instead of a Mystery Dungeon is like complaining that Nintendo made a Mario game instead of a Final Fantasy.

    Plus, Rumble was my favourite WiiWare game, and I’m sure a full retail game can only be better in terms of content and gameplay! 😀

  11. To everyone that is putting this down; Pokemon Rumble is actually REALLY FUN and a GREAT game! When I first heard about it I wasn’t to sure about it and then when my cousins got, I tried it. There’s something about the whole collecting pokemon and their shiny versions, trying to get the best attacks, and clearing all the stages and the battle royale that makes this game ADDICTING! It’s even better when you have more people to play with! 😀 I for one, am excited and can’t wait for this game to come out! I’ll be pre-ordering it! XD

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