New Rumble Blast Codes

  Our ‘Passwords’ page has been updated with information.  Head over to the actual page to see more details, such as abilities and bonus moves, but if you’re in a hurry here are the codes: Gallade (3535-6928) Oshawott (7403-2240) Thundurus (0250-7321) Tomorrow I’m off from school and no work so I’m HOPING to get some … Read more

PJ Plays: Pokemon Rumble Blast

Ah! A new addition of ‘PJ Plays’, the long neglected column that unceremoniously disappeared after Pokemon Mystery Dungeon bored the hell out of pokejungle! It has returned, however, since I have obtained a Japanese 3DS (beautiful flame red, no cost to me as my boyfriend gave it to me) and a copy of Pokemon Rumble Blast.  Right … Read more

Super Pokemon Rumble, Ahoy!

Avast mateys, we be goin’ with a’pirate theme today! You scallywags look’n forward to the troves of Rumble news we be get’n soon enough? It comes ashore on the ‘morrow here on the great island of Japan.  Us landlubbers will be grabbing copies as soon as we can.  Yarr! I may buy Scramble + Japanese … Read more

3DS Price Drop, Rumble Delay Makes Sense

The newest Nintendo handheld, the 3DS, will receive a substantial price drop on August 12th. The American price is being cut by $80, going from retail of $249.99 to $169.99 and Japanese price from ¥25,000 to ¥15,000. This drop is probably to spur on lagging sales and increase the console’s adoption rate. Will I get … Read more

Pokémon Rumble Blast: Gallade Password

I happened to be browsing through the latest Famitsu issue tonight at a convenience store while waiting for a fax to send and happened across the password for Gallade in PRB: 9616-8485. Guess living in Japan does give me an edge in news (but very rarely :p).  Also of interest to you maybe the the … Read more

Super Pokemon Scramble Trailer

httpv:// Looks fun, huh?!  Besides just getting to enjoy the 4 minutes of gameplay, here are some other little facts gleamed from the video: Player starts in ‘Toy Town’ One of the modes is ‘Team Battle’ One of the modes is ‘Assault Battle’ There are special areas you may play co-op in Game utilizes the … Read more