PJN in JPN: Scramble Adverts

I make routine stops to electronic stores to check for any new Scramble details. Finally Bic Camera had something! Sadly, no new details or anything, but I just thought it was kinda fun to see stores gearing up for the launch. <3 pokejungle ps- I know there are a few site issues right now, possibly … Read more

Super Pokemon Scramble Trailer

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfSP7obdFC4 Looks fun to me 🙂 Thanks NekoZeppelin for the tip! Lately with Ocarina of time out and now this game… I’m feeling like a 3DS would be fun to get.  Hope it gets a price drop soon though! <3 pokejungle

Super Pokemon Scramble is Official

Guess the news we broke yesterday was spot on :] The game is action oriented, has one and two player modes (local wireless only) and will be out in Japan on July 28th. Looks fun! Also, I never actually bought Rumble because I never use my Wii, but a portable version is certainly more enticing. … Read more

3DS PKMN Game: Super Pokémon Scramble!

Well, the first Pokémon game coming for the 3DS (excluding the Dex) may not be what you were waiting for. If it’s anything like Pokémon Typing DS it may not even make it out of Japan.  This screenshot was posted on our Japanese partner ShellSpider and is of a game reservation info list from Lawson … Read more