PJ Plays: Pokemon Rumble Blast

Ah! A new addition of ‘PJ Plays’, the long neglected column that unceremoniously disappeared after Pokemon Mystery Dungeon bored the hell out of pokejungle! It has returned, however, since I have obtained a Japanese 3DS (beautiful flame red, no cost to me as my boyfriend gave it to me) and a copy of Pokemon Rumble Blast.  Right now I’m in the third town, West Town, with the first two being Toy Town and East Town.  You can see my Leavanny at the fountain above.

I’ll get more into the game in the next article, but for now I just wanted to share a few thoughts in a bullet’d list (mostly because I have a sinus infection and need to wake up in 6 hours for work):

  • The 3D effect is not overly strong
  • Don’t get attached to your toys, you’re constantly replacing pokemon
  • Some toys have special bonuses, such as regenerative HP
  • I haven’t bothered to really understand the storyline
  • Lack of multiplayer seems like a real missed opportunity in this game.  Srsly.
Ideally I’d like to do the articles town by town, possibly starting with my experiences in ‘West Town’.  Since this isn’t in the “main series”, I’m sure reading about the experience is more valuable than any sort of drab guides or solid information at this point.  The 3DS region restriction means not many of my readers are probably playing right now.  I will use this game to pilot our new content pages so that PJN will once again be an information source and not just news blog.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Anyone have a Chansey or Audino to get me back to full health?