Japan Cup + Croagunk C-Gear Skin [UPD]

The Japanese Global Link site is hosting a tournament! Named the ‘Japan Cup’, the tournament is in commemoration of the first birthday of the Japanese release of Pokemon Black & White and, as such, you can only enter if you’re a player in Japan (Wow. Can’t believe it’s been almost a year…). The tournament consists of Double Battles, with the use of Unova Pokemon only, excluded Victini, Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem. Applications for the tournament can be found at the official Daisuki Club website from September 9th to September 14th, while the tournament itself runs from September 15th to the 19th. With the results being made public on September 28th. All participants will recieve the Pikachu 2011 Worlds C-Gear skin that was distributed to Europe and America earlier this month but, there’s only 10,000 available spots, so if you just so happen to live in Japan and love competitive battling, be sure to sign up quick!

In US Global Link news, the Poison Jab Croagunk C-Gear skin that was distrubuted to Japan earlier this year has finally made its way to the states! The skin is available from now until March 1st, 2012, but, to get it you will need a password that is in the August issue of Nintendo Power magazine. The password hasn’t found its way to the internet yet, but stick with us and we’ll post it as soon as it becomes known! The password is NPCGEAR.

peace – ozymandis

P.S. I actually really like the Croagunk C-Gear skin, and now that it’s gone state side it’s only a matter of time before the Piplup C-Gear makes it’s way over! 😀

    1. Lol, I read it to fast. I thought it said “will be available on March 1st”. But yay! Another boyish C-Gear Skin! 🙂

    2. Lol, I read it to fast. I thought it said “will be available on March 1st”. But yay! Another boyish C-Gear Skin! 🙂

      1. I’m so sorry for posting that twice. I’m seriously about to kill myself. I fell like and idiot, lol…

  1. Where do I enter the C-Gear code? The last one on the promotions page is the Worlds Pikachu skin.

    1. It looks like the event is US only, so if you don’t live in the states, I don’t think you’ll get the C-Gear skin until later. 😐

      If you do live in the US, come back to the Pokemon Global Link site in a few hours. The Worlds 2011 C-Gear didn’t appear for me at first and I actually had to wait until the day after before it appeared on the promotions page.

      1. But the English Global Link site is all one site. There’s no US and UK seperate ones.

  2. I thought the same, but this one really is a US exclusive. It seems that no UK users have been able to even see the update for the Croagunk C-Gear skin. Dx
    If it means anything Serebii confirmed for me. ahahahahaa

    1. but i logged in through the US site. Do they have IP trackers? The worlds cgear took a while to load up for me but it did eventually.

      1. Not to my knowledge….

        But if you had to wait a bit for the Worlds C-Gear to pop up, then it’ll probably be the same for the Croagunk one. Besides, there’s no hurry, you have until March to download it. :p

    1. Wait. I take that back.
      When I was in the Dream World today, I visited a guy’s house and it was listed under Canada. So, I’m thinking that not even Canada gets this C-Gear…yet.

  3. I checked after I posted that comment and the c-gear was available. So, thanks anyways for the response. ^^

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