Today At E3…


As I think all you all know, today was Nintendo’s E3 conference! And unfortunately, other then a little 3DS Pokedex App shout-out there wasn’t any Pokemon related news…BUT that doesn’t mean Nintendo didn’t blow us away with something even bigger!

Presenting the Wii U! Previously known as Project Cafe, this next-generation Wii comes with a bunch of cool new features such as a 6 inch touch screen, a camera and the ability to use it without a TV! Only thing that totally sucks about it is that we have to wait until 2012 for it to be released to the public. :/

So, opinions? I, for one, have been having nerdgasms all throughout the school day, so you could say I like it. A lot. And not to mention the new Zelda game that’s coming out! But enough about me, discuss in the comments!

Peace -ozymandis

  1. I’m pretty into it<3 All of the new Zelda news had me super giddy.

    I can't wait for the Wii U. Though I liked Project Cafe better as a name. Still gonna decorate mine to look like a cake even with the name change.

  2. Honestly not that thrilled about it. It’s got some interesting ideas going for it, but just as the Wii did… it fails to really grab my attention. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt though, as it seems Nintendo was really putting all its attention on the actual controller rather than the console itself. Perhaps when more of the specs are revealed for the machine, it’ll grab my attention.

    In the end though, perhaps it’s just that Microsoft and Sony consoles are much more appealing to me due to their games.

  3. Dunno when I’ll be able to get my hands on one, but it looks pretty interesting, I’m curious as to how the controller will work.

  4. I personally like the simple gaming controllers, i.e, for the xbox, playstation, and gamecube. All of this fancy stuff.. Meh.

  5. I kind of want it to suck because I know I can’t afford it… I just want Nintendo to keep churning out Wii and DS games! I can’t really get anything else! 🙁

  6. I don’t know about this… It looks expensive, and I have this really bizarre feeling that we’ll look back in 20 or so years and think this was the corniest thing to grace video gaming. I guess I’m just kind of defensive because it feels like they’re creating an unnecessary bridge between consoles and portables. Haha, I hope I’m wrong. At least it looks innovative!

  7. just want Super Smash Bros as it was/still is awesome on Wii!
    I need to see more games relased on the Wii U to see whether I will buy it or not, that also goes for the PS Vita (which actualy looks really good!)

  8. Let’s see….the wii u looked very creative and new and I can’t wait to see how else it can be used, the new games shown were awesome (Mario 3D, kid Icarus, Kirby for the wii, animal crossing), the new trailers for games I known about were awesome (city escape in sonic generations ftw), and now we have super smash bros annouced for the wii u AND 3DS….and this was only nintendos 1st day.

    1. I think it’s only an option to not use the TV. Like in TLOZ: Wind Waker where you could have the Tingle Tuner on your GameBoy and ignore the GameCube for a while, or in the GC Animal Crossing when you could play on the island.

      In short, I’m assuming that you’ll have to have a TV to hook the system to, but you can take certain parts of the game onto the controller and turn off the TV for a bit.

  9. I think that this will finally allow us to play ds/3ds games on the wii remote as well as wii games on the remote as well as the tv.

  10. .. for a start, how much is that gonna cost, with a 6.2″ touch screen, speaker, microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer and camera. Kinda gives you the feeling there’s a good reason they glazed over any details of cost at E3. I don’t see the need for the camera and microphone, they seem to have just thrown in everything possible into the controller regardless of use so that they can say it’s got this and that, but in reality it’ll cost more, and if it’s something that’s not going to be used then it’s just a waste. It’s also just more to go wrong. I get the sneaky suspicion it won’t be long after the release of the console, that they release versions of the console with toned down controllers, without the camera and microphone etc. – infact I hope so.

    Another thing that was weird. They spent so much time talking about the controller they didn’t even give us a proper look at the console. You could just about see it in the background in the first video, that was it. It reminds me of the 3DS launch – you know, a lot of talking about the 3D, what they considered to be the centerpiece of the kit, yet the other features were going ignored, and what do I like best about the 3DS now? It’s not the 3D anyway.. Personally, the (alleged, not sure if it’s been confirmed yet) 1080p HD display of the wii successor will be the bigger pull for me. Hopefully an improved online structure more akin to the 3DS would be implemented too.

    One more thing though – Wii U? Isn’t that what you say when someone blows off? I know commercial names will almost always blur into normality after a little, but Wii U…

  11. i think it looks ok and all, but i don’t know how they expect the average gamer to enjoy it. i mean, it’ll only come with 1 of those expensive-looking controllers, so if friends want to come over to play a game, they will most likely have to have their own, right? it’s basically 2 game systems that link together. 3 if you count all the wii hardware. sure it’s a new gaming experience, but how many people are going to shell out the money to keep this alive? i probably won’t.

  12. Meh. After my severe disappointment at the 3DS, I don’t have very high hopes for further Nintendo systems…

    Though, where’s that Pokemon Wii game they were supposed to announce? They’ll run out of time if they wait much longer on that…

  13. Maybe they aren’t going to announce one for the Wii anymore..couz u know they’re focusing more to the new Wii U and 3DS..well maybe Super Pokemon Scramble,or Pokemon Rumble 2 when its out of Japan.

  14. Well if not Pokemon that would be Super Smash Bros. or Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. There many games to choose from so dont lock yourself with a few games. Well I would choose Tekken: Wii Successor or Assassin’s Creed.

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