Today At E3…


As I think all you all know, today was Nintendo’s E3 conference! And unfortunately, other then a little 3DS Pokedex App shout-out there wasn’t any Pokemon related news…BUT that doesn’t mean Nintendo didn’t blow us away with something even bigger!

Presenting the Wii U! Previously known as Project Cafe, this next-generation Wii comes with a bunch of cool new features such as a 6 inch touch screen, a camera and the ability to use it without a TV! Only thing that totally sucks about it is that we have to wait until 2012 for it to be released to the public. :/

So, opinions? I, for one, have been having nerdgasms all throughout the school day, so you could say I like it. A lot. And not to mention the new Zelda game that’s coming out! But enough about me, discuss in the comments!

Peace -ozymandis