It’s Zoroark Time!

Time to shine, Zoroark. The official site has announced lots of details regarding a one month long promotion of the thirteenth movie release Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

The first thing is that Zoroark will be distributed through American Toys“R”Us between September 18th and September 25th. It will come at level 50 and knows the move Snarl, a move that no Pokémon can learn naturally, so get it while you can.

The second is a new C-Gear skin, pictured above. The password is ZoroarkMonth11, and I think it looks dark and great.

The next interesting thing is that you can watch the movie in English on the official website, through it’s Pokémon TV, which you can get at It will be only available September 17th and 18th. In case you missed it and still want to see it, the DVD is coming two days later, on September 20th.

And the best thing is that you can get 25 chances to win a Pokémon related prizes, from boosters boxes to Black or White and even a 3DS(!). Sign up at This only applies to US residents, so Eurasians and others are out of luck.

Are you surprised that they’re doing a massive promotion for the thirteenth movie? Anyone who hates/likes the new C-Gear skin? Something else on your mind regarding the movie/contest? Discuss it all in the comments!