Pokémon X&Y COVERAGE Day 1: We have the game

One of our staff members, Sammydodger, has now received his copy of Pokémon X! This is the beginning of our coverage of the game. We’re compiling our own experiences, along with information from 4chan, Reddit, and a large chunk from Serebii’s early explorations. This post will be updated constantly with information and images 🙂 Region Information … Read more

All of the New Pokémon in Pokémon X&Y

New Pokémon Notes: The image above was not made by me. It came from either 4chan’s /vp/ board or Reddit. Props to the creator, it is very well done. More new Pokémon…? Currently there are several Mega Stones that have been found, but the Pokémon has not: Druddigon, Heracross, and Galvantula. Profilic Pokémon Black & White leaker “Hiro” also said … Read more

Hey, where’d the leaks go?!

One of the leakers, kosthedin, apparently got contacted by Nintendo to stop posting images. The team here at PokéJungle loves reporting on the latest news, but if Nintendo doesn’t want us to… we’re not going to. And in that spirit, we’ve taken everything down for now. Sorry all. <3 PJ

Pokémon X & Y Review Copies Released; Information Leaking?

The above shots were posted to 4chan’s /vp/ board, but may originate from Italian games. Review copies being out does not mean that leaks are guaranteed, because only professional gaming news outlets receive them, but it is a definite possibility that new images and information will surface before release. Reviews will not be posted until … Read more

Pokémon Game Show: Saturday *Live Updates* [UPD10]

Good evening PokéJunglers! The Pokémon Game Show is about to begin, and so avid fans have already began to gather at Tokyos ‘Big Site’. We’ll update this post throughout the day with pictures of the event from our friends attending, as well as any news! Stay tuned! Update 10 : Added a PGS video and … Read more

June Corocoro Leaking! [UPD 5]

Translations: “Panda” Pokémon‘s name is Yanchamu, it’s is the “Mischievous Pokémon” and is a Fighting-type. The leaf in its mouth is its trademark. Its new attack allows it to switch out and lower the opponents stats. Yanchamu is able to learn a new move Parting Remark. “Bird” Pokémon‘s name is Yayakoma, it is the “Robin Pokémon”, is … Read more