All of the New Pokémon in Pokémon X&Y

New Pokémon


Notes: The image above was not made by me. It came from either 4chan’s /vp/ board or Reddit. Props to the creator, it is very well done.

More new Pokémon…?

Currently there are several Mega Stones that have been found, but the Pokémon has not: Druddigon, Heracross, and Galvantula. Profilic Pokémon Black & White leaker “Hiro” also said that Scizor would be getting one too. A legendary trio could also surface in Kalos as well as unseen downloadable Legendaries.

What do you think? Are you OK with the smaller number of “new” Pokémon? Do you like the concept of Mega Evolutions and their role in battles?

<3 PJ

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