Extremespeed Genesect Trailer Revealed!

The Official Pokémon Youtube Channel has just released a short new trailer regarding the new red “ExtremeSpeed” Genesect. The trailer features both a red Genesect and a normal coloured one flying through a city, with the red Genesect causing damage to the citys buildings. The narrator of the trailer goes on to say that “the … Read more

Pokémon Movie 16 Information Leaks!

Corocoro leaks have release information pertaining to the next Pokemon movie due out in Japan on the 13th of July, 2013. [list style=”orb” color=”green”] *Genesect will be available as a present alongside the movie from the 11th of January through till the 10th of February at the Pokémon Centres around Japan for Black/White and Black/White … Read more

Genesect WiFi Event Now Live! [UPD]

That’s right, Genesect is now available for download via WiFi for all Japanese BW2 games! This ‘mon has the OT of Team Plasma, is lvl. 50 and knows the moves Signal Beam, Magnet Bomb, Solarbeam and Techno Blast! And as a reminder, when this Genesect is taken to the P2 Lab in BW and BW2 it … Read more

Genesect Download’s Moveset Revealed?

CoroCoro’s September issue has leaked on 2ch and we can see in the screenshots that Genesect’s moveset is: [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Magnet Bomb Signal Beam Solar Beam Techno Blast [/list] No details on level or held item. Download will start Saturday for Black 2/White 2 owners (JP).  Enjoy! <3 pokejungle ps- Anyone notice that I … Read more

Genesect to be Star of Next Pokémon Movie?

Serebii is saying yes, currently hosting a rumor posted by an anonymous 2ch user (and you know we love anonymous 2ch rumors) that a preview for the next movie follows the upcoming film “Kyurem and the Sacred Swordsman Keldeo”. The movie would air in Summer 2013 if it follows the usual Pokéfilm tradition in Japan. … Read more

New Serial Code for Japanese BW2 + Genesect?

  Thanks to Ararabo, a scan for a leaflet showcasing a guide book has come out. This guide book, set for release on August 11th, comes with a serial code. There are no details on what Pokemon will be available through the serial code, but from past examples, it is more than likely a Dream … Read more