Genesect WiFi Event Now Live! [UPD]

That’s right, Genesect is now available for download via WiFi for all Japanese BW2 games! This ‘mon has the OT of Team Plasma, is lvl. 50 and knows the moves Signal Beam, Magnet Bomb, Solarbeam and Techno Blast! And as a reminder, when this Genesect is taken to the P2 Lab in BW and BW2 it will unlock the event that gives you access to the drives that have an effect on its signature move, Techno Blast. The download will end on September 14th, so be sure to grab it while you can!

All 649 Pokémon are now FINALLY, legitimately available! W00T! Also, what’re your guy’s opinions on Genesect, you looking forward to the event coming to your area? Can’t say I’m too fond of this guy myself. :p

UPD: For those with Pokédex 3D Pro, the password that unlocks Meloetta’s Aria and Pirouete Formes has been revealed! The password is RGFOAUTF, and it unlocks a 20 question quiz which you must create in slots 37-39. Once you do that you’ll be able to view Meloetta in its entirety on the ‘Dex!