Virizion’s Vision: Alternate Villains

Sammydodger here again with another Virizion’s Vision: Alternate article. This will hopefully be a mini-series in which we will view core Pokémon elements from a new perspective.

Prepare for trouble and make it double… okay maybe quintuple since there have now been five villainous organizations threatening the stability of the Pokémon world with in the main games. With each new generation we always expect to not only see new things, but also returning traditions. Who will be the new professor? Who will be the new Elite 4? Who will be the new villains? These are just a few examples of the main staples which form the Pokémon series. Today, I would like us to discuss the roles which the antagonists play during the stories; and what makes them fit within the Pokémon universe. To begin with, I’ll give a brief outline of each of the five criminal syndicates, followed by a few ideas of what could make a good alternate/future villain.


Team Rocket: The original bad guys are famed all over the world mostly due to the incompetent Jessie, James and Meowth from the anime. However, they’ve also made a big impact in the games too. They’re the only gang to appear in two generations and two regions. This makes them quite memorable, especially to veteran Pokémon players. Their main goals include world domination whilst making a tidy profit by stealing and/or exploiting Pokémon. This alone probably makes them the cruelest and most heartless of the 5 enemy groups. They were led by infamous leader Giovanni whom you meet at several points in R/B/Y. He is also the 8th gym leader, once beaten however you never see him again. In G/S/C, Team Rocket reform under the leadership of some admins. Their main goal is to bring back Giovanni so that he can return the gang to its former glory. However, their plans ultimately fall flat and you don’t get to see the big man himself. But in the remakes HG/SS you get to go back in time and visit Tohjo Falls where the Rocket boss resides. There you have a showdown which helps prevent him from rejoining Team Rocket. You also discover that your rival throughout your adventures in G/S/C is actually the Giovanni’s son!


Team Magma/Team Aqua: The third generation of Pokémon games R/S/E are probably the most unique when it comes to villainous organizations. There were two rival gangs whose opposite ideals made them clash and battle for supremacy. Depending on the version you played one gang would be your enemy, and one would be your ally (unless you played Emerald in which case you battled against the two of them). Both had similar aims; however they were very opposite at the same time. Magma wanted to expand the land mass using the power of Groudon; whilst Aqua wanted to expand the sea using the power of Kyogre. Unlike Team Rocket who specialised in “annoying” Pokémon, Magma used fire types and Aqua used water types (though there were still some annoying Pokémon mixed in). A weird thing to point out is that despite Aqua having the type advantage, both gangs were actually evenly matched. Once again you would battle them at different points during the game. Their plans are much more extreme than Team Rockets, and could be deemed more evil; however the reasons behind their desired expansions are far more understandable (though equally as barmy). They want to improve the way of life for both humans and Pokémon alike. Unfortunately neither considers the possible repercussions of their actions, so alas you must stop them.


Team Galactic: Generation four bought us Team Galactic; a bunch of space age geeks who are surprisingly ruthless which is reminiscent of Team Rocket though they have a slightly more intelligent look. Their main objective was to harness the power of time and space using the Sinnoh region legendary’s Dialga and Palkia. They would then use this power to destroy/recreate the whole Pokémon universe. Unfortunately for this futuristic themed syndicate they were too ambitious, and as is tradition they succumb to failure. This is most definitely the wackiest and most extreme plot to date within the main Pokémon games. It is quite similar to Magma’s and Aqua’s plans, but it’s on a grander scale. The reason for their madness is down to their leader Cyrus, whom believes there is too much “strife” in the world due to the humans having a “weak and incomplete” spirit. He thinks that mankind has ruined the planet through years of war and hostility. He dreams of a fresh start where he can rewrite history. However, once again he doesn’t consider the consequences, and his power mad ego is sent packing by the player. What is it with all these mad men? It’s just as well no one in real life has found a way of destroying the world… yet.


Team Plasma: With Galactic plotting the most absurd scheme possible, how could Plasma top it and become more interesting? Well for starters picking a more realistic target helps, however they surprised us all with a plan that actually made sense and made them look more heroic than immoral. Their ambition was to free Pokémon from humans. Led by a young guy named N, Team Plasma sought a new way of life where Pokémon and humans existed separately. Now you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s just a cover up for a much more devious strategy, however N is genuine in his mission for ultimate freedom. Although his views are very just, they were sadly misguided by a man named Ghetsis. N was raised by this man from a young age where he was bought up alongside Pokémon, and had little contact with humanity. Ghetsis who was the leader of the Seven Sages (a rank with in Team Plasma) manipulated N by making him believe humans were harming Pokémon, and that it was his destiny to save them. Once old enough, N was given leadership of the organization. With his newly granted power, it was your task to stop him. To make him realize the bond humanity shares with Pokémon, and the love the species have for one another. You have to prove to N that the majority of people care for Pokémon and vice versa. You eventually manage to make him understand, however Ghetsis’s true colours come to light when he sees N’s change of heart. He reveals how he was using N’s good nature to help rid the planet of trainers, so then Ghetsis would be the only person with Pokémon left, thus allowing him to take over the world as a dictator. Once you stop him, N simply disappears into the sunset, and Plasma is no more… for now.

Over the years we’ve seen some terrific villains with some outrageous goals, and with B&W we saw our first ever anti-villains (with the exception of Ghetsis). The one problem is how can they create something new and unique? How can they top what they’ve already done? Well what about having an organization that already has control of the region? We’ve seen numerous attempts where the bad guys have tried to take over in some form or another, so this would create an immediate twist to the story which in turn could give the game a much darker tone. Perhaps all the gym leaders, Elite 4 and champion could be part of this new gang, but it might be unknown to the player until he/she reaches the conclusion of their journey. For once the enemies would have achieved their major aims. You wouldn’t be trying to prevent them; instead you would be fighting for your freedom. This curve ball could create numerous story arcs with endless possibilities. So what name and costume could they have? We’ve already had Team “Rocket” and “Galactic” so continuing with the space like theme we could use the cheesy Team “Universe”. Another idea is something like Team “Victory” since they have total control. Again there is vast potential when it comes to names and costumes, but I’ll leave the ideas up to you.


[/spoiler]There is plenty of promise for future villainy, however I’ve babbled on for too long and you need your chance to have your say. Please don’t be afraid to comment, I love hearing your ideas and I welcome constructive feedback. Until next time though, good day to you!


  1. Great article, i look foward to the next one. My question for you though is; Who is your favorite group of villains and why? Mine would be Team Magma/Aqua because the storyline was really good, and the idea of expanding the land/sea was more realistic than DPP/BW. *without any BW2 spolilers please*

    1. Ah a very good question, I would have mentioned it, but I didn’t want the article to appear too opinionated.

      Favourite Costume: Team Magma. I’ve always loved the red & black colour combination, so this was an instant win for me. I also think the female version is pretty hot, wouldn’t mind seeing a cosplayer wearing it.

      Favourite Goal: Team Plasma. Although I really liked Magma/Aqua’s too. However, I slightly prefer Plasma’s because it makes you think about what’s morally right and wrong. It adds a lot of emotional depth, and isn’t just about evil. I guess I just liked the change, but I still enjoy kicking their butts.

      Favourite Villain: Team Rocket. Despite the above two answers, I do actually prefer Team Rocket overall because they are pure evil. For me they are the gang I really want to beat. They have the most simplistic, yet the most cruelest and dastardly plan out of all of them. I also like Giovanni as he’s like a mafia boss, and isn’t over the top like more recent villains.

      Least Favourite Villains: Team Galactic. Apart from the absurd plot, they also look like cowardly freaks. They don’t look intimidating at all. In fact they look like people that have over dressed for a sci-fi convention. I mean they’re like some sort of super nerds who would be bog washed by bullies. I just can’t see the bad guy in them.

      Thanks for the great comment 😀

  2. I just want a team that’s lead by a woman. I’m almost certain 6th gen will be. We had our first female champion in gen 4 and the first female professor in 5th gen. Seems like an obvious next step. What about a team of all males or all females depending on not the game you pick, but the gender opposite of your playable character. They can use Pokemon all of that gender, with the legendaries actually having genders. They can be trying to rid the region of the opposite gender.

    1. I must say that is a fantastic idea! I could see the women causing havoc with their feminine charms. They would have to be careful when writing the script to make sure they don’t offend each gender, however having a mixture of female personalities could work well. You could have a seductive admin who can get what she wants just by battering her eye lashes. At the same time you could have another female admin who’s quite butch. She could scare the living daylights out of people. A gender battle could be fun too. I loved the Magma/Aqua battle, it would be nice to see another two organizations battle it out in the future.

  3. I really like how much your article made me think about this. Now, I have this whole plot line of a corrupt government system led by an Elite Four, and along your journey you meet four rivals. After you take down the Elite Four, those rivals would replace the former Elite Four and a stable government would be returned to the region. I think the next generation will be more “basic” than the last ones. Team Plasma was definitely a good step down from the world demonation cliche by using god-like pokemon, more akin to Team Rocket. It’s better because it is more realistic. Also, I’d like to see an introduction of a super-hero type character in the games. The anime has introduced Gligarman and the Accelgor dude; why not use something like that in the games to help fight against the crime ring? Little idealistic, I know. Maybe it’s all the Batman hype that’s gotten into me.

    1. Thank you 😀 I agree with all your points, the plot alone would completely change the game. Most plots have always seemed to be side stories which get in the way of he main story which is to become a master. But perhaps this plot could be more central, and maybe it could go as far as being the main goal. The becoming a master thing could be the side story that just seems to happen whilst you rebel against the rogue government. I do think the Plasma plot was a big step in the right direction as it became a bit silly with Galactic, but now it’s hard to tell where they will take things. Hopefully it’ll stay sensible 😛 I do quite like the super hero idea though, would certainly add a bit of epic/comedy to things.

  4. I’d love to see a game where the pokemon region is already dominated by the evil organization and it’s your job to take them down while challenging gym leaders as a cover. You could even work in the organization for some time, idk, something like what happened in HG/SS in Goldenrod City but for a longer time.

    1. Ah yes, how could I forget that awesome, but brief moment in HG/SS! I for one would love to be a bad guy for a while. The moment in HG/SS was far too short, and made little impact on the game. I think becoming one for a good length of the game would be brilliant. Nice one 🙂

  5. A big hole in Ghetsis’s plan that himself, and most people don’t notice is the simple fact that there will never be only one person on the earth with Pokemon (unless said person is the only one alive).

    Even if Ghetsis succeeded in the liberation of Pokemon…Someone, most notably a troll, could easily catch and train their own Pokemon all over again, and then more people would do it, and by the end of the day, thousands of people will have Pokemon again.

    He should have started off with destroying all PokeMarts and people who made/sold PokeBalls like Kurt so there would be no way of catching Pokemon………unless some bastard creates/brings a Capture Styler…

    1. That was not his plan. If you played the game you should know that he was just using this excuse to control N. He really wanted to control the world/region idk.

    2. I agree that it would have been much wiser to stop the production of Pokéballs and the like. The plot seems a bit weird, I mean why would he get N to start liberating the region? However it was probably because he wanted little resistance and a legendary to help him. N does the hard work then Ghetsis takes over and takes the legendary from him.

  6. Everyone should really check out this Pokemon Rom Hack called Pokemon Snakewood. It’s my favorite because the plot isn’t central to getting badges and becoming the champion. It’s pretty annoying to get through it though so I suggest you use a YouTube walkthrough.

  7. Love the article!

    My personal favourates were Team Aqua/Magma, but thats probably because r/s/e are my favourite games 🙂

    Team Galactic were interesting and I loved the admins, however the whole ‘taking over the universe’ thing was a bit much for a Pokemon game I thought..

    I wasnt keen on Team Plasma at all in B&W.. Mainly because of the giant castle at the end of the game, I thought that was way to over the top and it just seemed really random :s Hopefully they’re a bit more exciting in B&W2.

    I agree with what most people above me have said, the next team of villians needs a female boss! I thought perhaps the idea of a fashion designer who uses Pokemon skins to create her designs and wants to use the version legendaries to create the perfect Pokemon print design! However that might seem a bit gruesome for a Pokemon game haha!

    1. Thanks! 🙂

      Yeah I’ve actually just realized how much I like R/S/E, hopefully remakes aren’t too far away.

      Galactic was way OTT, but then again it was a hard act to follow Magma/Aqua. As for Plasma, I loved the plot, but as you said the castle thing was random and stupid (though pretty epic nevertheless). I mean how do they build such a thing without planning permission, and without the league knowing about it? What kind of mechanics make it rise out of the ground etc? Perhaps I take Pokémon too seriously XD

      Wow that’s an awesome idea! It is slightly risky since it is a gruesome idea for what is supposed to be a game for all ages. But it’s realistic enough, and no worse then realizing that Pokémon battling could be see as animal cruelty. I really, really like the idea, please apply for a job at Gamefreak 🙂

    2. I very much enjoy the idea of a female boss à la Cruella de Vil. Such a villain might be a little too comical for a primary antagonist, though. I think there would have to be some more sinister foe manipulating events behind the scenes for that idea to work without coming across as too campy or superficial. On the other hand, a lighter, less solemn story might be rather refreshing after the gravity of past generations’ plotlines.

      1. True point. They would need to strike a balance between serious and comical. I would prefer a much darker story with deaths and everything so I can blub like a baby when someone I care about dies. But that’s unlikely to happen…

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