All Pokémon Conquest Episodes Available

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. PJ and Ozy are both busy with their personal lives and I had to work this week along with a girlfriend that deserves some attention. This week however is a bit calmer for me, so expect the return of fresh news and juicy articles!

As a reminder for both European and American viewers, all the downloadable episodes for Pokémon Conquest have been released to download until December 31st 2012, giving you plenty of time to pick them up, even if you haven’t yet bought Conquest. To call them ‘downloadable’ episodes is a bit misleading, as normal DS games don’t support true DLC and all the content is just on the cart. The only thing that happens is that it gets unlocked. With the start of the 3DS, if there ever comes a sequel, expect truly new episodes released periodically for a few bucks. Whether you like it or not, it is already happening with Fire Emblem: Awakening.

I may be doing a Dae asks later today, depending on if Moving can finish his new lore article, he has had some things to do, too. And if all goes well, expect a new Pokéology tomorrow.


  1. You mean I have to pay for stuff that’s already there? Screw that.

    I really hope there’s a R/S sequel or remake on the DS because I’m not going to pay for microcontent on a game I already paid $35 for (and a ‘ha ha’ for $40 handheld games), so no 3DS for me.

    I’ll be looking forward to see what creative content (or lack thereof *cough*kamiTrioFormes*cough*) any new pokemon games come out with, but it’s probably going to signal the end of my video game past-time.

    I’d rather save my nickels and dimes and travel cross-country than play a bunch of video games.

    1. Oh, no, Nintendo has said repeatedly they won’t charge for DLC that is already on the cart or deliberately cut out of the main game. All DLC is developed after the game has been finished. That said, third party publisher are still free to choose their own way (as indicated by the Final Fantasy rythm game).
      And I don’t think they are going to charge for everything. Hidden Pokémon like Keldeo may just be distributed with free dlc.
      This doesn’t mean every DLC from Nintendo is going to be a great value for the money, as it still costs a dollar or two for a new mission and character in Fire Emblem, but they aren’t screwing you over like other companies tend to do.

  2. Honestly, im loving how there are plenty of new series here on Pokejungle to keep myself and others frequently visiting the site. Last year, i felt like it was too dependant on news and it would occasionally be around a week for a new article or something. Good to see the site i have been visiting for 2+ years is growing bigger!! I know people are busy with their lives, but im hoping it does not affect the site at all!!!!

    1. That’s why we chose to accept such a huge staff, so that we would have enough manpower to write articles. Once everyone is back on track however, we expect to do a major expansion of the site with pages and trying to get prof. to succeed.

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