All Pokémon Conquest Episodes Available

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. PJ and Ozy are both busy with their personal lives and I had to work this week along with a girlfriend that deserves some attention. This week however is a bit calmer for me, so expect the return of fresh news and juicy articles! As a reminder for … Read more

Keldeo Event for US and More Conquest Passwords

GameStop in the US have revealed that they will be distributing Keldeo in its Ordinary form in store for Black and White versions. The distribution will run from August 27th until October 6th (a day before BW2s US release date). No other details were revealed but we will update with further information as it arrives. … Read more

PSA: Pokémon Conquest Released In Europe

A quick reminder to all European readers, go as fast as you can to the nearest game store, as Pokémon Conquest finally released today. It got rave reviews, giving you no excuse to skip over this gem of a spin-off. In addition to that, a password for the European game has been released, giving you … Read more

First Pokémon Conquest WiFi Event & Passwords

As we noted, Pokémon Conquest just recently launched to stellar reviews. The game is already getting some extras in the form of a WiFi event and also some passwords! Here they are: [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Befriend Motonari and Motochika! is now up, don’t know if that’s the mission name Pansear: niE33w9rwM Panpour: CNZF3wpq3x Pikachu: GfV33RVN3F … Read more

Pokémon Conquest Launches Today!

For all you Americans out there, rush to your local game store and buy this excellent game, as it arrives today! Oh, you still aren’t sure whether to buy this or not? Let me convince you with some reviews (spoilers: it’s good): [list style=”orb” color=”green”] IGN – 9.0 Editor’s Choice: Pokémon fans should not hesitate to … Read more

Pokémon Conquest Mini-Site Up!

An English mini-site for Pokémon Conquest is now up! It contains a trailer and tons of game information in English! You can visit it here. I’d suggest taking a look if you want to see either of the two trailers or read about the game mechanics in English to get a better understanding of the … Read more