First Pokémon Conquest WiFi Event & Passwords

As we noted, Pokémon Conquest just recently launched to stellar reviews. The game is already getting some extras in the form of a WiFi event and also some passwords! Here they are:

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Befriend Motonari and Motochika! is now up, don’t know if that’s the mission name
  • Pansear: niE33w9rwM
  • Panpour: CNZF3wpq3x
  • Pikachu: GfV33RVN3F
  • Riolu: 8GV3LMGrnM
  • Darmanitan: pK5RgzqLG8
  • Sneasel: CMqkZRRSRX
  • Lapras: FZP8GqRZRR
  • Larvitar: Rc338MpqLx
  • Axew: Lpu3ggCYk8
  • Emolga: Jnm3kqgN8X
  • Scyther: Shw8mxRAJR
  • Beldum: BqWxXEK3xg
  • Oshawott: frCLRpXG88
  • Gible: LTb3n3RYJ8
  • Cinccino: vVALFrGTXX


Enjoy! Let us know in the comments if you have the game 🙂

<3 pokejungle