Dream World Updates; Lugia & Ho-oh PokéDolls

Players from around the world can now add special Lugia and Ho-oh PokéDolls to their Dream World home. The dolls can be added to your account by accessing the Pokémon Global Link‘s Promotions page and putting in the password GOTSGOTS. This promotion will be active until May 9th, 2013 so don’t delay! Those who took part in … Read more

Keldeo C-Gear Skins Available!

Keldeo C-Gear skins for the English versions of both Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 and Pokémon Black & White have been released.  You may download them from the Pokémon Global Link website’s promotion page.  There are also 2 Pokédolls available for your Dream House; Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. Each requires a password: [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Black 2 … Read more

First Pokémon Conquest WiFi Event & Passwords

As we noted, Pokémon Conquest just recently launched to stellar reviews. The game is already getting some extras in the form of a WiFi event and also some passwords! Here they are: [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Befriend Motonari and Motochika! is now up, don’t know if that’s the mission name Pansear: niE33w9rwM Panpour: CNZF3wpq3x Pikachu: GfV33RVN3F … Read more


The first US password for Pokemon Conquest has been revealed! This password, which was in the latest issue of Nintendo Power, will unlock a swarm of Eevee to run about throughout the Ransei Region. The password is 2rz3XFCKmR, and expect more to come during the release of the game in the states! //ozymandis P.S. Anybody else really, … Read more

Get your very own Victini doll… in the Dream World!

Want a doll that looks like the above image on the banner?  Just go to the Global Link’s Campaign page and input the code PGLVICTINI12 🙂 It can be used to spice up your home in the Dream World. Do you guys still use the Dream World?  This would be a great time to discuss in the … Read more

AU Lucario & JP Ducklett C-Gear!

  And, for today’s “WiFi Downloads” post! Australian users get a Lucario (password: LUCAEUROGAMERNET) which is the same one that has made its rounds in other regions, it has the ability ‘Justified’ and the attack ‘Bullet Punch’. Next, Japanese B/W owners get to download this adorable Ducklett C-Gear Skin! Maybe not my cup of tea, but … Read more