Pokémon Conquest Launches Today!

For all you Americans out there, rush to your local game store and buy this excellent game, as it arrives today! Oh, you still aren’t sure whether to buy this or not? Let me convince you with some reviews (spoilers: it’s good):

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  • IGN – 9.0 Editor’s Choice: Pokémon fans should not hesitate to give Conquest a try. It offers a new and different way to enjoy the Pokémon universe, and is well worth your time and money. The same goes for strategy fans, or those looking to get into the genre.
  • Destructoid – 8.0: As far as Pokémon spin-off games go, this is definitely one of the best offerings on the market, and is worth picking up by any fan of the series.
  • NWR – 9.0: For those with an interest in either strategy games or RPGs, but not sold on the other, Conquest is the perfect introduction to both. Watching your Pokémon and warlords evolve is a rewarding experience that will keep you coming back for more.
  • Siliconera: Admittedly, I’d been hoping for something more different and with a more solid plot, but on the other hand, the game feels so distinctly Pokémon that I can’t dislike it for its faithfulness.
  • Nintendo Power – 9.0

You have no excuse for not buying this. This is one of the best spin-offs made in the last ten years, if not the best. If you’ve picked it up already, or you cannot decide, you can discuss the game in the comments below! We’re back soon with the launch of a new addition to the site, so keep your eyes on here.

You can support PJN by buying it through Amazon using this link. 🙂 Great way to help out if you’re buying the game anyways! (Currently may be out of stock, don’t buy it for more than $30)