PokéJungle Reacts!

We’re always trying to think of fun, new ways to interact with our readers on PokéJungle and today we’re proud to announce our newest feature: Reactions! Our comments are already a great way to get involved with articles and news, but now there’s an even quicker and easier way to get your point across with … Read more

Now serving more than just Pokémon news

Welcome to… PokéJungle+! We’re still going to be delivering the same amount of Pokémon news with our usual saucy style, but now Nintendo news will also be popping up for you throughout the week. We’re not going to be bothering with every little detail, but big news about Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, Mario and … Read more

Jungleween: Battle & Trade Day

Halloween, erm, Jungleween is approaching soon and there’s never been a better time to boot up Pokémon ORAS or XY to get online with friends! Let’s make an effort today to trade or battle someone in the comments below! Bonus points for well bred SPOOKY Pokémon given away in trades 🙂 What are the scariest … Read more

Jungleween: Pokémon Horror Story

Lighting raced across the sky, momentarily giving the young trainer a glimpse of his surroundings. Darkness quickly swallowed everything around him again as thunder crashed above, drowning out the sound of the pouring rain soaking his clothes. He had seen a building ahead and his careful steps gave way to a brisk stride. A Joltik clung … Read more

Retry Level is BACK

We left PokéJungle at the Daycare too long and we don’t know how it happened, but an egg appeared! After walking around with it for awhile it hatched into our gaming site Retry Level! After a tumultuous first year, we’ve breathed new life into it and want YOU to check it out! It is not a … Read more

PJT ’15 has been delayed & some stuff

PJT ’15 delays As most of our readers are hopefully aware, we announced out second annual tournament at the end of May and were all expecting to be heading into the final rounds right about now. However, due to issues with time, participant availability and some other issues we’ve made the decision to delay the … Read more