Welcome to PokéMemes!

In the past some have accused us of being the “Buzzfeed of Pokémon”… capitalizing off of clickbait and rumors. They were wrong of course, it’s all high-class entertainment here and our commentors only put their glasses of wine down long enough to tap out responses below articles. That idea though, a Buzzfeed of Pokémon, didn’t sound too bad. And now I’m happy to announce that it doesn’t look so bad either! PokéMemes @ PokéJungle is now officially OPEN! Click the banner below to learn how to get started!

Why open a meme-oriented site? Besides providing a human necessity (humor), it also fills a gap for people who want to share Pokémon related GIFs, images, memes, polls and quizzes when news is slow. We sometimes struggle to even have an article worth of information a day because of the nature of running a niche-focused site, but there’s really no limit on the humorous and fun Pokémon-related content you can create or share. It sets up a place to relax and have a more regular stream of posts that YOU can contribute too!

Find something on Tumblr, Reddit, or Twitter? Share it! There’s even room to credit the creator! There’s even a dedicated meme-creator so you can add text to any Pokémon image you want!

MAKE A MEME CONTEST: Make your own meme and we’ll feature some of the best in upcoming social media posts! Your own meme could be seen by a whopping… like… 10 or 12 people!! (But seriously though, apparently almost 34,000 people care enough to follow us on Twitter now!) We’ll also be looking for future moderators based on activity and quality of posts!

Please try it out and let’s try, together, to grow this little seedling of a site into a full-fledged Berry Tree (sorry, my mind was drawing a blank on a decent Pokémon joke there).

Also: enjoy your weekend trainers!