Jungle Asks: Have you chosen your Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon team?

There isn’t anything exciting to report about Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to talk about! I want to know if any of you have decided on teammates to use in the new games or if you even have an entire team already pre-planned for your run-through!

It is a bit early, since we don’t know if there will be any new Pokémon besides UB: Burst and UB: Assembly or new forms, such as Necrozma’s or Lycanroc’s, but the ability to trade Pokémon from the original Sun & Moon mean that you have a lot of freedom to plan and breed in advance. When we first stepped into Alola we didn’t even have Pokémon Bank to bring our favorites into the new region.

Don’t forget, there’s a whole lot of new wild Pokémon running around the islands as well! You can see some of them above.

Well… I can’t wait to hear (read?) your comments down below!